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  • Because the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, use it.
    The word is in your lips even in your mouth, use it, say it, and speak it”.
  • Who so ever call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved from the clutches of the forces of Negation; God’s word has the power
  • The forces of Negation have held you back and cut you out of the possibilities of this life. Without Christ and the knowledge of God's word, you have no possibility to experience the good things of this world. You are at the mercy of the forces of Negation.
  • Speak the word of God over your life, call on the name of the Jesus and you shall have a chance.

Claim Your Rights!
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  • Claim your rights as sons of God in Christ Jesus. The devil has kept you out of the possibilities of this life.
  • Only by becoming sons of God through Christ can you have right to the blessing. The forces of Negation have kept you out of the blessing of God, you need the spirit to help free yourself, Jesus will baptize you with spirit and fire; Christ is the answer against Negation

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Everything you need to know about human social and spiritual development: Understand the forces that shape human existence, the forces that drive humanity forward and the forces that restrain humanity backward, the impulses that drive people to behave contrary to themselves, is essential if we are going to alleviate human suffering and get rid of the world of terrorism, poverty, social stagnation and all of the other social ills associated with human development. This site offers knowledge and understanding on the spiritual cause of poverty, the cause of terrorism in whatever form it takes. Browse our political corner  Click and our current events section  Click; See our Tutorials Click and Newsletter Click

One small step for man and one giant leap for Mankind
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A New Way: to look at the world

Yin_and_Yang Political Party, the Yin and Yang of the country, a world apart, two separate reality; two separate way of looking at the world. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party represent the two different mentality that shaped this country. They don’t see the world from the same perspective; they are not motivated by the same needs.    Read On….
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See: levels of Awareness; Click
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Needs are the prime motivators in life; they are also our levels of awareness. We are preparing you to enter into a state of convergence, where you can operate at pick performance at all times; achieving success in what God assigned you to do. Leadership is leading your people forward to their future; the future that God prepared for us since the foundation of the world. Learning to work with God, teaching you how to surrender your ego so that He can guide you to achieve success is what the Power of Convergence Series does.
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Tidbits_Section Our tidbits section allows us to keep up with day to day events, issues that are relevant to human social and spiritual development. Any event or issue that is worthy of our attention; we offer tidbits of knowledge, tidbit of understanding, bite size awareness on it in this section. It often takes a collection of tidbits, bite size of understandings to get a clear picture, a coherent image of the truth that we are trying to bring to you. Some of the other sections on this site have reached their limits and are no longer updated; but our tidbits section is on going; you can always find a tidbit of understanding on a subject or issue that affect our world. Read on... Click_to_Visit


Quantum_Leap Take the Quantum Leap of Faith to be where God wants you to be. The quantum leap allows you to compress time and be where God wants you to be. The worker who started to work at the third hour will get the same salary as the one who started at the first hour, because God will make up the difference. In Christ God gives you the chance to take the Quantum Leap of Faith to be where He wants you to be. All that is required is for you to have the measure of faith which is in Christ Jesus. Hence you accept Jesus as the plan of God for your salvation; you also received the measure of faith necessary to access the spirit of God, the Creative Power of God, giving you the capacity to create first class world, Better Living World to live. Jump


The_Human_Development_Formula Thank you for your support You can change the human condition around the world, starting with your country; this site is a platform for you to express your views, share your ideas, offer solution to the problems that plague our world. I am sure that there are things (conditions) that you would like to change in your neighborhood, in your country; you want to bring them to the attention of other people. Here you can report a condition and invite others to offer solution to change that condition. There is power in numbers, here you can propose a project or join a project, offer your expertise or just finance a project, anything to help improve the human condition. We have a community forum where you can chat or post messages to other people with similar interest. This platform is open to all country, race and creed.


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The Cause of Poverty: in the third world

Levels_Of_Awareness The crux of the problem, the fundamental reason for poverty in the Third World is fixation of attention, the people inability to come together collectively to achieve great things. Human beings have holes in their thinking literally, there are spaces between their thoughts; coming together to solve problems will remedy this problem. Poverty in the Third World is caused by a state of fixation called the Babel Syndrome. The Babel Syndrome is a state of bewilderment. This state of bewilderment is caused by the fixation of our attention on a particular need, a need that cannot be fulfilled and has become an obsession. The Babel Syndrome is a kind of mental fixation; however, we call it on this site a disease, because it affects people the same way a disease affects people. It cripples them and debilitates them. It is called the Babel Syndrome because of the way it impairs people mentally. It affects their cognitive ability, their intuitive capacity and their intellectual capacity. They become fixated on their immediate needs. It renders them incapable of joining together with other people collectively to share a common goal or vision. They are into themselves, pursuing their own agenda at all cost, even to the detriment welfare of the collective; they are confused. Because people who suffer from this disease are fixated on their needs; it becomes impossible for them to see or understand anything outside of those needs. As a result of this fixation, they cannot join together collectively to achieve great things; they remained individuals, never a collective. Third rated world they can only produced as a result of this fixation. They are confounded and bewildered. See More…Babel Syndrome

Cause, effect and solution
CLEAN_SLATE_PRIJECT Should I be concerned with the cause or with the solution? God told me to focus on the solution. He is the solution. He gave me this verse: ” Seek God first and His righteousness and all the things that you desire will be added unto you”. As for me, all I wanted was to find the truth that could justify the reason why blacks are left behind, the cause for slavery and degradation of blacks by whites, why there are disparities in their achievements. I wanted to erase the stain of servitude and vilification that have shamed black people, the stain that has been imprinted in the psyche of blacks all over the world. I want to show the world the cause for why things are the way they are for blacks, why they have nothing and whites have everything. I want to show the real reason why blacks lag behind in this world and show the world that it is not because they are inferior to whites, but because there is a force at work in the world restraining them; there is a system in place keeping them behind. This quest has been a journey of discovery; the more I tried to understand the cause, the more complex and intricate things get. Finally God gave me the word, He said that a new script must be written, a new director must take over. As long the old director is running the show, the script will not change, "the world will adjust to itself". What matter is that God’s kingdom comes and His will be done? Jesus is the new director. Click to see the cause and the solution: Cause, effect and solution

The Antidote: against poverty

The antidote against poverty in the Third world is to help people break their fixation off their immediate needs and fix their needs on higher levels of awareness. When a need is not met or cannot be satisfied and our attention gets fixated on it for too long; it becomes our level of awareness. See levels of awareness: Levels of Awareness and Human Motivation When we place all of our cares upon Him literally speaking, we are able to break up the fixation of our awareness off ourselves and place it on the highest level of human awareness. God wants us to operate at the level of the heart where we can meet Jesus; He is the Christ. Christ is the highest level of human awareness; the heart is where love and compassion operate. It is that level of spiritual awareness which gives us the perception to see the world as it is; to see our way out of the darkness of this world and not stumble.
If a man walks in the dark and stumble, it is because the light is not in him”. Jesus said: “I am the way, the life and the light; if a man walks with Me, he shall not walk in darkness but has the light of day ”. The life that He is talking about is the lifestyle that He prescribed in His teaching for us to fallow. This lifestyle guarantees us an increase in our spiritual awareness; everything that we do and everything that we are depends on our spiritual awareness. See: Lifestyle

Separation Your awareness of God’s love for you; knowing how much He loves you will give you the affirmation that you need in this world to claim your right to partake in the abundance of this world.

Immunization against corruption

Alternative_Education Immunized_themImmunized them: You can literally immunized your child from corruption. If you are living in certain regions of the world, this human condition will surely affect your child in the future. There is another form of immunization available; perhaps as important as the vaccines that we give to our children to protect them from certain diseases. There is this new curriculum available, if taught at an early age, can literally immunized your children from getting corrupted in the future. There are about two billion children currently living in the world, half of them live in poverty in countries where corruption is the main cause. We can end this problem and protect our future, by immunized our children with this new curriculum. Children are our future; we need to protect them right now with this free curriculum. Get your government to adopt it so that it can be taught in classrooms in your country, Make your request now, we need your financial support to make it happen; Contact

An Invitation to Set sail: to new heights

It is my belief and conviction that there is a world of people out there that is distinct and apart form the rest of the world. They are slower, less responsive to the world around them; they are lagging behind in many ways. We call them the Third World. I would like to know the reason why the Third World is lagging behind, what is it that fueled and sustained poverty in the Third World, why people in that part of the world continued to a create third rate society, third class world to live. I would like to know if it is their mental ability, their cognitive ability that makes them disorderly, chaotic, what is it that affects them and causes them to be that way. Poverty is a legacy of the Third World; it is one of the characteristic that makes the Third World distinct and apart from the rest of the world. Poverty is the source of many ills in this world, poverty breeds violence, hunger, aids and social stagnation. Three quarters of the earth population live in poverty. Our world would be a better world if we could get rid of poverty out of it. The first step in getting rid of poverty out of the world is to know the real cause of it. I am inviting you to explore with me the cause of poverty in the Third World, the cause for stagnation and retardation, the reason why poverty affects disproportionately people of darker complexion.

Declassified_The_Seed I am inviting you to increase your knowledge and understanding, set sail with me to new heights and new possibilities with Christ. Christ is bestowing knowledge and awareness, unveiling the works of darkness. Darkness is all around us; subconsciously we are doing the bidding of the devil, sustaining the works of darkness, unaware of his devices. We are been restrained by its works, we need awareness to catch up. I am inviting you to set sail with me to a new awareness of ourselves and the world around us. The world is changing, moving faster and faster, accelerating to greater heights and possibilities; God doesn’t want us to lag behind nor left out the possibilities of this world. He wants us to open ourselves up to knowledge and the truth.
Welcome to our Site

Mend your Sail: You have Holes in your Psyche

Zblogging Is the world passing you by, do you remain unaffected by change? Change is all around you, the winds of change are blowing, trying to push you forward to a new future, yet you remain unaffected. You are unaffected because you have holes in your psyche, holes caused by scars from your past. You have been damaged by the forces that restrained you and kept you behind. The winds of change pass right through your holes, unable to push you forward. Christ can mend your holes by healing the scars of your past, open you up a new awareness and help you set course to a new future. See Psychic Sailing:
How to set sail to a new future

Ministry: Ladder of Reconciliation

Ladder_of_Awareness Jesus is the ladder of awareness upon which we ascend to God and descend from God. He is the measure of the righteousness that we need in order to access the creative power of God, the power to create first class world, Better Living World to live. God is reconciling the world to Himself, bringing all of those who are far behind, left behind, cut off and cut out of the possibilities of this world under His blessing. He wants to bless humanity as a whole. Jesus is the standard that He required before He releases His blessing. God is busy reconciling the world to Himself through Christ; while Jesus is sitting at His right hand; He is busy working with us and through us to bring the world back to Him. We are the body of Christ on earth. The Holy Spirit of God is working through us as He did through Jesus. Jesus said that greater works that we will do, because He is heaven now with God. We are promoting Christ Jesus for a Better Living World because the blessing of God is through Him. The key to access the Spirit of God is through Him. The creative power of God is His Spirit. “It is the spirit that gives life” Jesus said; it is the spirit that empowered you to create first class world, giving you the power to get wealth. Jesus mission is to baptize you with the Spirit of God.

Vision: Glimpses of the Future

Humanity_Future_Whole I want a world free of poverty, hunger and aids, this is my vision. What is your Vision? Do you have a vision in your heart to help people? Do you have something in your heart that you would like to express and let the whole world know about it? Is your vision aligned with the will of God. Write it down and make it plain, express it in words: Does it has anything to do with the betterment of your fellowmen? Here is the platform you need to herald your views and ideas to the world and let people know your vision or what God has entrusted you do for them. A vision is greater than you. A vision is the revelation of the plan of God to you for what He wants to do for your people. God put in my heart the vision to write, which will serve as a platform to bring awareness to the needs of people and educate them about their possibility in Christ. I am inviting people from all walks of life and from all denominations of faith to express their views and ideas, to offer solution and understanding to the human conditions that affect them and people around them. Send me your comments, your views and ideas about these subjects; anything that will help improve the condition of life for people, this is the platform that will allow you to express it. God made the promise to give us a future and a hope and to bless all of the family of the earth. Please tell your friends about it so that they too may join you in sending their comments, express their views and ideas. These exchanges will serve to propagate in an efficient way to people knowledge and information and allowing people to come together collectively to do great things. Imagine at your disposal the whole world and its resources, reaching people everywhere around the world, dissipating knowledge and information, getting people together, expressing their thoughts and ideas in graphic details, bring awareness and understanding to unsolvable human conditions that the world has been trying to solve or eradicate; this is the vision I have in writing these articles. See vision of the future: Adjust your perception to the new reality

Twitter_Nutshell_AwarenessProviding awareness in a nutshell; what we failed to include in a tweet, you can read the rest in this section. This is what BiteSizeAwareness.com was designed to do, providing awareness in a nutshell. We offer tidbits of understanding, bite size awareness of knowledge on the problems that plagued our world. We are inviting you on this platform to expose the human conditions in your country, in your community and offer solutions. You can join the community of people like yourself in search for solutions. Join the discussions from here:

Read_OnInvitation to read; if you are a writer, be inspired, read on; you will find inspiration for your book. If you are not happy with the images that you see coming over the tube in the news everyday from countries such as Haiti, Pakistan, Afghanistan; and others, you can do something about them. I know that these kinds of subjects can be depressing and even overwhelming for some; but they are the kinds of news and images that God wants us to change. He is busy working with us and through us to something about them. God wants to change the world to a Better Living World.

Bible_Sequel The Bible Sequel is an on going project; a tool to explain the mysteries of the Bible, how the God of the Old Testament, the all consuming God of Moses is the same God of the New Testament, the loving father revealed to us by Jesus, how this God is misunderstood. The Bible Sequel Series explains the nature of God, how He behaves by His nature; the role of Jesus, revealing the nature of God, teaching us how to deal with God, get us familiar with His nature, His way of doing things. The Bible Sequel is a tool; it will help explain the consciousness of man, the nature, the capacity of that consciousness and the relationship between us aware of that capacity. Jesus came to increase our capacity to see, perceive reality, our cognitive ability. Jesus is the revelation of the consciousness that God created us to be, identity to that consciousness is the key for us to access the creative power of God, interacting with God on a personal level. The relationship between God and us is in the father son relationship. Sonship is us knowing God’s nature, how He operates and become intimate with Him. The Bible sequel is a tool explaining God's nature, Jesus relationship with God and man, an understanding of the consciousness of man, how Jesus is increasing our awareness of the consciousness that God created us to be. For more click image below:

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