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Quoting Zbob

Posted 08-26-2009 at 06:53 PM by zbob

No More Place of Terror:
No more terror to be born into, no more gates of hell, gates = places of birth.

There are only two things taken place on earth; souls are either ascending to God or descending from God and the law of God is there to regulate that. “And behold a ladder was set on the earth and its top reach to heaven, there the angels of God were ascending and descending on it”. Rather we are here to be purged of earthly consciousness, ascending to God or bringing relief to those that are been purged, descending from God; Christ is the way given by God by which we can get access to Him.The law of God is perfect converting the soul”. everything else terrible in this world is the work of the devil and he uses these two things and the law of God to set up his kingdom. “

Zbob: What the Blackman wants
The world is not black or white as people see it. I can prove it!
Every blackman, rather rich or poor, educated or not wants this: The blackman wants to stand next to a whiteman as an equal; he does not want to feel inferior in anyway.
This is an unspoken fact; but in order for that to take place some thing has to be re-written in the psyche of the blackman. History has to be re-written. The past has to be explained away. The things that are responsible for the blackman to feel the way he feels have to be justified.
The stain of servitude, the effects of negation over the years, the continual barrage and onslaught to do away and cut off from the world anything that is black or produced by the blackman must be justified by the truth.

Zbob: What is truth?
“Truth is that which is, it is ought and changes not”. “Falsehood is what seems to be, it is naught and shall pass away”. We know what was true then is no longer true today. Things have changed because they were lies, devil’s lies, falsehood perpetrated by the devil.

Zbob: What is our Aim?
Our aim is to help erase the stain of servitude (slavery) and vilification that has been imprinted in the psyche of the Blackman..
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