- Levels of Awareness

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Level Four (4) - Love

This level is where Christ operates; it binds the higher levels of awareness with the lower levels of awareness. This is why Jesus Said that I give you a new commandment; “love ye one another”. If you are operating at that level you can bring the higher world to bear in the lower levels, the primal, animal instincts.
Level Three (3) - Power

Hence the first two levels are fulfilled, the next need that drives people is the need for recognition, for power. This need is a very powerful need, it drives people to do all sort of things in order to fulfill that need. On a collective level this need is predominant in countries that are stuck in the past and lagging behind. This need is a driving force in the Middle East where the rigidity of the cultures doesn’t allow people to advance forward quickly. Since the people are lagging behind, their craving for recognition drives them to become extremists
Level Two (2) - Procreation

This level fulfils God’s mandate to multiply and populate the earth. This need is also a primal need that is very powerful; it drives people to seek mates for reproduction and continuation of the species. It is also a source of pleasure.
Level One (1) - Survival

This level is a primal need that takes precedence over all other needs. This need has to do with self preservation of the physical body; the only way to keep this need in check is to live by the prompting of the spirit.

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