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Haiti is a balancing act

The Story of the Ages / The Solution of the Ages
Do you know why God wants to use Haiti
as a pattern for other nations? The answer is simple; Haiti is the story of the ages, the battleground for the two opposing forces that are driving humanity forward and restraining humanity backward, the forces for Attainment and the forces for Negation. The Solution has already been given; the solution is the desire of the ages, the desire of all nations. God has given us the solution in the form of a person; He will set the standard for humanity. He is the standard by which all of us must measure ourselves. He came to make all of us part of the abundance of life so that there may be no more disparities that separate us and keep us apart. Haiti is a balancing act between the twenty percent of the population that has all the resources of the country in their hands and the eighty percent of the population that is the majority and has nothing. This balancing act only can take place if they act deliberately, with intention. Whatever it is that they want to achieve is not going to come to them naturally, simply because the reality is not there. There are too many disparities, too much space between them; it will take an act of God to fill in the space between them. This act, God has already done it; they simply haven’t caught up with it yet. The solution has already been given; Jesus is the solution; He simply hasn’t reached the eighty percent of the population that will make a difference, a fundamental difference. They have not yet recognized that the solution rests in a person; He is the desire of the ages, the desire of all nations; the One that will unify all of us and put an end to this struggle caused by disparities. He came to make us all part of the abundance of life so that there may be no more disparities that separate people; He will close the space that exists between us.

The struggle that exists in Haiti between the two camps; between those that have and those that have not, between the forces that propel people forward and the forces that restrained people backward is the story of the ages. Since the dawn of time there has always been this struggle between opposing forces. It is the struggle between two forces that oppose each other and they have Haiti in the middle; it required a balancing act. This balancing act is not going to take place without deliberate effort on both sides. They need to work together and that they must do; this is the only way for Haiti to survive and get out of her condition and take on a new status, stop been called the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.
I think that Haiti is big enough; she has enough room for both camps to operate and share the resources available so that the disparities that set them apart and separate them can be reduced, closing the space that exists between them. I say don’t just look at the rage of the people, but listen to their leaders; there are legitimate issues that need to be addressed. The people are just caught up in the wave; they are just been entrained. Some of them may not even know the real issue that they are raging about. Have the leader of every party seat and talk for the sake of the greater good. They are not going to see eye to eye; there are too many disparities that separate them; only God can fill in the gap and make up the difference.

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Haiti News Update
The Whole world wants to see Haiti succeed:

#1_ Because we want to see God’s will fulfill in the earth; we want to work with God as well as He is working with us.
#_2 The world has a vested interest to see Haiti succeed as reparation for years of suppression against it by the major powers of the past.
#3_ It makes good sense to see a country with eighty percent blacks population succeed, living in harmony with a twenty percent minority white population, working together in harmony to push their country forward, fulfilling God’s agenda.

The Challenges
What President Martelly is facing is very simple to understand; the reality on the ground hasn’t yet caught up with his rhetoric; what he promised to deliver. The people demands accountability that he is not willing to provide; this is the result of what you see. These public demonstrations will continue and escalate as soon as human blood is spilled. They need a broker, someone that will bring them together, all of the leaders of the opposing parties so that they can talk and sort out their differences. The lines set to guide them must be respected by all parties; this is the only guarantee they have to achieve success. They are not going to see eye to eye, but if they hold on to the lines and constraints that God that are set by God to guide them; they will succeed as a whole, as a country, each in their respective camps. They don’t have to compete with each other for resources, comparing themselves with each other; the Haitian Government is working for the Haitian people as a whole; they must know that and believe it. Corruption has to be weeded out, so that progress can be measured. This moment will pass, but this is only the tremor of a deeper problem; if not addressed will create serious problem in the future. The Haitian Government, meaning the President and his Prime Minister have to deliberately set examples for those in leadership position to follow. They need to know what is at stake and what forces that they are dealing with. They have to maintain their good intention despite the challenges that they are facing; only this way they will be able to surmount their obstacles.

Political Corner
Openness, transparency, never ceasing to explain their position, leave no room for the enemy to use their failures against them; know who the enemy is; the devil is the enemy. Know who is your ally; God is your ally; Jesus is your leader; God has appointed Him to be Lord over us; apart from Him; you can do nothing.

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