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"All this is from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation"

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This Ministry is Promoting Jesus: the ladder of reconciliation
Better_Living God has given us the ministry of reconciliation; “Essau I have hated and lay waste his mountain for the jackals of the wilderness” God said; but in Christ we are a new creation. “Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus”. Though we were dead in sin; we now can live in Christ Jesus. The earth is still under the original curse in some degree, the original consequence for separation. There are many parts of the world that are under a form of the curse or another. There are many utterances in the bibles that described the conditions of life for some people. These utterances in some way reflect their present reality. God hasn’t yet fully bring the whole world into His blessing. There are parts of the world that are still under the curse. These utterances reflect the conditions of life for people who are still under the curse. “Cursed is the ground for your sake, thorns and thistles it will produce, by the sweat of your brow, you will eat”; this utterance was true for humanity as a whole for a long time. People for a long time earned their living by the sweat of their brow; solely by brute strength. Today, we know that we don’t have to struggle physically so hard to make a living. We don’t have to work by the sweat of our brow all of the time. “He shall live in front of his brother, he shall serve his brother”. “A man of war, he will be against all hands and all hands against him”. Which one of these utterances is true to your life; which one fits you? Some people are still making a living the same way we did when we were living in caves. Now that Jesus is the head of humanity, we can take the quantum leap of faith to where God wants us to be. No matter how far behind we are or how far removed we are from the head; we can connect to Christ Jesus and move forward. Humanity is no longer a snake crawling its way through time with a tail of people trailing behind it. You can now be part of the head with Christ. You can seat in heavenly places with Him; you just have to accept Him. He is the head of humanity; He is the pattern given by God for us to follow. You must pattern your life after Him; the first step is to accept Him.

The new covenant:
The new covenant is a transfer. This is the new covenant between
man and God; it is a transfer. You take His nature and Jesus takes yours. He took our sinful nature once and in the process makes His own nature available to us. This is the new covenant He said; my body that was broken for you; every time you take this bread in remembrance of Me; you are transferring my nature unto you. The original act was done at the cross, the transfer was completed. You transferred your sinful nature to Him once and now you can transfer His divine nature to you. By meditate on Him, pattern your life after Him; you are transferring His nature to you. “I am the bread of life, except you eat my flesh and drink my blood; you have no life in you” What you eat; you become; this principle is true physically and as well spiritually; what you consumed, you shall become. The strength, the quality of what you ate is transferred to you. Just like the flamingo bird which takes on the color of its diet, as so shall you become like Jesus. As you spiritually consuming Him, pattern your life after Him, emulate Him, you shall inevitably become Him.

Promoting Jesus: for a better living world
Promoting Jesus
for a Better Living World is our mission; it is the great commission, promoting Jesus so that God can fulfill His vision for humanity. He gave us gifts and talents; He placed us in environments where He wants to work with us in order to bring the world into His blessing. He wants to bless humanity as a whole, all of the family of the earth. This is His vision; this is why He gives us visions; this is the great commission; He wants us to promote Jesus as the pathway to His blessing. In a nutshell, this is our ministry; this is our mission, promoting Jesus as a pathway for a Better Living World. Every gifted individual from Bill Gates to Mark Zukerberg understand the source of their gifts and the mission that they are assigned. I want to show them that their vision, whatever it is; is part of the one vision; it is God’s vision for humanity; it is to bless all of the family of the earth. Their mission is part of the great commission, promoting God's pathway to His blessing. I want to show them that God wants to do for others what He did for them. There is no doubt in my mind that if they were fully conscious that their vision is part of the one vision and that their mission is part of the great commission; they would have no problem supporting what God has assigned me to do. Whatever their support to me would be; will more likely complement their own work, not taken away anything from them.

How we get to here:
Man disobeyed God and gave entrance to the spirit of separation into our world. Man was separated from God and lost his spiritual identity with God. The only way that he knows and asserts his identity in the world is through the way of separation. He must negate his fellow human beings, denied them, in order to assert himself. Jesus came to show us the opposite. He came to affirm us and show us the opposite way of the devil. He came to make us God’s own once again.

The resulted effects of separation
Poverty, sickness and diseases are the resulted effects of this separation. Jesus came to give us access once again
to the spirit of God, which in turn will give us the power to create first class world, better living world to live, makes us part of the abundance of life. It is the spirit of God that brings life; apart from Him; there is no life. Separation from God is the curse of humanity, the cause for everything that is wrong with humanity. There are various degrees of separation. Many parts of the world are under different degree of separation, different curses. There are utterances in the bible that are metaphor for the various degrees of curses that we see around the world. Some nations are so far removed from God, so far removed from His way of doing things that they are called goat nations. They are too deep into their roots, too rigid, too stiff-necked, not pliable enough to respond to what God wants them to do. God’s way of doing things are universal; His righteousness is universal; some nations are not yet acquainted with His way of doing things. Jesus said that there are nations that are not yet part of His fold. God wants to bring them into His fold, get them to be familiar with His way of doing things

God: Life Giving Spirit
It does not matter who you are, or what your position in life is; if you are not embracing
life; promoting life; you are out of order with God and with reality. Whatever it is that you do, if the core of it is not about life; you will fail. I think that people who are seeking death as a mean to an end don’t know who God is or what He is about. God is about life, bringing dead things to life. He is a life giving spirit; He cannot go against His own nature. I don’t think that those who are waging Jihad know that God is bout life, not death. Even in killing, the emphasis still is to protect life. I think that the danger of this world is that people don’t know who God is or where the reality of the world is. I think that all of this is because of the darkness of this world. It is a catch [22] twenty two, to explain why people are in the dark. People are in the dark, because they are not in the light of God; they are not in the light of God, because they are not embracing life. We need to explain to people what the darkness of this world is. I think that it is the only way for them to seek life. Life and light are inexplicably inter connected. As God is life and light; darkness is the absence of God. They are in the dark because they are not living in the light of God. They are not in the light of God, because they are not embracing life. We need to go after the darkness of this world, those who are living in the dark, promoting their way of death. We need to teach them the cause of the darkness in their lives, show them why they are living in the ark. They need to know this way of death that they are promoting is the darkness of this world. They are a danger to us and to themselves

Deep darkness covers their world:
It is almost laughable if it was not for the seriousness of death; the reason they give to justify their killings or restricting the human spirit with the letter of the law. They don’t know that God prized above all else the freedom of the human spirit; the power to make our own decision, to be guided from within, not from without. You worth nothing to God, if you cannot make your own decision. If you are been imposed; you are not free to choose. God does not want us to be puppets; He wants us to be free agents, capable of choosing Him over the devil. Humanity came from a long way, people used to devise all the terrible way they can inflict death. Today many of instruments that we create to kill are now abolished. We don’t split people anymore by pulling them apart with horses. Nerve gas, napalm bomb, gravity bombs that indiscriminately kill people, area denial bombs that linger for years after use are been abolished. We are moving closer toward embracing our humanity, the frailty of life. God is please with our progress. There are still many of us that are lagging behind, living in the darkness of this world. The darkness is not living in the light of God, not knowing where the reality of the world is at a given time. These utterances will be true and continue to be true in their lives, until they are in Christ. We need to educate them so that they can conform, not resisting what they cannot change on their own.

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