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Why they are where they are: the Babel Syndrome is the cause
DiscussionsWhere there is bewilderment and confusion, much evil spirits ” for some people; their own presence brings discord, disharmony, chaos; there is no order when they are present. In this kind of environment; there can never be oneness, which is an essential element to join people as one, as a collective. “Each to his own, doing his own thing, going his own way ”; this is the fundamental reason why there is a Third World. It is the Babel Syndrome; people don’t have the ability to come together as one, something is preventing them.
I think that something is a need; a need that cannot be satisfied. It is an insatiable need, an overwhelming need that takes precedence over any other need. This need is consuming their attention. This is what fixation of attention is, the Babel Syndrome; the sickness that is preventing people from getting together as one. This is the sickness of the Third World, because it is preventing people from coming together in one accord to create first class world, Better Living World to live. They cannot come together to form a collective; they remain individuals. They may want the same thing, but they cannot come together as one, act in one accord to get it done. The self is in the way; the remedy is to do what Jesus asked us to do; deny the self and take up our cross or embrace our fellow human beings.

Something they can never do, collaborating with each other; I see it in the small things as well as in the big things. This sickness affects them all at all levels. They are too fixated on themselves to see the reality that is presented before them. Their fixation is holding them back; they don’t have the speed, the cognizance to see the subtle changes that are happening around them. Often they are branded naives because they don’t have the speed to keep up with people that are not fixated on their needs as they are. Fixation of attention is the problem, the Babel Syndrome is the sickness. Jesus can fix that; the first requirement is to deny the self. If they are willing to let go of the self; they will begin to do great things. Deny the self and take up our cross go hand to hand. Hence you do the first step; you will invariably do the second step.

Leaders who overstayed their posts: selfishness
Thirty, twenty years in power will no longer feel normal for someone who is willing to deny himself. What people don’t realize is that no matter how well they think they are doing, if they don’t surrender the self for the greater good, the devil will own them. This is not good; he is the enemy of our soul, the enemy of humanity; if he wins; we all loose. The self is the enemy; the devil brought separation into our world. He opposed God since the beginning of your creation. He wanted to give you a consciousness that is linked to the physical, the body. God wants to give you a consciousness that is linked to the spirit. He wants to give you eternal life.

The less selfish you are, the more you embrace the needs of your fellow human beings, the further that gets you away from the devil and the closer you will get to God. The more you take up your cross, the more you embrace the needs and the shortcomings of your fellow human beings, the greater your ability to do things collectively. You are not doing things for yourself any longer. This is the spirit that contradicts or counteracts the spirit of separation.

The way
There is definitely an original sin; it is separation; it is the cause for the curse of humanity, the separation of man from God from. The reverse hat to happen before God can bless us again. “It is the spirit of God that gives us the power to get wealth ”, the power to create first class world, Better Living World to live. the way to the spirit of God is to deny the self and take up our cross. Hence we do that; we will meet the two requirements that will give us access to do great things.

Nothing will be refrained from them which they imagine to do ”; if they are one God said. Jesus is praying to God that we become one. “I pray father that they are one as you and I are one ”. God has a dream; He wants to bless humanity as a whole, all of the family of the earth. He wants us all to work with Him to make it happen. Jesus commissioned us to make disciples for Him, because it is through Him that God will bless humanity. He is the model that God wants us to become.
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Walk the walk: Deny the self and take up your cross
Walk_the_Line If your walk the walk and do what Jesus says; it will come to this;
In your Christian walk, you will cross the boundaries of the physical and reached awareness of the spiritual. Jesus still wants you to be in the world and not of it. You must walk the line between two worlds, the physical and the spiritual. You will start seeing reality as it is from both worlds. You will be in the midst of vipers; you must therefore let the spirit of God guides you. You can no longer rely solely on the physical; you can now claim your identity as a spirit being while living in a physical body. The spiritual world is at your disposal; “Whatsoever you do on earth, will be reflected in heaven; the same in the earth, whatsoever you do here on earth, will be reflected in heaven. This is what Jesus will do for you; if you accept Him and do what He says; deny the self and take up your cross.

Have you walked the lines, live within the constraints set by God to guide your spirit; they will determine your identity, rather your consciousness is of the physical or the spiritual? Some human beings have crossed the boundaries and no longer fits to live like the rest of us; they become spiritual beings. Jesus called us to be in the world and not of it. He taught us how cross the lines from the physical to the spiritual with just two steps; first deny the self and then take up our cross. We don’t have to recluse ourselves and start living in caves, monasteries to be spiritual; we must walk the fine line between the spirit and the flesh. If we deny the self, take up our cross; we automatically embrace the spirit. It is the spirit of separation that gives us our selfish identity; if we deny this selfish identity and embrace our fellow human beings; we return to our original state, spiritual. It is the self that separates us from God; if we walk the lines set by God; we will eventually crossed the boundaries from physical to the spiritual. It is the spirit that gives life; hence we start living by the spirit and achieved a certain awareness of our spiritual identity, we must be careful how we live and what we do. It is the spirit that gives life; everything we touch; we may infuse with life

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