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Is it too much to ask?
Reality_World Is there hope for them in America? I am not asking to dethrone the rich and the powerful; I am asking to share in their abundance, to be part of the abundance of life. The young; they are our future; where is their blessing?
Bless me too O’ Father: God is a father to the fatherless
This is what fathers do; they bless their children and leave them an inheritance for their future. To get that blessing however; you must first be a son. God will be a father to the fatherless. If you did not have a father like they have, someone to leave you an inheritance like they have; God is ready to be your father. If you agree to let Jesus make you a son; if you are willing to follow Him, do what He says, pattern your life after Him; you can become a son. You can be grafted into Him. God will bless you as well giving you the inheritance that you did not have from your earthly father. If the system has cheated you, conspired to rob you of your blessing by taken away your earthly father unjustly, God will make up for it. He will give you double for what you did get from your earthly farther. In Christ, we are a new creation; the past has no power over us. What essentially is the blessing? Essentially the blessing is the reunification of the spirit of God with you. You become a son means that you are intimate with God; you know His way of doing things and has given you access to His spirit. “Behold I am with you and keep you wherever you go ”. Jesus will teach you how to become a son to God, get you familiar with His ways so that you don’t provoke Him to anger. The blessing is not just a physical thing; you become the blessing because God is with you.


Access to the blessing: to give you hope and a future
What if you did not have anyone to leave you an inheritance, pass on to you their blessing? God is willing to give you what they have;
you don’t have to be envious of them. He is not taken away what they have and give to you; He wants to empower you and give you access to what they have. What you see and envy is not important, but what is behind what you see, the source of their blessing is what important. God wants to give you access to the source, the power to get wealth; God is the source. God’s plan is to bless you as well as them; you are not a threat to them. God will bless you regardless, rather they want to or not; your blessing will come despite of them. If they can agree with God the better for them.

Linking you to the Blessing:
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as so the blessing is passed on. God blessed Abraham because of his obeisance and his willingness to keep the statutes and commandments of God. God accounted that as righteousness and blessed him. This blessing is passed on from Abraham to Isaac his son and Isaac passed on to his son Jacob and subsequently from Jacob to Jesus. Jesus takes the blessing to infinity and pass it on to us. The linkage is in the promise; Jesus stretching the blessing to infinity. Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s intention, taken us back to His original intention when He placed man in the Garden East of Eden where he lacked nothing. Jesus is the fulfillment of God original plan when He placed man in the garden, giving him the capacity to choose life instead of death. Both the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil were in the middle of the garden. Man failed to make the right choice and partake in the fruit of the tree of separation instead of the tree of life. His action caused him to separate from God and cut himself off from the blessing. Today we are a new creation in Christ; we are back in the garden as fully conscious human beings. We choose Jesus, the tree of life instead of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which fruit brings separation. The blessing is by choice; we have to choose Jesus; He is the tree of life; the fruit is the blessing. The cursing comes from separation; the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

The New Creation:
Bless me!
Me too
My father
Since the foundation of the world God has laid this plan for humanity; but the devil disrupted His plan. He was envious of our future. He felt threaten of the future that God has for us. We are created to replace him, to do for God what he was created to do. His pride has dethroned him. We are not asking to dethrone the rich and the powerful; just the way of the devil who wants to cut us off out of the blessing. “For I know the plans I have for you, declared the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. Since the dawn of creation man has been seeking his blessing from God and God has been busy working to bring man back into His blessing. Whatever you do in life; you are doing it for one reason. God commissioned you to do just that. He gave you gifts and talents and wants to work with you to take your brothers and sisters that are under oppression of the devil. He wants to free them. Your mission in life is to promote His plan; this is the great commission.

Expand your boundaries: enlarge your territory
Only God can expand your beyond your boundaries, expand your territory. “The boundaries lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance”. Your inheritance is in God, for many who have been left behind, with no inheritance passed on to them; their only hope is in Christ. You are limited, bound by the life you came into; only God can expand your boundaries, gives you greater possibilities than you have been born into.

Your only chance: is in Christ
As above, so it is below; the same law that has allowed countries to advance and move forward will work for countries that are far behind. The law of God is immutable; it is no respecter of person; if you apply the law that allows you to excel and flourish, so shall you. God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sows, so shall he also reap. Whatever you see out there in the world, either admire or hate are both the results of laws that are either applied or violated. The only remedy is to be under God and not under the law. These utterances that we see in the bible concerning curses will be true and continue to be true until we are in Christ. Because in Christ, you are not under the law; you are under God, guided by the spirit. “Lord you alone are my portion and my cup; you make my lot secure” In this verse David was talking about people who belong to the goat nations. They are into all sort of things, serving false gods, sacrificing animals, etc. He was saying that in God his boundaries are protected. He can rest assured that his life will be pleasant; this is his inheritance. God will allow his inheritance to prosper and excel. He cannot help but praise God for guiding him every night in his dreams. He knows that it is best for him to keep his eyes always on God. Everything he does; he keeps God in it; therefore he has no fear when facing the world.

What is the blessing?
Humanity_Whole The blessing is God making humanity whole again, lifting up Jesus so that humanity can be healed of the disease of separation. “And when I will be lifted up; I will draw all men unto Me ”. When we lift Jesus; we are promoting God’s blessing to humanity, removing the tail of people who are trailing behind, bringing them forward to be part of the head, to be seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. God wants a humanity whole moving forward. he does not want humanity with a tail of people trailing behind like a serpent. Jesus is the standard that God set for humanity; when we become Him, take on His measure of righteousness; God will pour His blessing on us, giving us access to His spirit, His creative power. It is the spirit of God which is the creative power of God, giving us the capacity to create first class world, Better Living World to live.


Why we have an Undeveloped World?


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The Spirit is real, the Blessing is real

Truth is that which is; you cannot dismiss it
"Why we have an Under-developed World?"

The word of God is truth; the spirit is truth

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