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End Child Slavery Today: Become a son
You can end Child Slavery today by becoming a son, accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and God will pour His Spirit in you and makes you a son. As a son you have rights to His blessing, the earth is of the Lord and the fullness there of; you don’t have to give away your sons and daughters to live with others and be treated as slaves. You can raise your children on your own in the ways of God. He will provide for you and your children. Click to read What is Child Slavery, known in different parts of the world by different names; Rest Avec in Haiti, House Help in Africa, Betrothal of young girls to seventy year old men for financial gain in South Asia, more…

Help Close the Gates of Hell : Family Pre-Birth Certificate
Over Population is a serious problem in the Third World, parents are not taken responsibility for bringing their children into this world, opening the gates of hell for them to suffer and experiencing hell on earth. Practical things that we can do to curb population growth, help parents prepare before bringing their children into this world. Read

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Is The Seed

The Seed is the Future

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