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ďA humanity whole, without a tail of people trailing behind"

How the devil is keeping you behind?
Reality_World He can only use you as fuel to maintain his system of things, if you are in violation with the law of God. The devil system is designed to keep you at perpetuity in violation with the law of God so that he can keep you under his control. Without God Himself to sustain you; you are automatically prey; the system renews itself, maintains itself by denying you access to the possibility of this world. If you cannot live life to the fullest, if you cannot fulfill your Godís given potential, develop the seed of greatness that God places inside of you, you become a reject, fuel to maintain its system of things. ďGod formed man out of the dust of the ground, breathed in his nostrils and man became a living soulĒ. You are a living soul; your soul is measured in the kind of life you live. Jesus came to give you access to life, so that you may have life more abundantly. This means that He will give you greater access to the spirit of God. God is the life giving spirit. The devil is the spirit of separation; the more he keeps you in violation to the law of God, the more space he set you apart from God.

God is the life giving spirit, apart from Him; there is no life, no creativity. His spirit is the creative power of God, the power to create first class world, Better Living World to live. As long as the devil keeps you in violation with the law of God, instigates you to sin against God; you are cut off from His life giving spirit, His creative power. This is how the devil tries to maintain himself as the light of the world. By denying blacks, cut them off and out anything black or done by blacks, he set the stage for disparity and for you to resort differences between blacks and whites. You donít have to be either white or black, as long as you are using these differences to boast your ego; you are renewing your separation; you are consuming the fruit of separation, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. The system is designed to keep human beings consuming the fruit of separation at perpetuity. This is how the devil maintains himself in the world.

Jesus came to undo all of that, remove humanity out of this process. God did not want a humanity that is mirrored as a serpent with a tail of people trailing behind. He wants a humanity whole moving forward. Jesus is the remedy; He came to undo the works of darkness, destroying the works of the devil.

How Jesus does it?
He does it by asking you to reject the process that gives the devil entrance into your world. You must deny the self, the process of negating and separating and embrace your humanity. Take up your cross, means embracing your humanity. You cannot do that, until you first deny yourself, meaning put your ego aside and embrace the greater need. ďLet him deny himself, take up his cross and follow MeĒ; this is the antidote against the devil, the prerequisite to be in the light of God. You cannot be in the light of God, until you first deny the self in you that separates you from the rest. You cannot be in the light of God, until you deny the process of the devil and embrace your humanity. ďI give you a new commandment, love ye one another as I loved youĒ. Every
precept in the teachings of Jesus is a way closer to God and away from the devil. You cannot be in the light of God and be with the devil in the darkness of this world.
Christ For

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You have to separate your identity with the process of the devil. In Christ, you are a new creation, literally. You are no longer of the devil. Promoting whiteness is of the devil. We know what happened to humanity when the devil tried to forcefully establish whiteness as the standard for humanity. Had the devil not defeated; we would now have whiteness as the standard for humanity, instead of Jesus. White people are not the problem; God created one human race, one flesh and one blood. Te devil simply tries to promote himself as light by promoting whiteness as the light of the world. The fact that he is the spirit of separation, forcing human beings to consume the fruit of separation at perpetuity is what makes him evil. He is the opposer of God, the enemy of your soul. He came to rob you of life. He is a predator in search of any prey the bible says. ďHe is a roaring lion, seeking whom to devourĒ; whom means whoever is not aware of their possibility in Christ, what God has made available for you. See: Battlegrounds, places of contention between the forces that are restraining humanity backward and the forces that are pushing humanity forward.

This has nothing to do against white people; it is between God who wants to restore humanity back to Him from the devil. I donít hate white people; I am doing Godís work, exposing the works of darkness. When Hilary Clinton said: ďI am going to get lots of you out of businessĒ, she did not say that to hurt the people. She said it, because she wants to help them move to the next level The world is fast moving away from carbon base energy; if she does not help them transitioning; they will be left behind. They donít have the education nor the training to fit in the new industry. Their jobs are been replaced by technology. Coal extraction has been automated; there is no more need for the services they use to do. If they donít get the training for the new jobs; they will suffer the same fate as black people in America, poverty. They have to adjust to the changing of the time. The world is changing and time waits for no one. ďTime I am; I have come to engage all beingsĒ This statement is truth, because it is self revealing. It belongs to no one. Time affects us all; we all exist in time. If we try to ignore time; we will suffer immensely. You donít have to be timid to speak the truth, unless you face the reality of the time, you run the risk of moving backward toward the past with the devil. You have to move forward with the march of time, if not

Target: Goals and Objectives
Targeting_Haiti Our goal is to help reduce the degree of Negation in the Haitian population by fifty percent in the next ten years. This means to educate the Haitian population about their possibility in Christ, tech them the causes, the reason for why they are lagging behind and also show them the provision that God made available for them to move forward. This has to be a deliberate effort, with intention, a targeted goal. It must also be a government initiative, something that has the backing of the Haitian Government to give it credibility with the population. The people must be reassured that their government is looking for their welfare, what is best for them to help them move forward. Hence people understand the workings of this system; they will take steps to keep the system from using them as fuel to maintain itself. They must understand that as long as their way of life gives the devil the excuse he needs; they will use them as fuel. The cycle will continue for them, they will be cut off from God, His creative power, His blessing. The power to create first class world, better living world will continue to be a far reaching goal for them. They will be denied, negated out of the possibility of this world.


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Obstacles in the way:
The only way to achieve these goals and objectives is to create a presence in Haiti, establish a
place where people can go to get knowledge and understanding on the causes that are responsible for their condition. This place has to be a concrete and tangible place that offers knowledge and understanding of the condition that affect the people. Other countries have done the same before. They have put forth these types of initiative with intention, with the purpose to counteract a certain form of mind set, certain conditions that were keeping their people behind. One concrete example is Germany. They had a campaign centuries ago to promote the Christian precepts and teachings to boost the moral capacity of the German people, give them the capacity to interact socially with each other. The result of this is a German population that is suitable to deal with the forces that are pushing them forward. Every now and then, Governments will put forth initiative that will help push their people forward. Japan did the same against their past the past that was standing in the way of progress. They did not reject their past; they simply embrace the future and let the past takes second place. In Haiti, because the position of the past in society is first, the percentage of the population that is holding on to the past becomes the problem. This is the fundamental problem, the cause for Negation that is keeping them behind. See: Meaning of Negation See: Intertwined

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