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“Jesus brought the spirit of reconciliation into the world, counteracting the spirit of division of the devil"

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Symbol of Unity: moving forward
Unity_Progressive These two guys are so advanced that they are not caught up in the pettiness of the people who want to separate and divide. This is what progressive is, moving forward toward the reality that God created us to be. It is coming; surely it is coming when man will no longer be ruled by his lower needs, the impulses coming from his body, but by the constraints set by God to guide his destiny. God wants us to be divine, perfect as He is. This is the only need He has. He wants us to fulfill His need; this is why He wants us ro cast all of our cares upon Him so that in return we can fulfill His only need. Abundance is the game of life; the measure of life is abundance. Life is measured in intensity; the ultimate measure of life is abundance. Visit our site to see our project on abundance. God wants us to explain to you.
1)- The game of life: what is at play
2)_ Abundance, the measure of life
3_ Layers of human existence, removing the tail of humanity

God wants the world to move forward as a whole. He wants to remove the tail of people that is trailing behind. He no longer wants humanity to be in the image of the serpent with a tail of people trailing behind. He wants to unite us as one.

Progressive Here are two leaders, President Obama of the US and Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada who are perfect examples of unity. One was born in a country that rejected his kind and the other who adopted his way, because reconciliation is the way. God wants us to put ourselves aside, reject the way of the devil that is leading us to division and separation. He wants us to embrace our humanity, our fellow human beings. This project that we are promoting is tremendous; it will help people take the quantum leap of faith to be where God wants them to be. I understand Jada Pinkett frustration, those who are cut off and cut out of the possibilities of this world will stand on the power of Christ Jesus. No one will deny them, because we all will be functioning at the same wavelength which is in Christ Jesus. He is the standard that God set for humanity. The power to oppose the dispensation system that is in place is in Christ Jesus. This is not a pipe dream; it is real; the frustration, the anger that people are expressing for not participating in the possibilities of this world, in the abundance of life will be no more. This revelation, this truth is fulfilled in your hearing today; God wants to bless humanity as a whole, all of the family of the earth. The power is in our identity; how we arrive at that identity. We must deny the old and embrace the new; it is that simple. Jesus gave us the formula; it is time for us to put it in application. We must deny the self, deny the process by which we arrive at our self idenity; we must renounce the devil way of division, separation.

Ending Discrimination: It is very simple
Levels_of_Awareness The only way to end discrimination in the world is for us to reject the old and embrace the new. The way we assert our identity in the world must change. Right now we assert our identity in the world by resorting differences between ourselves and others. We used these differences to promote our identity. We often have to deny others, step on them to promote the identity that we want. We must reverse that process; it is that simple. The ony way discrimination will end is for us to be united as one, become one. As long as this old process stands; it will not happen.

Deliberate effort has been made by governments around the world to keep people from going to the extreme with this process of identity; but it is not enough. It has to be a general, collective, become a routine, something that people do instinctively. This begins with education, teaching people the mechanism, the process that gives them their identity. Teach them the nature of that identity so that when they reverse the process; they may know the difference. Right now the process separates and divides, reversing the process will expand their awareness to include the whole. Why man identity must enlarge to include the whole; it is because his way of separation, division is no longer sustainable. Human beings are motivated by needs; the higher needs are going to take precedence over the lower needs. The need to be divine, understanding, perceiving and expressing will become the prime motivators in our lives. These needs will drive us to understand each other, love each other, help the less fortunate, etc. “Deny the self and embrace the cross will be true in our lives ”. People need to understand the difference so that they can make a choice. The old is no longer sustainable; we must embrace the new.

To_Come_SoonWe need your support to make this tool available for all children around the world. We want to teach people their possibilities in Christ, what they can become. The world is very intricate, complex; everything is connected to everything else, everything is intertwined together. The only way to explain the world, explain life is to break it down in tidbits, bite size of understandings, take each component and try to understand how it links together with other things, how it interact with everything else to make life what it is. The first thing that we are going to do in this project is down the central component in the game of life. We are going to break down man in tidbits, explaining what man is, how it comes into being. Every created being has an eco system, a support system. Man is a being, an entity, his eco system or support system is the whole earth. This eco system is called humanity. Everything that is in t he world is part of the eco system of man. Every other entity in this eco system has its own support system. Man is the apex of this eco system we called humanity. This project will help us see the world in a new light. It will redefine our perception of reality, how we see the world. Everything that we know, even the definition of man will change. It is the cure for poverty, terrorism, all of the social ills that we know in society, associated with stagnation, with people that are lagging behind.



Removing the tail of humanity: Objectives:
Humanity is like a starship cruising through space, trailing behind it a tail of people similar to a comet crossing space and time with a tail behind it. Removing that tail is the cure of all the social problems we have in the world. The world is made up of layers of human existence. Some layers are far behind and in need to catch up with the head. God does not want to leave them behind. He wants a humanity whole moving forward. This is the only way to cure the world of social stagnation, the cause of terror, poverty, sickness and diseases in the world. In one word, God wants to bless humanity as a whole, all of the family of the earth. This project will help adjust people perception to the new reality that God wants them to have. Contact us and let us explain to you what we want to do and how you can be part of it.

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Defining man, who is man?

Man essentially, is a consciousness

A frequency in God

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