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The Word

- Speak the Lingo of the Spirit

     Why we Fear    

Beyond Fear is Power

Overcoming Fear

Beyond fear is power; power of the spirit. God is all there is; fear separates us from God; from the spirit of God. The whole teaching of the bible is an effort to get us to overcome our fear of the unknown, fear of the spirit. Fear is a safety mechanism against the power of the spirit; it buffers us and keeps us safe. The spirit is powerful; it seeks holiness and perfection. It will strive to clean up any imperfection in us. If we are holding on too tight to the indulgences of the flesh, there is a risk of us getting destroyed with those imperfections. This is why the bible tells us to hold on to the word of God. The word of God is our safety, a safeguard against the onslaught of the spirit. We can hide behind the word; the spirit will see the word not us. Fear not, let not your heart be trouble, all of which are words that reassured us to let go of our safety mechanism and open ourselves up to the spirit. As long as you are afraid you will not know the power of the spirit. It is rightly so that you are afraid of the power of the spirit because the spirit seeks holiness and perfection and whatever that is not perfect in you, it will destroy. As long as you are holding on to the word, the language of the spirit, you are safe. What we call imperfections are our indulgences of the flesh and if we are holding on to them too tightly; the spirit will do away with them and with us in the process.

Speak the language of the spirit; this is what the bible is doing, teaching us how to speak the lingo of the spirit so that we can communicate with God. God is spirit Jesus said. Speak what God speaks so that He can hear you. If He does not hear you, He cannot communicate with you. Your tears, your cry will not move Him as fast as speaking the language He understands.
Lay it on Him first, God loves responsibility; let Him be God in your life. Cast all of your cares upon Him. Learn from Me said Jesus; He was fearless in the boat during that stormy night. He was sound asleep while his disciples were out of their minds with fear. Let the mind set that that is in Christ be also in you; become fearless. You must conquer your fear before you can access the power of the spirit. Power is of God, God is the power; let Him be God first. He watches over His word to perform it. His words reassured us and free us from fear. As long as we are holding on to His word, all He sees is His word, not us. He does not see our imperfections. Christ gives us authority over the ability of the enemy by giving us the authority to speak His word. Having the right mind set, having a sound mind, not an easy shaken mind should be our disposition of mind. Whose report are you going to believe; the word of God that remove fear or man’s word that fills us with fear. Arm yourself with the mind of Christ; speak the language of God. There is power in the word of God for God seeks His word to perform it.
Get a Word

The prophetic
Utterances from God; they will not return void until they have accomplished that which they were sent for; therefore find yourself in those utterances. God has a plan for humanity; you are a part of that plan; find yourself in the unfolding plan of God for humanity. The greatest thing that can happen to you is the awareness you have of the plan of God for your life. What role you play; know that role; that will be your access to the power of the spirit of God.

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