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ďA humanity whole, without a tail of people trailing behind"

A Case Study: What it will take to change the human condition in your country?
The only thing that it will take to change the human condition in a majority black population is to change the system that is running the world. The problem is that no human being can change the system that is running the world, except God Himself. The good news is that God has already done it; we just have not yet seen the full impact. He sent His son Jesus to undo the works of darkness, to destroy the works of the devil. We now have hope in Christ Jesus; we just have to take hold of the promises of God for our lives. Here is a case study on the forces that are restraining humanity backward, Negation

Haiti once called the Pearl of the Antilles was also the richest country in the new world. The fundamental question is; why there is no continuity. Haiti was number one in sugar production, cacao and other commodities. Haiti was the largest source of revenue for the French Empire at the time. The fundamental question is; why the country slips down to be now called the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere? The Europeans went to Africa, Australia, wherever they were allowed refuge or conquered, they were able to prosper and excel forward. Wherever they went however, Negation, followed. They excelled in everything, while everyone else around them stagnated, lagging behind, restrained and left behind. We realized that there is a force at work in the world, restraining blacks, denying them their possibility; while excelling whites, propelling them forward. We know that there is a spiritual component behind this reality. This is what our site is all about; we are providing understanding of the spiritual reality behind what we see.
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Haiti condition is not unlike other countries in the Third World; it is a very complex and intricate issue; you need a revelation from God to understand it. From the get go, the very start of the country as a black Republic, driven by the forces of Negation, the more advanced countries joined together to deny the black population their possibility in this world. There are many factors in play, restraining the Haitian people behind, but the fundamental one is Negation. The fact that Haitian culture is holding on to the past, a past that no longer fits the present gives the devil permission to use the Haitian people as fuel to sustain this system of things that is running the world. We know that the system is designed to promote the devil as the light of the world; from there we can see why the system is designed to deny blacks and to promote whites. See what has to change, why Jesus came, what are the promises of God for humanity, all of the family of the earth.
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We must keep in mind that the devil cannot use you as fuel, unless there is justification. The problem is that, if there is no justification, he ill instigate, create one in order to justify denying you your possibility in the world. The first and fundamental problem for Haiti to lag behind is Negation. Everything is interconnected, intertwined with everything else. This is what makes the world the darkness that it is. It is complex, intricate; you cannot easily pin down the cause. Here on this site, tidbit by tidbit, in bite size we are giving you the revelation that God made available for you, exposing the works of darkness. If you spend enough time on this site, you will eventually get a coherent picture of what God is trying to reveal to you. God wants to use Haiti as a model for other Third World countries simply because Haiti embodied the past. Everything about the Haitian culture is a reflection of the past and of Africa the birth place of humanity. Please help us change the human condition and Haiti and other Third World Countries. When God finished doing it with Haiti; He will do the same for similar countries. Zbob_home Contact Zbob

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