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" Needs are the driving forces in our lives; they are also levels of awareness "

They are no Monkeys
Level_FourFalsehood is what seems to be; it is naught and shall pass away. Truth is that which is; it is aught and shall never pass away ”. The truth is that God has made the human race of one flesh and one blood, the disparities that separated the different races that made up the human race in term of achievements are of the system of things that is running the world. It is the dispensation system of the Age; it is of the devil. This system is coming to an end, but it hasn’t yet fully goes away; we are still dealing with it. We are at dawn of a new Age however, the Age of Christ, a new dispensation system, based on righteousness rather than affinity to color. This system that is running the world currently is based on the progression of light, modeled after a wave of energy, a wavelength of light as it is progressing from a point of no light to different stages of manifestation of light. It is responsible for the possibility to attain, achieve in this world. It is based on affinity to color, the attributes of the different points of the progression of light energy. It is designed to operate on two poles, two opposites. In order for that to be true, it has to promote achievements of one pole and restrained or denied achievements of the other. Black and White are the two poles, the two extremes of life, white represents Attainment and black Negation. Without this dichotomy, there is no system. There was a time when the color white was the only acceptable medium of expression in this world. The world would not allow it, for a black person to be what a white person could be. Blacks used to hide behind whites in order to find expression, because in this world system, white was the only color promoted. I know why you cannot find too many black geniuses in the world. The world would not accept it; this did not fit the description. This world which included people of every race, every color, blacks, whites and Asians would not accept it; this was the reality of the world. It was not known for blacks to hold certain positions; therefore people had a hard time accepting change. The description had to change; people had to be told over and over again that the possibility to attain in this world is also given to blacks; they too can become doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc. Today geniuses can be born black and the world would have no choice but to accept it. The world is not going back into the past; I think that blacks themselves have to accept that they too can take part in the abundance of this world. It is not their color that is responsible for keeping them behind; it is the system that uses color as a yard stick to measure dispensation in this world, denied blacks their possibilities to partake in the abundance of this world. It is because of the attributes of what the color black represents in the color spectrum of the wavelength of light. This system is mimicking light as a mean to measure dispensation in the world, therefore black has less and white has the most. This is why blacks are negated and whites are promoted. This is why blacks are cut off and cut out of the Attainment of this world. This system is designed after the attributes of the color spectrum in a spectrum wavelength of light, a wavelength of radiant energy. Restraining blacks and denied them their possibilities to partake in the abundance of this world is a way to keep up with the model of dispensation that is true to what the devil wanted. He wanted to be the light of the world. This model is a true representation of wavelength of light as it propagates from a point of lesser light or no light to a point of maximum brilliance of light, white light. Why this model, you may ask, the devil simply wanted to be the light of the world, physical light that is, since he cannot be the spiritual light, this model is the closest thing that he can use to represent what he wants. Now that I tell them the reason why their skin color makes them a target for Negation and what God has done to free them, to change the description of the world to include them, they have no choice but to accept it.

Prime Example:
Take me for example; I don’t fit in the description, everything about me is a contradiction. I am not a lawyer, a doctor or scientist, but I can be in their midst and function as well as any of them. I am comfortable among those that are stuck in the reality of the past; their consciousness cannot yet sustain the reality of the present. I know that they can, because the spirit of God can quicken them, giving them the ability to see and function at the pace that the world is moving. Not everybody is moving at the same speed; thoughts don’t flow to them at the same rate, because they are not where God wants them to be. I am here to help them.

The H=a/n Formula: Balancing your Humanity against the forces that are shaping it
Behind every conflict in the world is a point of intersection between the forces that restrained people and keeping them behind, Negation
and the forces that are propelleing people forward, Attainment; it is called the Breaking Point. If you embrace your humanity; you can minimize the consequences of this intersection. This point of intersection is the Breaking Point; this is a point when the forces that restrained must release those that are lagging behind, out of the Attainment of this world. You can simplify the complexities of issues resulting from conflicts if you can balance your humanity against your desire to attain and your need to be released from Negation. The mathematical expression of any conflict can be expressed using this simple formula H=a/n where H is humanity, A is Attainment and N is Negation. Justification...

A Joke with a Twist:
I am sure that they can take a joke and at the same time learn something. I am looking for people who can donate money, preferably people with deep pockets, people with millions that can spare one or two without much pain to their bank accounts. I need to raise money to buy those anatomically correct dolls, with other specifications added. I want to help people in the Middle East, South Asia, Africa; I want to help them break up their fixation. Some of them are stuck at lower levels of awareness which are preventing them from experiencing higher levels of awareness. These dolls in the picture above can be airdrop with instructions for parents in their own language, just like we do for distributing bibles in remote parts of the world. Instead of bombing run, we can shutter private planes to airdrop these dolls in remote villages, areas where people are disconnected to the rest of the world. It is either we do that now or future air raids to help them break up their fixation. Hence they are stuck, only certain events or circumstances will force them to break up their fixation; they will come at you, creating problems for you. These dolls can teach children and parents the structure of human needs; what is realty motivating them to behave the way they do.

Human Motivation what is behind their behaviors?
Behind the denying of women the right to drive, to be educated or occupying certain positions in society, these countries collectively are stuck at the second level of human awareness which has to do with sex, pleasure and procreation. These dolls will point to them to the different centers of awareness and at the same time remove the taboo about their human sexuality. Behind human behaviors are needs that are the prime motivators; these needs when cannot be satisfied become their levels of awareness. Their attention become fixated on those needs that become their level of awareness, through which they see and deal with the world. These dolls can help them become aware, make them more sensitive to what is really motivating them to behave the way they do.

Ascending and Descending
Who is a genius; a genius is really a person who can flow with the world around him, fluid, flexible, easy to adapt to changes. Geniuses are moving at a faster pace in their thoughts life, they can see the minute changes in their environments. It is a spiritual space where they are operating. When a soul descended from God with gifts and talents to bless humanity; in this system of things, this soul can only expresses his fullness through the white race. This is the way it was, but this is changing because God is making way for His truth to take place in our hearts, replacing the darkness of this world. If a soul is on the
ascending side of life, the devil will deny him access to the possibilities of this world, the abundance of life. Jesus came to reverse that, to destroy the works of the devil and gives us all access to God’s blessing. “Whosoever received Him ”; If you received Jesus as the plan of God to take you out of the grips of the devil; you too shall have access to the blessing of God. “To them that received Him; He gave the possibility to become sons of God; as many as received Him ”. Jesus changed the rules governing how we experience the world, rather we are ascending to God or descending from God, we can experience the abundant life through Him. He is the ladder of awareness upon which our consciousness ascends and descends from God, to and fro, from spiritual to earthly existence. Human beings enter this world through the gate of birth; from where they are born; their experiences of the world are determined. We have to engage those countries, regions where people are lagging behind. If we arrive at changing the human condition in those countries, those regions, we are also closing the portal, the gate through which people can experience these human conditions.

Vested Interest: You have a vested interest to help me
I think that most of the radicalization of people living in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa came from the fact that they are stuck in their sexuality at the second level of human awareness. I think that if you can expose them to their sexuality, this will force them to accept it; thus free them of their fixation. Behind their behaviors are needs that are driving them. Their consciousness is still stuck at the sexual level; these dolls can help them understand the different needs that are driving their behaviors. There isn’t much to understand about human behavior except that people operate at different levels of awareness. Their behaviors have a lot to do with the level of consciousness they are stuck. They only see the world though the prism of their needs, their fixation. Some people are more fluid, more flexible, able to flow from different levels of awareness, but some others are stuck at one level, unable to free themselves and operate from higher levels of awareness. Behind the denial of women right to drive, to be free in society, are sexual needs that cannot be quenched, because they are stuck at that level of awareness. When a need cannot be quenched, insatiable need, it becomes our level of awareness.
Contact me I need your help to make this re:

Where Humanity is Presently: Where we should be?
God wants our consciousness to be at the fourth level, the level of the heart where love operates. This is where He is with humanity; He wants us to be flexible and fluid enough to receive from Him and at the same time carry out our mundane activities in the physical world. He does not want us to get stuck at the lower level of human consciousness, occupying ourselves with our sexuality, making babies or just surviving, eating and sleeping. He wants us to reach the higher levels of human awareness. Some of us are stuck at the sexual level, occupying our consciousness with sexual gratification, seeking pleasure or procreating, having children. Some others are stuck at the bottom, just surviving, occupying our consciousness with making a living, living for the sake of living, no concern with any other possibility in life.
These dolls can serve as educational tools to free people in certain regions of the world that are still stuck at the lower levels of consciousness, living for sexual gratification, procreating and surviving, killing other human beings without been aware of what is really driving them to behave the way they do.

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