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Hidden Figures: Revisiting the past, in order to assess the present
The_Past_VS_The_Present The way it was versus the present; it is a world apart. Sometimes we have to go back into the past in order to appreciate the present. We are not going to dwell in it however, but only as a reminder to know how far we come and from what depth God has taken us to bring us to the present. It was not long ago that a black man had to have a special gift bestowed upon him by God that set him apart from the rest, something that will keep him above the forces that were pulling him down. Many times, his gift will be lost in translation so to speak; meaning wasted in fighting the system, a world that did not allow him the freedom for expression. This is the way it was not long ago; but today God has made away; we are in a different world. The forces that used to restrain blacks, keeping them behind are releasing us out of their grips. The possibility to attain, achieve is more lax; blacks are able to achieve certain influence in the world in certain spheres that were off limits to them. As God continued to make greater space for blacks to operate in the world; souls will be born of the black race with gifts and talents to bless humanity. Righteousness will surely be the measure for Attainment in this world. Jesus is the standard for humanity, the pattern for us to follow.

The Embodiment: of spirit
President_Obama_Legacy God prepares you for such time is this; He deposits in your spirit whatever you need to function in this particular situation. It is your unction to function in a given assignment. Effortlessly, President Obama is at ease among whites as he is among blacks. He is not pulled by either side. The forces that negated blacks; denied them their possibility in this world are powerless against him. He embodied the spirit of reconciliation. He is the culmination of the dream, the greater dream of God for humanity. All of us have the same dream from God; Martin Luther King had the same dream that one day man will not be judged by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character. His measure in life will be righteousness, the seed through which God will bless humanity, all of the families of the earth, black, red, yellow and white, all of the races that made up the human race. This is Godís dream for humanity, this is our dream. We are all commissioned to promote Jesus as the measure of the righteousness that God wants us to have, the standard for humanity. God will not release His blessing until we meet His standard; accept Jesus as the measure for our righteousness.

Overstaying: their positions in Power
President_Assad_and_Kabila These two individuals are interfering with the timeline; keeping souls from fulfilling the destiny that God has for them. We all exist in time, and if we donít fulfill the destiny that God has for us at a certain given time, we miss our chances. When we are not fulfilling Godís will, we are in enmity with Him; we become the enemy by default. This is so because when we are not where God wants us to be, we are not in His light; we are part of the darkness of this world, under the influence of the devil. These acts of terror are committed by people who are not in the light of God; they are living in the darkness of this world, under the influence of the devil. They are driven by the need for recognition, the same need that is subconsciously driving them to fulfill the destiny that God placed inside of them. They will do whatever they can to fulfill that need, not knowing what forces are driving them. The inability to tap in the creative power of God, to create first class world is another consequence for people who are lagging behind, not be where God wants them to be. When a leader forcefully interferes with the timeline; he is creating disruption for souls, who are waiting to fulfill their destiny.

We see what happen when leaders overstayed their positions in power. We now can see how we are all affected. We see the consequences for what happened in Syria; the whole world is paying the consequences because of one man refusal to let go of his position in power. The repercussion will be felt for years. Now we see the same thing repeating itself blatantly in the Congo with President Joseph Kabila. People are dying uselessly in the street simply because he refuses to give up power when his term expires.

There ought to be a mandatory three months decompressing time to help leaders free themselves from the addictive nature of power. They are indirectly contributing to terrorism in the world, creating seeds of wickedness. When human beings stop developing the seed of greatness, the seed of perfection that God places inside of them; they enter a state of enmity with God, aligning themselves with the devil. We see individuals like Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, the rise of ISIS and all of the other groups representing people who are lagging behind. The world has an obligation to forcefully removing leaders who refuse to relinquish power when their terms expired.

Immunization: for the spirit, against corruption
Immunized_your_Child Curriculum Statistics:
There are currently two billion children living in the world, half of which live in poverty in countries where corruption is the main cause. Those countries are rich in natural resources, yet poverty is the source of crime, sickness, diseases and other social ills.
What you get:
Our curriculum guarantees to deposit in your children spirit at an early age the incorruptible seed of morality, justice, righteousness, so that they are not easily corrupted when they grow up.
Why must you get it?
Children are our future; they will impact the world in one way or the other, for good or for evil. You need to immunize your child from greed and excess; give your child the incorruptible seed that will protect your child from corruption. ďStart children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from itĒ. The way is already given; we package it into a curriculum that can simultaneously taught with the regular academic studies.
Request it now!
We are making this curriculum available for free for educators around the world to use. Petition your government; your school board; the need is great, moral responsibility is the necessity of the time. We need your financial support, money to pay experts and professionals to help us make this curriculum available to the public. This curriculum is guaranteed to work, request your free copy in advance

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