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"Dispensation on earth according to color is no longer here; Righteousness is the key

Why human beings are here on the earth?
You are either here to atone or bring relief to those that are atoning. You are either here coming down from God to bring relief, bringing the blessing of God into the earth or ascending to God, extracted out of the consciousness of matter. Jesus is your bridge, your ladder to heaven. The separation and division that you are experiencing because of the color of your skin is the work of the devil. He is the spirit of separation, of division, the disease that humanity is suffering from.

As literal as can be
In order to understand the nature of things, you have to study their behaviors, hence we have behavioral science. Behavioral science doesn't only study human and animal behaviors, but also extended to include things that are considered non-beings. The scientific study of the properties of things in the visible universe, how they behave in certain conditions, what makes them what they are; all of which can fall under the study of behavioral science. The same science can also be extended to humanity as a whole, as an entity. Humanity is made up of individuals and they all have common characteristics that made them all the same, human beings. We can say by their collective behaviors that humanity is suffering from a common sickness that affects all human beings, individuals that made up humanity. This disease is similar to a virus for it behaves as such and affects the collective and makes them behave the same. Like any virus, there is a trigger, something that makes it respond and becomes active in the individual or the collective; this trigger is disparity. As long as there are differences to resort, this virus will remain active; the only way to suppress it is to remove all of the disparities that can set people apart. This virus entered this world when the original human beings consumed the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil and they were infected with the spirit of separation. The resulted effect of this virus is death, separation of the spirit from the body; this is what this virus does.

There is a cure
This cure is not the suppression of this virus, but makes it impossible for this virus to grow and develop in the human being. God is the only cure; the all consuming power of God will literally consume anything that is not in alignment with the body, thus makes it impossible for the virus to subsist in the human body. Just like the immune system of the human body, hence you become immune to something, it can no longer subsists in your body; your immune system will destroy it. The same with this virus that causes separation, the all consuming power of God will make it impossible for it to subsist in your body. The power of God consumes it literally. The remedy for it is Jesus; by taken in Jesus, literally feeding on Him, He will so transform you that you will be able to withstand the all consuming power of God, thus eliminates everything that is not in alignment with your body. This is literal as can be; the devil is a virus that our ancestors caught when they consumed the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. The antidote is Jesus; He will transform you so that your body can withstand the all consuming power of God. The cure is God, the all consuming power of God that will make it impossible for this virus to continue to exist in your body.

The question is: how can you separate a man from his religion; the answer is that you cannot. He must discover the change for himself, he must work it out in real life. Circumstances will force you to change and if you are not holding on to the real thing, you may loose yourself in the circumstances. Everything else that is not real will crumble and you may crumble with them if you are not holding on to the real thing. Oozing destruction simply means that everything that is coming out of their mouth is self destruct; there is no life in them. They are not building up people, looking for solution, everything is antagonistic, opposing; there is never agreement. The idea of repelling constantly, never approaching, joining together is destructive to themselves and to the good that they are searching.

The devil is a Virus that causes misalignment of your body with your spirit resulted in your body inevitable death. The cure is God; the remedy is Jesus; the One that will transform your body enough to withstand the all consuming power of God. You can start comparing the devil as a virus literally; a virus that causes separation, separating your body from your spirit and causing your eventual death. You would seek the cure, the remedy is really the transformation, but the cure is the all consuming power of God that makes it impossible for this virus to subsist in your body. What this virus does is misaligning your body with your spirit, causing it to go the opposite way of your spirit. This behavior inevitably leads to its death since the body cannot survive without the spirit. There are triggers that set this virus in motion; it feeds on disparities, as long as there are disparities to resort differences; it will thrive.


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