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"Leadership is been able to see the future and lead your people to it"

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Separation of man awareness:
Discussions Man lost awareness of his spiritual identity; this is what sin did. This is the source of all of our problems. Ninety percent of the things done that we consider evil or sinful are done for the sake of satisfying the needs of the body. Man identifies himself with the physical, rather than the spiritual. All is in all, everything is interconnected with everything else and everything that is wrong in the world has its beginning in the separation of man from God, when man gave entrance to the spirit of separation in the world. The devil is the opposition; he opposed God’s plan for humanity since the beginning. He wanted the humman consciousness to be oriented toward the physical, leaning toward the body. God wants us to be spiritually oriented, live eternally like Him. The spirit lives; it is the spirit that gives life to the body. If man consciousness is oriented toward his body, when the spirit is separated from the body, man also lost awareness of his identity. God wants us to live eternally, this is why He wants us to identify with the spirit. The spirit is the source of our blessing, because everything that God does; He does it by His spirit. So the whole struggle of life is about the awareness of our true identity as spiritual being rather than just the physical body. This is what this site is about, providing you awareness in a nutshell, one bite at a time. We cover everything pertaining to the fall of man, separation of man from God, his identity, God’s plan to restore his spiritual identity, understanding of the source of his blessing.

Awareness: helping them becoming aware
It is not going to go away on its own accord; there have to be a deliberate effort, an initiative put forth by government or private individuals. It must be a collaborative effort with enough resources to reach out to people, educate them and let them know the cause for why their condition exist, why their society cannot advance forward. They cannot run with it or apply what you are telling them, execute the guidance that you are giving them without them first understand the problem they have, how the problem came to be, what you are trying to do to help them. If the goal is to help them move forward, get out of poverty, change their condition; they must first understand the relationship between what they do; their belief system and the condition they are in.
If they don’t want to change for their own benefit, but because you made them aware of the cause of their problem, they have an obligation to do something about it; if not for themselves, but for the next generation.

Whatever it is that we would like to happen for the greater good, will not happen in its own accord, an initiative have to be put forth; it has to be a deliberate act, with specific intention. It must be a collaborative effort, meaning that many people must come together. Just like the NAACP that was created to address a specific problem, with the intention to advance color people that were oppressed by society. They were restrained, denied access to certain possibilities in the world. The restrictions existed in society itself, a deliberate effort had to be made, with specific intention. I think that the same must happen in Haiti. Something has to come forth to counteract the collective mentality that exits in the country. This initiative must be dispassionate, detach from the personal identity they come to have with their beliefs

Perception is soft power:
The United States influence in the world is in its ability to project power, militarily, diplomatically and specially humanitarian soft power, the ability to help people in needs, to see things first and take the lead. The United States because of its ability to lead, takes the first steps and let others follow, makes this country the leader of the world. This leadership is possible because of the gift that God bestowed on the people to be able to see the future before anyone else. We do what other governments are not able to do, because they don’t have the vision that we do.

We say not in our back yard, but some problems are global in nature. If we take care of them in our back yard; we can duplicate our success in other countries around the world. This is leadership; the ability to see something first and do something about it. Take Haiti for example; they take two steps forward and two steps backward; countless efforts and resources have been poured to take Haiti out of her condition, just to see all that effort and resources come to nothing. The fundamental cause has not been address; if we can help them see the source of their problem, what is holding them back; we can help them move forward. If we do that there in Haiti; we can also do it across the world.
"To whom much is given, much is required”; we have been given a lot, therefore more is required of us. If God allowed you to see a situation; you are responsible to do something about it. This is the gift that has been given to us, the ability to see the future before anyone else. This is what makes us the leader of the world.

Problem that perception can solve:
You do first for yourself, take care of your own backyard and then extend it to the rest of the world. This is trend setter; it is a gift from God to be able to take the lead. Eventually it will be done, why not be the first; if God allows you to see it; this means that you have also a responsibility to do something about it. "To whom much is given, much is required", God gives you the gift to see things that other people are not able to see; you must therefore prove yourself to be worthy of that gift. I am sure that it can be done; if we can put the system in place to do it. The Haitian condition which is right here in our backyard is also a global problem; it can be solved. I think that it is manageable; and solvable; if we can help the people understand the fundamental reason for why they are lagging behind. If we can help them understand that their condition is not unique to them and that there are steps they can take to move forward; they will be able to make changes. The problem of Haiti is in the Haitian society itself; it is the belief system of the people that is keeping them in their condition. This is why they must understand the concept behind their condition; the people must know the reason for their condition. Their belief system is keeping them form seeing their condition. They cannot see it, less understand it and do something about. This is why I am proposing this initiative. If we were able to achieve some success in making the Haitian people understand the very reason for their condition; we can duplicate the success else where in the world. Ask us how it can be done and we will provide you with a plan of action:

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