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God’s True Intention:
Discussions The devil will try to hijack the truth and turn it around for his own benefit; this is what falsehood is; it is what seems to be and is not. Truth is that which is; it is what should be and shall not change. God is revealing knowledge and understanding. He wants us to explain to you the lie behind the truth, what the devil wants to pass as truth. God wants to expose the lie of the devil. This revelation that you are receiving about blessing, race, the spirit of separation, the original sin, stagnation, acceleration, understanding why some people are excelling forward and others are trailing behind, all of which has to be broken down in pieces, in bite size, easy for you to understand. You now know what God true intention is; He wants to bring us to the ideal human being that He created us to be so that He can bless us.
Why the possibility to attain, achieve and have access to the abundance of this world is appropriated to people the way it is you may ask and want to show convincingly that it has nothing to do with God. What you see happening in the world is not of God, it is of the devil. The poverty, sickness and diseases that you see, people trailing behind are the works of the devil. Color, race divisions are also of the devil; your blackness as well as your whiteness is appropriated to you, because the way this world is set up. It could have been the reverse. The world is set up to be experienced in a certain way that fits the devil agenda; this way is the Tonality
of this world. God wants to bless humanity as a whole, all of the family of the earth. This tone is reversing, because the blessing of God is for the human race, all of the family of the earth. Jesus came for that purpose, to give us all full access to the abundance of life. If you agree with what God says and want to help Him fulfill His promise, join others in promoting Jesus: Join here.

Our Ministry: what is it about
This ministry is about reconciliation, God reconciling the world to Himself, taking it back from the spirit of separation, that has divided us, cutting us off from the blessing of God. If you are about the truth and knowledge,
Click here. The embodiment of reconciliation in people; President Obama is a mixture of two races, but he does not carry his blackness as an individual identity; he is the president for all races, black, red, yellow and white. He is comfortable in any race that made up the human race. President Clinton is white, but that did not keep him from addressing the issues that were affecting black people when he was in office. He was considered their first president for doing so. The NAACP was created by people who were concerned about humanity, the suffering of other human beings that were oppressed and wanted to help them move forward, both blacks and whites participated. The division and separation that we see are the designs of the devil to consolidate his grips of power on humanity. We get our selfish identity from separating ourselves from each other. God wants us to reverse that; He wants us to embrace our fellow human beings and deny our selfish identity. This is the teaching of Jesus in a nutshell; please Join us to promote Him.

God is doing a new thing:
Many times God is doing a great thing, people don’t yet understand it or grasp the significance of it. They will
Join us when they understand it. There is no precedence, nothing to compare it to; it does not conform to what they are accustomed to. God wants us to speak the truth without measure. God is making things simple for people to understand. God wants us to present this revelation in tidbits, in bite size. For the first time race is explained in its proper context; helping people understand why it is tided up with the advancement of humanity.

People can now understand system that is running the world in term of dispensation, the possibility to attain, achieve and partake in the abundance of the world, the order in which this possibility is given. People now can say that it is the world that has to change to accommodate them. Souls can enter this world and bless humanity in any race; the system has to make that possible. God’s way of doing things, His system of operation is what will make this possible. His system must takeover, righteousness is the measure; Jesus is the standard, the requirement; you must deny the self and take up your cross. These two requirements when applied will give you access to the abundance of life. The whole game, the struggle of life is about getting access to the abundance of life. Jesus gave us the requirements.

Tale: wondrous and terrible
I have this guy whom I know; he has a reputation of putting people down. He is constantly bashing President Obama as the weakest President. He made public spectacles of himself many times, bashing President Obama as the worst President, who has weaken and made America less respected around the world. Everybody was afraid of this guy, his bombastic voice over shadow everybody else, until one guy openly classified him as a Zionist Jew and start telling how Jews are hatters and that they hate everybody. He and the guy became friends and since that day; I never see him again publicly putting down President Obama again. I think that he stopped because he realized what he was doing to President Obama was what others were doing to his people. The lie, the falsehood that he experienced when the guy labeled him as a Zionist Jew, the kind that hate other people was wrong. What seems to be right is not always truth. I don’t think that the Jews hate other people; they are simply trying to survive in an hostile environment. Continue with Part II, understanding what God is trying to do:
Conceptual Knowledge

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