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"Simplifying the issues; balancing Attainment and Negation"

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Frustration: anger
Here are two individuals, successful by most accounts. They have money, influence, yet they are frustrated, angry. The system has denied them; denied their people the acknowledgment, the recognition they deserved. They feel that they are cut off, excluded out of the possibilities that this world has to offer. They are not sitting at the table, sharing in the abundance of life. We are teaching people about their possibilities in Christ; we are shining a light on the darkness of this world, showing people how the system that denied them access to the possibilities of this world works; why they are excluded, what are the aims, the objectives of this system; why it exists. We are teaching people about the system that God puts in place to replace it. God’s system is more equitable; it is a system based on choice, not on manipulation. You can choose to be in it; God makes it available, put it at your disposal. Been born black under this system is a challenge, because it is designed to cut off anything black or done by blacks. You don’t have to be directly affected by it; the fact that you are born black; you are limited in the world.



What was and no longer is?
It is no longer personal to me; I am no longer affected by Negation. If circumstances bring me into a situation where blacks are denied, my spirit is no longer in it, because my identity is now in Christ. There is no vexation of spirit, no chip on my shoulder; I only see it as ignorance; people who have not yet caught up with the reality of the world. “Who the Son sets free, is free indeed”; until you are free in the spirit; you are not free inside. When previously I was intimidated, even devastated by Negation; I no longer have to justify myself. My righteousness is now in Christ Jesus; the light of God has dispelled the darkness of this world for me. This reminded of Japanese soldiers who were living in caves after the war in some of the territories previously occupied by Japan. When they came out; they were ready to fight; they did not know that the war was long over. The battle has been won; Christ is victorious. Faith in Him is the victory that overcame the world, this world system. You don’t have to fight battles that are already won; the system can no longer hold you back nor deny you. The creative power of God is now accessible to you through Christ Jesus. You just need to wait and to see the salvation of God for your life. There are some mop up operations that have to take place to claim your right. God said for you to sit until He makes those who opposed Jesus His foot stool. There are enemies of humanity; those who oppose t he world from moving forward, opposed God’s will for humanity; God will take care of them.

The Truth is now Revealed:
The truth about the system; the truth that you now know is simply because the veil is thorn, rent from top to bottom. That which was hidden is now revealed. We can see our way rigth in the middle of the darkness, because the light of God is showing us the way. Christ Jesus is the light of the world. “If a man walks in the dark and stumbled; it is because the light is not in him”. He should be guided from within Jesus said. “If a man walk with me; he shall not walk in darkness, but has the light of day.” “I am the way and the light; I am the life and the light”; it is the life that Jesus prescribed for you that will allow you to be in the light. Though you are in the middle of darkness; you cannot stumble, because you are guided from within. To be with Him, you must deny the self and embrace your cross; these are the prerequisits. These are the things that many of us will not do. They will go to the end, until they can go any further. As long as there is a way; they will try to go, continue. When that which was and no longer is; when the way is unattainable, unsustainable, only then will they turn around. If they don’t; they are left to the darkness of this world, to be used as fuel by the devil to sustain his system of things.

This system is coming to an end; God system is replacing it. You cannot live between two worlds, two realities; you must chose the world that you want to live in, the world that brings death or the world that brings life. “Here I put before you life and death; chose life”. God wants us to choose life over death. Jesus is the tree of life; the bread of life coming down from heaven. We need to emulate Him, pattern our lives after Him.

Life is a choice:
God value your
choice; unless you know who you are in Him; why you chose Him over the devil; you worth nothing to Him. Being a Christian is not an imposition; it rather what we are all becoming. God does not impose on our free will, on our freedom of choice. If you want to be an ass; it is your choice; there are consequences. He said that He puts life and death before us; He urges us to choose life; but still the choice is ours. The inevitably you is what you are becoming; it is best to become Him willingly, the alternative is not pleasant. The devil does not like you since the beginning. He is angry with your creation; God created you to replace him. He is the envy of your soul, meaning envious of what you can become, and the life that you live. He does not like you; he wants to see you live a wretched life, a selfish life just like him. “He is roaring lion, seeking whom to devour”; his wrath, his anger is on you. When the reality of the world sets in; you will have no alternative but becoming like Jesus, pattern your life after Him. God wants what is best for you; this is why Jesus came to give you full access to the blessing of God, the abundance of life. Your soul will prosper only when you are living in the abundance of life; this is why Jesus came to give you life and that you may have more of it.

Reason for the Denial:
There is a demonical reason behind the impulse to negate, deny President Obama the recognition that he deserved. I have to scientifically explain it to people, so that they can understand what is driving them; the forces behind the impulses that are driving them. I am sure that many of them are not consciously aware of the reason why they are dong it. They are simply driven by impulses that they have no control over.

We need the light of God to expose the darkness of this world. We are not always conscious of the reason why we do things. The scientific understanding is necessary, but the spiritual aspect is more important, bringing the spirit of God to bear on it. “The entrance of thy word gives light”; “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet”. God’s word will dispel the darkness of this world. The more you consume the words of Jesus; the more you apply them in your daily lives, the less power the forces of darkness have over you. Deny the self, renounce the way of separation and division, and embrace your humanity, meaning take up your cross.

This is the only way for us to defeat the devil, the spirit of separation and division. He brought separation and division into our world. He did tricked us in doing so, bent our will to takeover our world. We must now exercise our choices once more. Jesus has done it all for us; He chose life over death; by the way of the cross he defeated the devil. Now we are free to choose. If we chose to follow Him, we chose life. If we chose to follow division and separation, we follow death. This is the fundamental choice that God wants us to make. We must know why we are choosing Him over the devil. Our existence was contested by the devil. He did not want God to create us to replace him. He wanted God to create us for something else, to serve his selfish end. God created us to be free beings, capable of making our own choices.

It is clear as a bell:
This struggle is for your soul; rather you will remain a puppet, doing things subconsciously or a free being, capable of making your own choice. “Here I am standing at the door; if anyone let me in; I will come in and supper with him”; Christianity is not an imposition; it is a choice, choosing life over death, embracing our humanity over division and separation. You can now choose, because the darkness is exposed. God is making way for you to choose by removing the darkness that has covered your eyes, exposed the works of the devil so that you may choose wisely.

Perception: the power to see
Balancing_Attainment_and_Negation Jesus is the story of the ages, because He is the light of the world, the solution for all the problems related to the darkness of this world; the struggle between the forces that restrained humanity backward and the forces that propelled humanity forward. If you are with Him; you will not live in darkness; you will be able to see the subtle changes around you, respond to the needs of your environment. You would not be caught up, fixated on your on your own needs. You would be able to let go and let God, guided by His spirit, be in His light. You would have the power to see, not caught up in the Nicodemus effect; meaning being in the world and not able see reality as it is. I was told of stories of Haitian public officials who would put on their rubber boots to get in the mud of public open air markets, infested with flies, would covered their noses to reduce the stench to shop daily for groceries. Yet they were appointed to improve lives, find solutions. Years after years they will do their shopping, cover their noses to avoid the stench. They were able to do that, simply because they had their mansions and palaces to go to after their shopping. They could not see the need that was right there before them. If they were to embrace the needs of their fellow human beings, situations like these would have not existed. Such opulence in the middle of abject poverty, people would ask them; why aren’t they built roads leading to their homes? They would reply that they don’t want to encourage visitors.

Take the Governors of New Jersey and Florida, both returned money to the Federal Government; yet the need for the money is great. Their states and the whole country would have benefited; not only created jobs, but also modernizing the infrastructure. A perceived threat they see from President Obama. They see him as a greater threat to the country. His success could inspire blacks to greater possibility in life. Now this fear is a perceived fear; it is based on a false premise. They are not in the light of God. Their actions will not stop progress; the world is moving forward. They collectively opposed President Obama, because their fear is subconscious. If we are not moving in the spirit; we will not have the light of God to guide us; we can easily be left behind; God waits for no one. These two are left behind, because they could not see the reality that God wanted for them. God is always doing something new; the only way to keep up with Him is to be connected with His spirit. “Those who are born of the spirit are like the wind”; Jesus said. “The wind blows wherever it pleases, you heear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going; so it is with everyone born of the spirit

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Defining man, who is man?

Man essentially, is a consciousness

A frequency in God

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