- Levels of Awareness

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Level Seven (7) - Divine

At that level you are above, not beneath, you in the world but not of it; you are a spirit being. You have reach your true identity as a spirit; your consciousness is only functioning from a higher perspective. Everything that you do and everything that you are is spiritual, the world ceases to be ordinary for you; you are in a magical world, where nature speaks to you. You live to acquiesce to the prompting of the spirit.
Level Six (6) - Perception

At that level of awareness, you are intuitive, perceptive, not much can be hidden from you; you are a perceiver. You can see how things fit together, and discover missing pieces easily more so than those that are operating at a lower level of awareness. Your cognitive ability and your intuitive capacity are twice that of those that are operating at a lower level of awareness.
Level Five (5) - Communication

The ability to use words, to communicate effectively; people that operating at that level of awareness are great communicators. They are gifted people that can bring their vision to the masses and join people together to achieve great things.
Level Four (4) - Love

This level is where Christ operates; it binds the higher levels of awareness with the lower levels of awareness. This is why Jesus Said that I give you a new commandment; “love ye one another”. If you are operating at that level you can bring the higher world to bear in the lower levels, the primal, animal instincts.

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