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Posted 08-15-2009 at 03:13 PM by zbob


Zbob: “Venting your frustrations”
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Whosoever asked, receive! Why I haven’t you received? You haven’t received because the devil stole away your blessing. “The thief comes to steal, and destroy; but I came so that you may have life and have it more abundantly”; Jesus said. Every time God blesses you, the devil stole away your blessing. God is tired of that; this is why He did something about it. It is the duty of government to intervene, to make things right when things are going wrong;"It is called affirmative Action". We get that in the form of Jesus Christ. Had it not been for Jesus Christ some of you will never taste the abundance of this world or partake in the possibilities of this world. ”Take this wine and drink it in remembrance of Me; this is the blood of the new covenant that was shed for you” God had to create a new covenant so that He can empower you to prosper and get wealth; without that the devil will keep adding on weights to your lives, holding you down and stealing your blessing. God promised that He will bless the whole of humanity through Christ. “In you and in your seed, I will bless all of the family of the earth”.

Righteousness = Just, righteous, fair, as in treating others as you want them to treat you, give to those in need, forgive as many times as necessary, avoid butting heads to each other, seek alternatives to resolve conflict, etc..
What happen to your blessing, you may ask, Jesus said that there is no one that asked and has not received, yet you don’t see anything. The devil is stealing it, to make your life miserable. This way, you will curse God and stay in you misery. "It is the Lord that gives thee power to get wealth so that He may establish His covenant". It is God that gives you the ability to create wealth, the cognitive ability, the intuitive capacity and the quickening to be able to perceive every thing so that nothing escapes you See : How weights are added to your life What about you, your need, what you want and when you want; why doesn’t God respond to your need. Is your need legitimate? This state of bewilderment, confusion, forgetfulness that issue when you want something is robbing you of your need, it cannot be of God; it has to be the devil. It is God that gives thee the ability to get wealth; now you think, therefore you should reap the fruit of your thinking. Your shortcoming; is it the result of your inability to think correctly, execute your thinking or what is it. You should be able to get yourself out of this situation, why are you still in the same situation years after years. Are there holes in your thoughts, your thinking? Why do you come short every time? However you slice it, you come short, the outcome is always on the negative; questioning why I haven’t you get what you want. Synchronicity is the ability of things to come together in perfect harmony; why doesn’t the world come true for you when you want it. You are always one step behind reality; reality always escaping you. You should be piss, angry and tired of it.

Originally Posted by Zbob
Michelle Martin to Michelle Rhee: "You benefited from the positive stereotype this country has toward Asian Americans, you understand the system (Asians are Book Worms)"

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