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“Each section is a standing wave pattern representing a particular vibration; Click each section to learn what it is"

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Overview: an understanding of Vibrational Frequency
Standing_Wave_Pattern Explaining the principle of resonance, the standing wave pattern, the cross as a physical representation of the vibrational frequency of Jesus:
Each being or entity, human or spirit has a vibrational frequency and each frequency has a physical pattern, the Haitian people called it vévé. In Physics it is called a Standing Wave Pattern. Everything that exists in the universe has a vibrational frequency, the principle of Resonance, Entrainment, and Standing Wave Pattern come from vibrational energy. Physicists tried to explain the role of vibrational frequency behind the mysterious occurrences in the voodoo rituals of the Haitian people. I now know why those with knowledge of vibrational frequency, how they can manipulate wave to affect the co-existence of the human spirit in the body. Below is an attempt to explain the science behind the mystery that we see in both Christianity and the Voodoo religion. The science is the same, either for good or for evil. In Christianity Jesus wants us to yoke with Him so that He can raise our vibrational frequency; this is the principle of resonance in physics.

Jesus is the pattern given by God for us to follow. The cross is His symbol; a physical representation of who He is and what He stands for. He is the vibrational frequency that we must reach; before God can deal with us. When we yoke with Him, we increase our potential to reach the frequency that God wants us to reach. This yoking is the principle of resonance in physics. “For to us a child is given, to us a son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders.”. Jesus is the Son, the pattern that God gave us; yoking with Him will raise your vibrational frequency.

Explaining the Science:
Resonance is the physical parameters of the vibrating object scientists say. Everything in the universe is vibration and everything has a particular frequency and the physicality of that frequency is called resonance. Resonance therefore is the physical parameter of the vibrating object. A vévé in the Haitian culture is a physical representation of the frequency of a vibrating object or a being, or a spirit. It is the signature wave of the vibration of that object or being. In the voodoo religion every spirit has a vévé or a physical representation of its frequency. That representation is a standing wave formation, a pattern distinct to that frequency. The Haitians people draw these patterns with flour to represent the various spirits that their families are yoked to. The cross is the representation of the frequency of Christ Jesus for Christians, it represents the spirit of God in man. Hence you show the sign of the cross, you also invoke the spirit of God, which is in Christ Jesus. The cross is a representation of humanity redeemed, the second Adam, the spiritual humanity. Every frequency has a pattern associated with it; this is called the standing wave effect. When an object is forced into resonance, it vibrates in a manner that form a standing wave, that standing wave is the signature of the frequency; this is what the Haitians called in voodoo a vévé and the Christians call it the sign of the cross. Each of the natural frequencies at which an object vibrates is associated with a standing wave pattern. Every time you struck that power, you struck the rock or call on that power, you are creating a standin wave, its frequency signature, the cross for example. Comparing any vévé with the cross, the power of the cross wins evey time. Jesus Christ is the highest
Attainment of humanity in term of vibrational frequency. If you yoke with Him as He has invited us, we also raise our frenquency to match His. When one object is vibrating at the same natural frequency of a second object forces that second object into vibrational motion, this is called resonance. Resonance is the universal striving for objects to vibrate at the same rate. Because the Haitian people are operating at a lower frequency; they are yoked with spirits that are also operating at a lower frequency. If you cannot raise your vibration frequency pass them, they can snuff you with a beat. This is the scientific principle behind the folkloric tales that voodoo priests can kill with their drum beat. All things in the cosmos strive to harmonize. Our bodies are tuned to the vibration of the beat. The Voodoo priests know this truth, this is why they are able to create destructive wave with their drum beats to upset the spiritual balance in a person, disturb their natural frequency. When the natural frequency is trying to harmonize with the outside destructive wave, the human spirit may flea the body and causes death to occur. It is a deliberate act, an evil act that these priests of Voodoo practitioners are doing. When we listen to music, our bodies attempt to harmonize with the notes. It is therefore important to choose the type of music we listen to. There is a relationship between sound and manifestation, everything in the universe resonates at a certain frequency and that frequency is a vibration and that vibration has a particular sound that goes with it. It is that sound that creates the signature. This is why Jesus said that “My words are spirit and they are life”.

What scientists are saying?
Each section in the picture above is a standing wave pattern representing a particular vibration, scientists say that when we think we are not just sending a wave which resonate the energy, we are also sending a frequency outside the human hearing. We are sending a sound. Everything is sound, when we think a sound goes out, it resonate the energy. “As a man think, so he is, so he becomes”. If this is true; it is more so when we sing or create vibrational sound with a drum or any instrument. God spoke the world into existence. In the beginning was the word”, and the word was sound. It is sound that turns matter and energy into form. Every organ in our body resonates to a certain frequency. If the sound changes, the matter changes, the energy also changes. Every time you think and feel, you create a sound. Jesus is the Logos, the word that was made flesh. He said that “My words are spirit and they are life ”; it is the vibrational frequency of His spirit that is in the word. His words give life, because He is the life giving spirit. He said it plainly, unless you eat my flesh, drink my blood, you have no life in you. He is the tree of life that was in the middle of the Garden of Eden. God did not want Adam to partake in the tree of life, after he had let the spirit of separation access to his world. God did not want man to separate from Him for eternity. He was oke for Adam to eat of the tree of life before he let the devil access to his world, but hence he did; God had to chase him out of the Garden, denied him access to the tree of life. It would have been a terrible thing for man to live eternally separated from God. It is a terrible thing that those who practiced Voodoo as their religion, as their belief system; they are coming short of the possibilities that God made available for man in Christ Jesus. They don’t have the vibrational frequency to tap in the higher possibility that God has for humanity. Yoking with Jesus will make it possible for them to access the creative power of God.

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