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Conceptual Knowledge:
Discussions God said; “write the vision, make it plain on tablets, [paper] so that he who may run who reads it ”. Until people first understand; they cannot execute your command. If God said it; it will come to pass, but in order to accelerate the process, people must first have an understanding of what God is doing; what He is trying to achieve. This is why God wants our ministry to explain to people what the blessing is, why people are not blessed; who is standing in their way to the blessing.
For years; we have been trying to explain the reason why some people are lagging behind, why some of them are slow to respond to needs of their environments; why we have a third class world. God wants our ministry to explain why some people are moving faster, accelerating toward the future and why some others are moving slower, regressing backward into the past. Our ministry have also explained the forces at work in the world responsible for acceleration and stagnation and why disproportionately one force affects one race more than the others.

Our ministry have also explained race in terms of possibility to achieve in the world, the dispensation syatem that is currently working in humanity. We explained why everything is intertwined with everything else to give us theTonality of this world. We explained how God vision for humanity is coming to fruition, how this vision is tided up with the consciousness He created humanity to be, the ideal human being, the model for humanity that is in Jesus, the pattern for us to follow. We explained how the teaching of Jesus is connected to us finding our identity, helping us regain the spiritual identity that God set for us, not the physical, bodily oriented identity that we now have. We have so much to explain that we are forced to present this knowledge to you in bite size, tidbits of understanding.

A Vision: is a concept
Acceleration + Attainment = Blessing; We had to present the opposites of these two concepts Stagnation + Negation = Curse.
The world is moving forward faster, accelerating toward the future. The reason for this acceleration is the blessing of God for humanity. The blessing gives people the possibility to achieve, attain in the world.

The opposite is true and must be explained so that people can understand that this world is a world of opposites. We live in a world of duality; you cannot explain light, without also explaining darkness. This site explained in great detail what the darkness of this world is so that so that when you see the light that you will have no doubt that it is coming from God. Jesus is the light of God for humanity, the true light of the world.
Stagnation + Negation = Curse
People have to understand what the curse is, how it comes to be so that they can fully understand and appreciate the blessing. Parts of the world are regressing backward; there is a world of people that are living at a slower pace, living in a stage of stagnation, regressing backward into the past. These people are not yet part of the blessing of God. They are cut off deliberately by the dispensation system that is running the world. They are cut off; because they have missed their marks in some way and are not where God want them to be. Where God is not, the devil takes over. This is the curse of humanity, the absence of God which brings the darkness of this world. We need the inner light of God that guides every man out of the darkness of this world. This is what Jesus does; He is reuniting man once more with God, takes us out of the darkness of this world, takes humanity from under the grips of the devil, bring us into the blessing of God.

The connection: making the connection
You cannot understand the blessing without first an understanding of the curse, how we come short of the blessing, what is keeping us from been part of the blessing. The curse is the absence of God in our lives; this is tided up with the human consciousness, our idenity. Our consciousness is tided up with our identity. It is our separation from God and from each other that gives us our current identity. Our identity is more physically oriented than spiritually oriented. The fact that our identity is with the body makes the human consciousness leaning toward the physical, the material. This also explain the original sin.

Connecting the dots:
Because everything is connected to everything else, we have to explain things to you in tidbits, in bite size so that we don’t get lost in the process. The blessing is the spiritual identity that God wants you to have; but in order for that to be, we must start from the beginning. It began with the spirit of separation entered the world. See:
blame it on the devil and how it all began
. The original sin is separation; there was no sin until the spirit of separation entered the world. It is separation that gives us our self identity. We get our identity from separating our selves from each other. The way out of sin Jesus said is to first deny the self and embrace our humanity, the reverse of what we did to get our identity. The devil is the problem; he is the spirit that brought separation in the world. So the solution is in the teachings of Jesus, deny the self and embrace our humanity. This is fundamental Jesus, this is how God defeated the devil. By denying the self that separates us, Jesus reunited us with God and with our fellow human beings, defeating the objectives of the devil. “Who told you that you are naked ”, God asked Adam. He did not know that he was naked until the spirit of separation entered the world and separated his awareness of himself from the rest of the world around him and from God. He did not know that he was naked because he was one with God and with the world around him.

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Write the vision down on paper

Make it plain

He who reads it, may run with it

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