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Counter Measures

Posted 08-10-2009 at 10:15 PM by zbob

Counter Measures

As a man think, so he is”. “We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are, what we become”; what we spent the most time thinking about. If we were to evaluate our thoughts; we could easily see why we don’t get what we want. I call people who are frustrated and angry with life, spit fires, because what come out of their lips, their inner dialogue is fire, venom, though we don’t hear them I can assure you that it is fire. We are creatures at war; at war with ourselves, trap in our own ego, fighting our own reflections. The words that come out from our internal dialogue are venomous; they reflect our anguish, our disappointments. Since we can only attract what we spend most of our time thinking about, this type of thinking creates a compounding effect. The more we struggle and succumb to anger, the less likely we will get what we want. Sine our thoughts are faster than words, sometimes we cannot find words fast enough to counteract the negative thoughts that are drowning us; we must praise God. “Praise God in the midst of difficulty” we don’t have to look for words to praise God. “Because the word is night thee, even in thy mouth, use it. Sometimes the thoughts are too fast for us to catch up with words; we must start praising God. When we feel that we are about to loose it or flip out, we can start praising God. God places constraints in our lives to guide our spirit; without them we would be at the mercy of every impulses coming from our bodies, succumbing to every whims of the flesh. With that in mind, we must take the stance of a warrior. “When the enemy comes like a flood, the spirit of God shall raise a standard against it”.

Life is wonderful, beautiful until you want something. When you want and don’t get, problems begin.
The man who killed himself last week and wounded twelve others could have been averted only if he had used some counter measures against himself. The more he focused on why he cannot get his needs met or fulfill his wishes; get what he wanted, the less likely he was going to get it. The more negative his thoughts, the more negative responses he got; he only got reflections of his thoughts.

Simple words like these could have evoked different thoughts in his mind that would have served as counter measures against himself.

The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”. “Cast all your cares upon Him”. Had this man meditated of these words, thoughts of peace rather than disappointments would have risen out of his mind. When negative thoughts are about to overwhelm him, he could have start praising God. Somehow, someone would have responded to the positive thoughts that are flowing in his mind.
It is a war that we wage until the end of our time”. There is no escaping this; the only counter measure is to let go and let God.
Sometimes it would appeared that these constraints are there in our lives to either change us or do away with us; this is why we must pray to God to enlarge us, expend us beyond our boundaries. Learn from those who have overcome. you need to seek for knowledge and inspiration, learn from those who went trough similar experiences. I remembered the first inspirational book I red as a teenager. I was alone in the world, with no one to help me, no father or mother, no family member to help me. I was scared, but I had no choice but to face the world. I had to find some inspiration, some guidance beside the bible which has kept me grounded for years, I needed something else, hear from someone who has gone through what I am going through. I spent most of my time in the school library, looking for knowledge. I was fortunate to stumble on a book that gave me the courage to face life; “the power of positive thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale”. This book saved my life; I am sure that there are scores of books out there written by people who went through similar experiences. They want to share their experiences with the world. You cannot give what you don’t first experience; they have something of themselves to give. Jesus said: “Learn from me, because I overcame the world, you too will overcome”.
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