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Reasons for joining us:
DiscussionsMy people perish for lack of knowledge”; this site is a hub of knowledge for the blessing seeker, for people who wants to be part of the abundance of life. Anyone who wants to see the world advancing forward, get rid of poverty, bring people into the abundance of life will support this site. If you want to make an impact; you will Join us to form an organization that will promote Jesus Christ. If you want to understand the scientific and spiritual principles behind the many problems that plagued our world; this site is for you. This site is the one place that you can talk freely about race without offending anyone or get yourself stain by its toxicity. We offer a scientific and spiritual understanding of race; we show you how it fits in the greater scheme of things. Here on this site, we discuss everything that is relevant to social and spiritual development of man. If it has anything to do with restraining humanity backward or pushing humanity forward, we will talk about it.


An Essential need:
People themselves don’t know for sure what is driving them to hate, to negate others, to behave contrary to themselves. Here on this site, we try to explain the darkness of this world, what is happening below the conscious mind of people, where the impulses that are driving them are coming from. This is what our site is all about. There are lots of suffering in the world, no one is safe anymore. Those who are perpetrating terror on us are thorns on our side; we cannot transform them without first understand the
dynamics that are driving them. This is what we do on this site; we help people understand the dynamics of this world. We are not into politics, but we talk about the issues relevant to human social and spiritual growth. We talked about the world as a whole going after leaders who overstayed their positions in power. We tried to make people understand the reason why they are the source of terror for the future. We showed with countless examples why when their times have expired; they should go or else they will become stumbling blocks in the way of progress for the next generation. God dispenses awareness at different points in time, giving us greater awareness of the consciousness that He created us to be. As generations of people are born; they are looking for leaders who can sustain the consciousness that they are born into. God is constantly engaging the world, expanding our consciousness, until we reach the ideal being He created us to be. Every generation is born into a consciousness that is greater than the last; this required leaders who can reflect their ideal self.


Explaining Race: the reason why it is an issue
We don’t talk about an issue on this site, unless it is relevant to human social and spiritual development. Why race is always an issue in society; it is because it is tided up with the possibility to attain and achieve in this world. This is the reason why God wants to bless humanity as a whole anyway; He no longer wants race to remain the issue that divides us. The question of redemption of humanity is also tided up with the possibility to attain, achieve and to be part of the abundance of life. The consequence for the fall of man is separation from God who is the source of our blessing. Separation from God is the reason for the curse of humanity, the cause for poverty and lack in the world. Redemption of humanity is God reconciling once more humanity to Himself, bringing oneness to mankind, returning man to His blessing. In this way, race is an important subject for us to talk about. We help people understand the fundamental cause for the disparity that exists among the different races in term of achievement, the possibility to attain in this world..

Why the world is lopsided literally? understand the dispensation system
You have to see disparity between blacks and whites from a global perspective. You have to look at the fundamental reason for why the world is the way it is, lopsided. It is so, because of the dispensation system that is based on progression. It is literally the progression of a wave of radiant energy as it is progressing from a point of no light to a point of maximum brilliance of light. This progression is also played out in achievements of the different races that made up the human race, black, red, yellow and white. The possibility to achieve, attain is given in progression. You cannot understand race without first understand the dispensation system. If God wanted to bless humanity in a specific sphere, a soul has to be born into a race which the possibility to attain, achieve is not restricted by the progression. This is a fact that cannot be denied; you did not know that before; now you do. You must also know that there is no progression in Christ; a man may come to work in the last minute and receive the same wage as the one who has been working all day. With Christ, you can take the quantum leap of faith to be where God wants you to be. You just have to accept His plan. You just have to accept Jesus as the pattern given for you to follow and God will give you full access to His creative power, the power to create first class world, Better living World to live.

What separates people?
What separates people is how much access they have to the abundance of life. The future can only look brighter for all, because God said it. He wants to bless all of the family of the earth; every race that made up the human race. Jesus came specifically for that; to give us all access to the abundance of life. There is much to understand, because everything that is part of the darkness of this world is shrouded in mystery. It is what God says it is, the darkness of this world. Jesus came to cast His light on it, to dispel it. “Now is the darkness of this world, cast out, the ruler of this world cast out”. You can be a beneficiary of this system of things and still see it for what it is, an opposition to the will of God. When God has His way, we all benefited, the world becomes a better place for all.

Humnaity_Past Jesus is the future; “God calls the end from the beginning”; meaning that He calls the future before it gets here; He calls “things that are not yet as though they are” Jesus gave us a glimpse of the future when He said “Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so the Son of Man must be lifted up”, meaning that the serpent which represented humanity will be replaced by Him when He is lifted up. “And when I will be lifted up; I will draw all men unto Me”, meaning that when we embrace His teaching which tells us to deny the self and take up our cross we will literally [x] out the tail out of the snake. Putting our ego aside and embrace our humanity will help those that are in the tail end of humanity and bring them into the head. He is the head of humanity. The cross is literally the mean for us to erase the tail out of humanity, transformed humanity so that it no longer looks like the serpent. Jesus now is the One who represents humanity; His cross literally [x] out the tail out of humanity.
By drawing all men unto Him as He said, there will be no more tail of people trailing behind. With Jesus Christ, you can take the quantum leap of faith to be where God wants you to be.

A sense of Hope: asking two fundamental questions
Where is my blessing and who is going to stand in God’s way of realizing His dream to bless humanity as a whole, to bring abundance to every soul in the earth? I don’t know any takers, anyone who overtly challenges God, but many are opposing Him, standing in the way of progress. God wants to bless humanity as a whole; this is His dream, His grand vision. He gave us the mean by which He is doing it. We ought to promote His way; this is the great commission. We need to promote the mean by which God will fulfill His dream, bless humanity as a whole, all of the family of the earth. Jesus is the mean, God’s way of doing it. Jesus commissioned us to make disciples for Him, tell the world about Him. He is the hope of humanity.

Humanity: under God or under the devil
Layers_of_human_existence Humanity under this system of things is literally a snake crawling its way through time. The world is lopsided with a tail of people trailing behind it like a snake. In many ways this system has made of humanity in the form of a snake with a tail of people far behind trailing behind it. God wants us to be all head. In Christ, we are all head and not the tail. We are seating in heavenly places with Christ, having the mind of Christ. You always wanted to know why the world is lopsided and why one race has excelled more than the others and why the other races are just all coming up, now you know. With Jesus the head leading the world; humanity is no longer a snake crawling its way through time; the serpent is defeated. Under Christ we are all one; we can take the quantum leap of faith and be where God wants us to be, with Jesus the head. This is the difference; the possibility to attain, achieve is given to all, whosoever believed in Him. There is no tail in Christ, hence you are in Christ; you have full access to the power of God, the creative power to create first class world, Better Living World to live. You are now one with the head.

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