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Poverty the Source of all our Problems!
Set_SailEvery F***king thing that is wrong in the world is caused by poverty or lack; this is the reason why God takes great care to let us know what we must do to become part of the abundance of this life. God is the cause and the solution; the cause because He is the provider, the sustainer and the solution because there is a requirement; He requires of us to be righteous. Righteousness is the currency that we must use to buy our way into the abundance and prosperity of this world. ďBecause Abraham was accounted righteous, trough his seed God will bless all of the family of the earthĒ. Jesus is that seed, He is the righteousness of God. He is the way and the life, the pattern that we must follow to become righteous before God. He left us a pattern of a lifestyle that we must live so that God can account us righteous. See the precepts that we must follow that will become our lifestyle. God said to us: ďBe not afraid, fear not, cast all of your cares upon HimĒ all of these words are reassuring words to comfort us and give us confidence in Him that He is the sustainer and provider. All that He requires of us is to be righteous.    Send Zbob Away

Learning the Way of God!
The fundamental problem of the Third World, the reason why there is so much poverty and lack in the Third World is because the people donít yet know the right way to treat each other as God would like them to treat each other, they don't yet know how to be the Good Samaritan to each other, that is to help their own kind in need, turn the other cheek, that is to look for alternatives to resolve their conflicts, avoid useless ego trips, that is butting heads with each other. ďTurning the other cheekĒ, is a lesson that the Europeans have learned painfully on the battlefield, now it is the turn of the Middle East to learn to turn the other cheek, seek alternatives to resolve their conflicts. I hope that after two defeats that ended up in disgrace, they will learn this lesson. As long as there is an ego, defeat is unavoidable. In Christ there is no defeat because there is no selfishness, God is the only reality, therefore defeat is an illusion. We are all victorious in Christ. Had Mr. Gadhafi learned from what happened to Sadam Hussein, he would have avoided this painful defeat. When your doing is over in this world, you must learn to let go and let God or the forces of change will roll right over you. they are not personal, that is the way of things.

The Solution is in the Life!
It is all in the life, how we live our lives; we should not try to get even with people who challenge us, butting heads with them, we should rather get even with them literally by applying the precepts that Jesus prescribed for us to follow. The Palestinian issue could have been easily resolved if they were willing to apply the precepts of the lifestyle that Jesus prescribed for us to follow. It would have made them equal and the same with the Jews. You canít fight your own, deny your own, cut yourself off from your own if you are all the same. This way of life, this lifestyle puts us all on the same wavelength, on the same frequency. Being equal means operating at the same wavelength, at the same frequency. You donít see the American beating on the Europeans, because they are operating on an even playing field, on the same wavelength, on same frequency; they are equal and the same

Make Money Promoting the Seed: of righteousness
Click for an Opportunity to make money: We will no longer focus on the cause of poverty; nor looking to find out the reason why the Third World cannot get out of poverty or why the people of The Third World live in a state of stagnation or why there is even a Third World in our midst; we will focus rather on the solution.

Understand that the Seed is the Solution
The seed is the future, understand the seed is the future; Christ is the future, Jesus is the way to that future. He is the pattern that we must become in order to receive the blessing of God. He is the seed of righteousness that overcome the selfish ways of the devil. This goes for The Third World, those countries that are not yet part of the abundance of this world, part of blessing of God. God will only bless humanity trough the seed of righteousness, knowing how to live the way that God wants you to live, how to treat your fellow human beings, how to see the needs of the world around you, to be able to respond to changes that are happening around you. The spirit of God is all around you changing the world, talking to you; you must be able to respond. Human right abuses is a sign that people are not ready to receive the blessing of God, not to see the needs of others is another sign that they are not ready to receive the blessing of God. Those who treat each other right get blessed and those who donít are left for the devil to inflict pain on them. Lack, poverty, social stagnation are all signs that they are not yet under the blessing of God. God will surely bless them when they learn to flow with the way of God, the way of the universe. this begins when they learn to follow the precepts that Jesus prescribed for them to follow; this begins with the precepts in the teachings of Jesus Christ; they are the foundation of your way of life, of your lifestyle. They guarantee you an increase in your cognitive ability and in your intuitive capacity thus making you more fluid and flexible, more capable of making the sharp turn when times demands it of you. All in all, your way of life makes it possible for you to flow with the universe around you, with God and with nature or hinders you.

Yoking With the Seed of Righteousness
Another reason for you to yoke with Jesus; It is said that two objects yoking together will vibrate at the same rate of frequency. If we can yoke ourselves with a higher frequency; we can begin to vibrate at the same rate of that higher frequency; it is scientific.

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The Seed is the Future

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