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"God wants you to be part of the head and not the tail. He wants to increase your capacity to receive"

To those that have: much will be added
Country like Japan, South Korea and Germany, all have benefited from the Marshal Plan put forth to help Europe recover after the great war; all of them helped by the United States of America. The point is that you must first have the capacity to receive; if you don’t, you will suffer the punishment; you will be taken advantage of. This is the law of nature. These countries were able to benefit the help simply because they had the capacity to receive. The law says that: “To those that have, much more will be given unto them”. God wants to quicken you, increase your cognitive ability, and increase your intuitive capacity to solve problem, overcome obstacles out of your path, see the changes that are happening around you. God wants to expand your territory, enlarge your tent; gives you the capacity to receive. “Those that don’t have, people will take from them, abuse them; this is the law of nature”.”. God wants to take you above the law of nature, take your consciousness out of nature so that you can rule over the forces of nature.

How we become subject to the forces of nature?
Man sinned against God and was separated from God. Man lost awareness of his connection to God and began to worship nature as god and nature became his god. God wants to extract the human consciousness out of the clutches of nature and bring man back to his spiritual awareness. Man sin was his disobedience to the will of God. Man gave entrance to his world the spirit of separation which is the devil, by consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, the fruit of better than, the fruit of the self. What was only reserved for God to do, man took it upon himself to do and became God. You don’t know who you are until God tells you who you are. The self, the ego that you have or take upon yourself should only be what God has given you, not what you choose to become. Now the only self He wants for man to have is the image of His son Jesus Christ. He wants us to pattern our lives after Jesus, be like Him, mimic Him, and consume Him day and night until we become Him. “Unless you eat my flesh and drink My blood; you have no life in you”. I am the bread of life, the true manna coming down from heaven”. Jesus is the only personality that God wants us to become, pattern our lives after, take upon ourselves as ego. You are His body; you represent Him in the earth. You are His followers, His disciples; “Let the mind that is in Christ Jesus be also in you”.” As He is, as so you shall be”. You can take upon you His character and become what God wants you to become.

Falsehood, false identity, false ego:
Everything else that we want to identify with, take on as ego is false; it is not God given. It is the result of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil; what we think is good versus what we think is evil. Sorting out the difference and use that difference to elevate yourself, boast yourself, use it as identity was only reserved for God to decide. Right now, God only wants you to take on only one identity, one self; it is the image of Jesus. You must deny everything else; whatever you think as yourself. You must also deny the process by which you arrived at yourself identity. You must take up your cross, that is to embrace the shortcomings of your fellow human beings, the weak, the frailty of life and follow the footsteps of Jesus.

How to follow the footsteps of Jesus?
Be the Good Samaritan, that is to help those in need. Turn the other cheek, that is to avoid heads on collision and seek alternatives to resolve conflict. Forgive as many times as necessary; treat others as you would like them to treat you. His teachings are the precepts that He wants you to apply in your daily life. His life is a pattern for you to follow. “I am the way and the life”. “I am the life and the light”; meaning that if you apply His teachings in your daily life’ you are guaranteed an increase in your cognitive ability; an increase in your intuitive capacity. You will be in the light, not in the dark. You will be able to see and understand the subtle changes that are happening around you. You will be quick to react so that people won’t take advantage of you.

Prey by Default
The potential for abuse is there and it is always going to be there until you can see for yourself. Even when God can defend you; you have to be mature enough not to allow people to take advantage of you. No matter how much their evil deeds outweigh their good deeds, some people are still taken by them. They want to identity with them, be like them. Duvalier, Hitler; I am sure that there are people who are trying to emulate them, copied them, pattern their lives after them. God wants to safeguard you from the self, the false ego that these men want to take upon themselves. All of these men have sworn to be patriot, know your weaknesses and use them against to protect their ego. The only safeguard that you have against the self is to allow God to work with you and through you to quicken you so that you can become aware of the subtleties of the self. The propensity for this false ego to be repeated in those who are sworn to protect you, confessed to be true patriots and love their country is still there. People will do anything to promote themselves, serve their interests, and protect their ego. They will use your naivety, your lack of understanding against you. They will shame you in the face of the world to promote themselves, show the world their mastery over you, how easy it is for them to subdue you. The world will have no respect for you, because they will expose your nakedness to the world to boast their ego, show their strength and cover their weaknesses. Instead of covering, lifting you up before the world; they will use you to cover their own weaknesses

What God wants
God wants to equip you so that you no longer can fall prey of the unsuspected predator. You don’t know when the devil will takeover a leader or person who God puts in your life to protect you and help you. As long as you are living in this world; you must be equipped to see through the works of darkness. The self is the devil, the false ego that God does not want you to have. People will do anything to protect their identity, because they think that without it, they don’t exist or will cease to exist. They will do anything to maintain their false identity which includes stepping over you like flies. God wants you to be sharpened, quicken, able to perceive every subtle change that are happening around you so that you can respond appropriately.

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