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"A past that no longer fits the present"

Rejecting: The Evil Past
Symbols_Of_Oppression ďFor where your treasure is, there your heart will be alsoĒ. The reverse is also true that where your heart is; there is also your treasure. If your heart is at the wrong place; we cannot use your statue as a symbol to inspire future generations. It will perpetuate the past, prolong an era that has stained and shamed blacks in America, even humanity at large. Why perpetuate a past that has stained the psyche of every black people born in this country or around the world. Slavery is the triumph of the devil over humanity. It is not simply because blacks were exploited for commercial purposes, but the shame, the vilification, the atrocities by slave masters have stained blacks every where. If you want to know human beings capacity for terror, read stories of French and Belgians slaves owners in Africa, the Caribbeanís and other places. They were ruthless, more ruthless than the Roman soldiers of the past. They devised creative way to inflict maximum pain on their slaves. This is an era that has scarred the psyche of black people everywhere. I donít see why black should be reminded of their suffering by statues of people who wanted to keep slavery going, when the world has rejected the practice. I think that the confederate statues should be removed just as the American soldiers have helped Iraqis removed the statue of Sadam Hussein out of the public square. His statue was a reminder for Iraqis the pain that they have suffered in the hands of a dictator. Iraq has turned its back of the past, removing the symbols that reminded them of their years of oppression. Germany has done the same; I donít see why the United States cannot do the same. The world is definitely moving forward; people donít want to be held hostage by the past. The past has always been the problem; God does not live in the past; he lives in the present and calls us from the present to our future. The devil operates in the past where God is no longer present.

You become: what you feed on
What you feed on; you will become; if you keep on feeding people the terror of the past; they will eventually manifest the same terror on other. White
Supremacists are nostalgic of that era, for the very reason of the power they were wilding over blacks, denigrated them, vilified them, rendering them helpless. This era has ended; the past cannot be allowed to continue. Jesus asked us to consume His flesh daily, meaning emulate Him, pattern our lives after Him, and learn from Him. He is the pattern that God wants us to follow. We certainly donít deed to emulate, pattern our lives after those who were emissaries of the devil, doing the works of the devil, even when the whole world has rise against slavery; they still want to maintain the status quo. If we allow these symbols to be put on display for public consumption; they will nourish the soul of the next generation, perpetuating a past that no longer fits the present. God will blot out your past; remove you out of the book of remembrance, if your past is not worthy to glorify Him in the earth. Jump to the present...

It is all about
legacy, what legacy you leave for posterity; what you pass on to the next generation as spiritual inheritance. God did not allow Essau inheritance to pass on to the children of Israel, because God was not pleased with him. ďEssau I hated and lay waste his mountain for the jackals of the wildernessĒ. Your legacy is your spiritual mountain. David was a man after Godís own heart, because he did everything from the heath; he was true to his spirit. He fought for what was right; this was his treasure on earth. He had his earth in t he battle he fought. You have to collect treasure worthy of heaven; if not, God will discard them. Only the treasures that are worthy of heaven that God will allow to go on, and record them in the book of remembrance for eternity, When the American soldiers entered Baghdad they helped the Iraqis toppled this giant statue of Sadam Hussein, because it represent something that the people no longer wanted to be reminded of. He was an oppressing leader who was not afraid to use gas to kill his enemies. He was someone that the people wanted to get behind them, not looking forward to.

I think this is the same situation in North Carolina; this nostalgia for the past is misplaced. People want to move to the future that God prepared for them since the foundation of the world. The enemies of humanity are standing in the way of this future becoming a reality in their lives.

World Affairs  

What we donít want:
Why perpetuate a past that has stained you; there is no glory in that, for blacks or whites. Blacks no longer want to be oppressed by the past, reminded of a past that has stained them. If those who are related to that history cannot see that; they are not in sync with the reality of the time. The past is behind us; we are looking forward to a new future. If they want to be part of the humanity of the future; they must let go of the past.

The Remedy:
asked us to consume His flesh every day; He is the bread of life. This means that we must emulate Him, pattern our lives after Him, and learn from Him. He is the pattern that God wants us to follow. We donít need to learn anything from people who are contrary to the image that God wants us to be. They are everything that Jesus is not. They are Anti-Christ, Anti-Humanity; they stained the human race, shamed us, and robbed us of our humanity. We donít want anything to remind us of them. We need to throw them down, cast them out of our imaginations. ďThrowing down imaginations and every high thing that is exalted against the knowledge of God and bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.Ē; so shall we do both, throw them down, cast them out of our heads and consume the knowledge that Jesus has given us. ďWhosoever eats Mt flesh and drinks My blood remains in Me and Me in him. I am the true bread that came down from heaven. I live because of the Living Father who sent Me, so the one who feeds on Me will live because of MeĒ

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