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Seed WHO SPEAKS FOR GOD: Krishna, Buddha, Jesus or Mohamed
Let us start with what we know and what we can agree on. We know that God is one, for He is God in Africa, America , Asia, and Europe ; wherever there are people God is. Rather your God is personal or impersonal; He is God none the less. Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed never claimed to be God; they only claimed to be his spokes person revealing for the age what God is to the degree we can accept Him; rather an impersonal God in Hinduism or a personal God in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Who has the right to speak for God in this age of human development? We can say that as we evolve and develop spiritually, mentally or even physically, our capacity to understand life makes us less barbaric thus God for us in that stage of development may be more compassionate, more tolerant, more likely to forgive. Well no one speaks of tolerance, forgiveness, self denial, more giving than Jesus; therefore He is a true spoke person for God at this stage of our development. The things He spoke about should resonate with the majority of us. Unless we are stuck in the past, we should be able to hear and understand the things He said. “My sheep know my voice and another they will not follow”. If we cannot hear Him, we are in someway stuck in the past. We can say with certainty that on this earth there are two types of people; those that are moving forward into the future and those that are staying put, moving backward into the past; which are you? Let us go back to where we started from, “God is one; wherever there are people, God is”. If there is to be a unity of faith, we all must be able to hear the one voice that is revealing God to us in this stage of our development, the now. If those things He (Jesus) spoke resonate with you, we have the same hope; the same hope that God is love. It is that love that makes us one; looking at the frailty of life, the belief that human beings are fragile beings, ephemeral beings, they need compassion; that is love. God intent is to bring us into a unity of faith; let us continue with what we know and can agree on. We all can agree that there is one human race and that God has made of humanity of one flesh, one blood and gives us all the same spirit. This we can also prove scientifically that despite the caprices of nature, black, red, yellow and white that made up the human race that there is only one flesh for all flesh, one blood for all blood are the same and one human race. “Lo the people are one”; with this statement God was concerned that we achieved oneness without maturity, this is why He had to come down to scattered us so that we may not be one as a people. The people were one because they were able to speak the same language, hear each other thoughts and vision. If we are to be one again as a people we need to be able to hear the one voice that is revealing to us who God is and what God is at this stage of our development. Despite … the manifestation of spirit, we know that there is only one spirit same. As God revealed Himself to us and our capacity to understand accept his revelation increase we become more unify in our faith in Him. Continued…

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