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"Your identity in Christ is your access to the blessing of God"

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Sabotage: finding our true identity
Better_Living There is definitely a war; someone is out to sabotage your gain; that some one is the false you, the self, the person in you that has been wrongly identified. “The Lord, you alone are my portion and my cup; the lines are fallen in pleasant places for me”. There is a split, someone one is keeping “you’ from claiming God as your portion; keeping you from identity yourself with the spirit. That you is the self that is not in alignment with the spirit of God. There is no doubt that the self is the enemy; it has to be conquered and put under submission or it will sabotage your gain. The sooner that you are within the reach of making God your portion; when you can finally say that the Lord is my portion that the thoughts of getting wasted or fleeing come to your mind. These thoughts are of the enemy, the self, the false identity that you have on taken from the devil. This is why Jesus said that you must deny the self to follow Him. You cannot identity yourself with Jesus until you deny yourself; the false identity that you know as yourself is of the devil.
As long as your idenity is with the devil; you are cut off from the blessing of God; your Jesus idenity is your access to the blessing.

Your true identity:
The only identity that God wants you to have is the one modeled after Jesus; the other is in enmity with God. It has aligned itself with the devil. When you answer by your I; it is no longer you, the false identity that answers, but Him, Jesus that lives inside of you. You have become Him. Except a man denies himself and takes up his cross; he cannot follow Jesus. This means that you have to reject your "I" am and take on His. This is the only personality that is acceptable to God. The other one is in enmity with God. “No flesh shall inherit heaven”; this personality that you take as your own has its roots in the flesh, the body. There is a misalignment; the devil has realigned the human body to follow him, it no longer follow the prompting of the spirit. This is what death is; the separation of the body from the spirit and from God. It is at war with God because it has aligned itself with the enemy of humanity, the devil. This is the triumph of the devil, separating man from God from the spirit, making him identify with the flesh, not with God the spirit.

Endless war: put your body under submission to Christ
This is a war that we wage until the end of our lives”; as long as you have a body; you will be at war with the spirit. The part of you that has identified with the body is yourself; you cannot avoid it, but you must put it under submission. It is through it that the devil gets to you; as long as you have a body, the devil will try to get to you. He succeeded in cunning man to give him access to his body in the garden <Eden>. Jesus was not immune to the attacks of the devil while He was on earth. He had a physical body and His moment of weakness, the devil tried to get to Him. This is how the devil get to us; though the needs of the body. God said for us to cast all of our cares upon Him for this very reason. Jesus vanquished the devil by reminding him that God said that man is not only a body, but also a spirit; he needs God’s word to feed his spirit. “It is written; man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word hat proceeds out of the mouth of God”. The devil had no choice but to back up in the face of the truth. Man is indeed a two parts being; he has a body, but he is also a spirit. God does not want man lives alone for the body; He wants him to feed his spirit so that he can live eternally.

Endless struggle:
This struggle will not end until we no longer have an earthly body or the human body is transmuted to incorruptibility, higher stuff, spiritual stuff. Until then the war will go on; the devil will continue to try to test our identity. You just have to constantly vigilant. “The devil left Him for an opportune time”, meaning that at any moment that His body is in need, the devil could return to temp Him again. The devil can only get to you in your moment of weakness; when you are in need; when your physical needs are about to overwhelm you. Man shall not live by bread alone is a guard against our identity from becoming solely idenitify with the body, keeping us from succumbing to the needs of the flesh. Jesus hasn’t eaten for a whole day and He was feeling hungry. His disciples went to town to get Him some food and when they returned; they found Him refreshed; He was no longer hungry. He did not eat any food; and when the asked Him who had fed you; He told them that He had spiritual food they did not know about. Jesus had identified Himself with the spirit rather than His flesh.

He was laid in the desert by the spirit to be tempted by the devil. The Holy spirit had to challenge the devil in the weakness of the body. Whatever Jesus did; He did it for us. Whatever He went through; He went through it for us. He is the pattern for us to follow. Man shall not identify himself solely with the body, but also with the spirit. He needs every word that comes from God to feed his spirit.

Testing our identity: through fasting:
The purpose of the fast is to challenge the devil for our true identity; rather we want to identity ourselves with the body or with the spirit. He will show up; the devil will challenge your true identity when you try to put him under submission. The Lord’s prayer is the complete formula for our suckling spirit. In it we find everything that we need to grow spiritually. “Lead us not into temptation”; Jesus wants us to pray, so that we are not led to be tested by the devil. He was tempted in all points and He overcame all temptations so that we don’t have to be tested ourselves. His identity was tested and He overcame the devil. We now can take on His identity without fear of temptation by the devil. It is settled that Jesus is the identity that God wants us to have; the devil has no power over Him. All of this testing by the devil was happening to Jesus from within in thought form,
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God wants you to have only one idenity

Your Idenity is the Blessing
Keep your idenity in Christ"

Let God's word defines your Blessing

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Identity assassination:
The devil tried to challenge Jesus identity as if Jesus didn’t know who He was and what God called Him to do. He wanted Jesus to prove Himself to him by changing stone into bread and throw Himself from the top of the mountain to test God’s word concerning Him. Jesus is not gullible as some of us are today; He responded to the devil with the word of God; the devil had no choice but o back up in the face of the truth. “God’s word is truth”. The Pharisees and others; they all tried to throw lies against Jesus; hoping to destroy His identity. Today people are doing the same the devil did to Jesus with technology, using the easy way, the internet.

Trolling: telling lies deliberately to see if they will stake
The devil is after your identity; he is still doing what he did to Jesus through people today, using the technology, the internet, etc. People deliberately are spreading lies in the guise of fun and hope that people don’t know and take those lies for truth. They do that to destroy the identity of people. They cannot digest the reality they see before them; they must cut people down, chew them so that they can consume them. True what they do may be fun for them, but people are gullible, naïve, easy prey; they will take at face value the printed word or the spoken word without investigating or even questioned if there is a truth behind what they hear or read. They did the same to blacks in America; they called them one fifth of a man in order to justify their actions, cut them down to pieces so that could consumed them. But this falsehood did not stand; “Falsehood is what seems to be and it naught and shall pass away”. Trolling is the same; they put out a lie and see if it will stake. “Seeking whom to devour” this is what the devil is doing. If they can cut you down to pieces and make you ready for consumption; they will destroy you. If they are able to succeed; they will allow the devil to triumph once more over our humanity; tearing down all that made us human and unite us as one. Remember that the blessing is in your identity with Jesus.

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