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Life is a choice:
Choice The only way you can say that the lines are fallen in pleasant places for you is to make God your portion. If God is your portion; you will acknowledged Him in all of your decisions. You will not call out the names of false gods. You can either chose God or chose the devil. The blessing of God is in Christ; it is only for those who have been declared righteous by Christ Jesus. This means that you have received the measure of the righteousness that God requires which is in Christ Jesus. If you accept God’s plan for your salvation; if you make Jesus your Lord and Savior; you have received the measure of faith necessary to operate in the spirit and be guided by God. “As many as received Him, to them He gave the possibility to become sons of God, not born of the flesh, but of the spirit”. It is a spiritual thing. “How long will you struggle between two opinions”. “Let a double minded man think that he will receive anything from God”. Life is a choice, a deleiberate choice

I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge, my fortress, my God, in Him I will trust”. “You alone Lord are my portion and my cup. I will not take part with those who worship and pour out libations to false gods”. Their lots can only increase in pain and suffering. This is the scientific principle behind these verses; if your attention is split; you are not whole within; you can never see success in the outside. If your life is not inline with the will of God; you can only experience pain and suffering. “Though they build; I will tow down”; God will not allow you to prosper and excel forward.

You need light: the inner light
The only way that you can navigate the darkness of this world is to be in the inner light of the spirit. Jesus is the light of the world who cast out the darkness of this world. You cannot follow Him, without first deny yourself and embrace your humanity, [take up pour cross]. Life is made beautiful by a perpetual flux of self sacrifices. Jesus came to teach us how to put aside our ego and embrace the needs of the greater whole, our fellow human beings. You cannot be in His light without self sacrifice. The beauty that we see around us and enjoy is a collection of self sacrifices. Life is wonderful only because of the sacrifices we made. Jesus came to show us how to let go and let God, put ourselves aside and let God lead the way. The world would not be where it is without the cross, meaning that had we not embraced the needs and shortcomings of our fellow human beings; they would have been thorns on our side, creating terror for us. Those who rejected the concept of the cross as an act of weakness don’t know that the strength of humanity rests in us embracing the needs of our fellow human beings, take up our cross.

The teachings of Jesus in action:
My people perish for lack of knowledge”. There is no proper execution of any kind without conceptual understanding, proper understanding. People must first understand the reason why they do things, what are the benefits, etc. They can only apply or execute the knowledge they received and understand. The concept of self sacrifice is a universal one; it is God’s truth. The whole world is engaged in self sacrificing. This concept is engrained in our DNA.
Man has fallen from grace because of the spirit of separation that has entered the world and separated man from God. This separation has caused man to deviate from his natural disposition to sacrifice for others. Man became selfish, driven by self interest. Man natural disposition is challenged, corrupted by the devil. Jesus came to restore us to God original design; God’s original intention. The East is already familiar with the concept of self sacrifice. We see it in parent, child and country relationship. Jesus made it possible for the whole world to be acquainted with the concept of self sacrifice. You cannot follow Him and be in the light of God without first deny your self and embrace your humanity, meaning take up your cross. The concept of selflessness and the cross are interchangeable; they come to represent what it means to be human. They give meaning to humanity.

Jesus is humanity restored, the model, the pattern for us to follow. When we take on the personality of Jesus, we have achieved the original intention of God for humanity. Our DNA have been restored; we have achieved the consciousness that God created us to be. Is man higher than an angel, the bible says that we are. We are distinct and apart from other beings. Jesus is the standard of the consciousness that God set for humanity, the measure of the righteousness of the being that is human. Every created being has a distinct frequency in God, a different measure, a different standard of being. Jesus is the standard of being for humanity.

The great Hope: to give you a future and a hope
Because you believed, you shall see the glory f the Lord” “A man has to believe; having to believe is the key” You have a measure of faith when you accept God’s plan and believed that Jesus the key to your salvation. This is the foundation of Christianity; we have to believe that Jesus is the Christ, the power of God to remove obstacles out of your path, solves your problems, make us part of the abundance of life.
Jesus gives you access to that power, anyone who believes; I dare you to believe. “God is not a man that He should lie, neither the son of man that He should repent”. Jesus said it, He only do what He saw the father doing or say what the father tells Him. He is not promoting Himself; He is promoting God word for your life. God has made Him Lord over us; whatever He says; we need to believe. His teaching is simple; the lessons can be scientifically proven; they are practical; they bring results. They change our lives for the better; giving us access to the abundance of life. The
precepts in His teaching will make us current with God, open our eyes so that we can see what God is doing in the world, be in the reality of the present.

God is always doing something new; if you are not where He is, see what He is doing; you will miss Him, and fail to be in the reality of the present. When Jesus said that I am the way and the life; I am the life and the light; He is literally telling you the truth. You cannot be in the light of God, see what He is doing at any given time without living the lifestyle Jesus prescribed for you to live.

The Struggle of the ages:
There is only one struggle; it is whether your consciousness is leaning toward the physical, material or the spiritual. The system that is running the world is designed to take the consciousness of man toward the physical rather than the spiritual. This system is coming to an end, God wants to take the human consciousness to a spiritual level. Everything that is wrong in the world is because the system is trying to turn the human consciousness toward the physical, not the spiritual The first thing the devil did was to separate man from God, forcing his consciousness to identify with the physical body rather than the spirit. The consciousness that is now infused in the body is opposing God. All of the suffering in the world are the results of man separation form God and under the influence of the devil.

A fake light:
This dispensation model for the world under the devil is a physical representation of light, a counterfeiting light. Jesus is the true light of the world, the maximum attainment of light for the human race, enlightenment. The e devil wants humanity to be modeled after the physical light, white light, a false light, the darkness of this world. This light is from without, not the true light coming from within. Jesus is the true light of the world. This is the struggle of the ages, the devil wants us to identify with the physical and God wants us to identify with the spiritual. This dispensation system is modeled after the physical light, the material. You can only be part of the abundance of this world if your skin color reflects the attributes of what the devil wants to accomplish in the world. And if your skin color is farther away from the maximum brilliance of light or white light; you are negated, cut off and cut out of the possibilities of this world. This is the way it was for a long time. Attainment in the world belongs to the white race. The devil wanted to institute whiteness as light. He wanted to take at all cost the human consciousness to a physical level; therefore all that is white was promoted as light. Jesus came to bring us to our spiritual identity; He is God’s model for humanity. You can be of any color and still be part of the abundance of life. Attainment on earth is no longer a progression, but a choice. You can now chose to be part of the abundance of life by accepting God’s plan. Jesus is God’s plan for humanity, the model that we must follow, patterned our lives after.

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