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A need for Jesus: continue.....
New_year_John_3:16 Who speaks for God, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna; they all had something to say for God in their time. Jesus has the final word; He is current with what God is doing at this present time. See: Unity of faith

It is easier to take our exit under pressure; death has been the easy way out for a long time. God is not mocked; He will not take less than perfection; all of us must face ourselves and become; the self, the ego; the personality that He wants us to be. Many of us have taken the path of death to avoid becoming the person that God wants us to be. You cannot be that person, until you deny your self. Doing what you think will please God will not do; even death will not release you of your responsibility. He will not take less than a perfect human being. He gave us a model of perfection. The only requirement that you have to meet to become that perfection is to accept Jesus, emulate Him until you become Him. Everything in the universe is a state of becoming; God strives for perfection, to make everything perfect as He is. If anything is not straight, right and perfect; He will try to fix it, until it becomes perfect. This is what He does.


The Mercy of God:
World_Affairs God is so merciful; He knows the frailty of the flesh; no one can achieve His perfection on his own; this is why He gave us a model, a pattern to follow. If you pattern your life after Jesus; you surely will become Him. “Therefore, be ye as perfect as thy father in Heaven”. You cannot get that perfection on your own, using your own flesh; you can only achieve it with the measure that God gave you. “Whosoever believes in Him, receives a measure of Him” That measure is your faith in Him; that faith is your path to the perfection that God wants. Jesus will transform you into His own image. You must consume Him, emulate Him, pattern your life after Him and you will become Him. “As in a mirror, we will behold Him, we shall be transformed into the same image”. Meaning; that all of us who had the veil removed shall see Him as we were looking in a mirror. We are so transformed by the spirit that we are becoming just like Him

Stop trying to score outside the ring where your points will not count; the flesh will not inherit heaven. There are no seven virgins waiting for you. Mohammed was right; he wanted to entice you so that you could give up your old ways of worshiping false gods. His promise of seven virgins waiting for you in heaven was necessary for the time; God has greater things to give you now. To be current with Him, you must be able to see what He is doing. You cannot see what He is doing, unless you are current with the time, the present. Meaning that you must defer your ego to Him and let Him guides you. God lives in the now, the present; He is always doing something new. In Christ you are a new creation; See John 3:16 Jesus is your passport to the new creation.


The kingdoms of tis world are become the kingdoms of our Lord

The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof

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The Middle Ground: Life is to be found between two extremes; find the middle ground
Dilma_Rousseff Why the socialists don’t do well in a capitalistic environment; it is because there are too many holes left for them to fill, too much neglect that went on far too long. When they come to power, there aren’t enough resources available to take care the needs of the people that they are elected to help. By nature the capitalist is a driver; Capitalism is good for business, for advancing corporation quickly. It is a system base on self motivation; everything is directed toward the self. It requires someone to champion the cause of the weak, the less able to balance it. Without some oversight, the driving impulse of the capitalist is to take from whosoever, regardless of the cost or consequences. The socialists usually come to power to correct something, to put in check the excesses of the capitalists, which usually entails tearing them down, destroy the other side. This is how either side goes to the deep end to reach their goals. If there is no balance on either side; I can see Hugo Chavez extremism coming to power, using the other side excesses, shortcomings to prop his own. I think that in many ways there was no excuse for the extreme neglect that existed in certain sectors of the Venezuelan population. This is what happen to Venezuela; there was no balance, either side had to go to the deep end of the two extremes. The capitalists wanted all the wealth for themselves and the socialists wanted to take from them and give to the poor. Venezuela doe not have to continue the same rout; go to the deep end; there is a middle ground, a way between the two extremes. Hugo Chavez came to power and took the extreme rout, using the failures of the capitalists against them to champion his own cause, the cause of the poor. He was an extreme left; he failed simply because, he was pitching his side against the other side. He was not a leader for the rich and the powerful; he was a champion for the poor. He could not govern in the middle. God wants us to go beyond this duality of human existence.

Revisiting the past: Why capitalism is a need
It was a shame to see that some segments of the Venezuelan population living in conditions no better than that of Haiti. A country with so much wealth and possibilities, someone had to champion the cause of the poor; Chavez was the man. His popularity was based on exposing the extreme side of the capitalists, their excesses. He could not govern in the center. He had no choice, it was either the extreme left or nothing; he chose the latter. I hope that whoever come to power in Venezuela will not repeat the same mistakes of the past, let excesses on both sides destroy their country. Chavez expansion was premature; he was not ready to expand as he wanted to; he could not sustain his dreams and ambitions at the expense of the people who created the wealth of the country. We need capitalism, there is no doubt about. It is a system that is based on the freedom of the individual. People need to be free to express their inner drive to pursue wealth and abundance. There must a balance however, government has to intervene to create a balance, help those that are too slow, too weak to keep up with those that are pressing forward. Without this balance from government, extreme capitalism will cause more harm than good, especially for the slower and less able segments of the population. Humanity is one, God wants a humanity whole moving forward. We cannot maintain the way of the devil and expect to have a humanity that is whole moving forward. We need to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, that is to deny the self and embrace our humanity, help those in need, treat others as you would like them to treat you, etc.

Repeating the Past:
The same situation that happened in Venezuela is the same that is happening in Brazil. President Dilma Rousseff, she was able to lift lots of people out of poverty in Brazil, but there are not enough resources for her to continue. The holes were too deep; the neglect went on far too long. There always going to be these ups and downs, moving from one extreme to the other until the leader takes the path of the middle. Life is to be found between two points, two extremes. You cannot govern from either end of the two and be a leader for all.

Send_Me_Some_Money Giving is your highest expression of love; selfless love has no boundaries in its capacity to give. In this season of giving, show some love, help me with a grant to join the one vision, one mission that is driving us all, that is to help God’s fulfill His vision to bless humanity through Christ, to bless all of the family of the earth. Don’t hesitate to give, whatever gift and talent or blessing that God gave you; it is to fulfill the greater vision; your giving is part of God’s vision; your mission is to help Him fulfill His vision. This is the great commission, that is to promote Jesus Christ as the way for God to achieve His vision. Help me continue to promote Jesus Christ as the way for God to fulfill His vision.

I have set out to understand the cause for the disparity, why some were excelling forward, moving faster toward the future and some were moving slower, regressing backward toward the past. I wanted to know the cause for poverty; I formed Christ for Better Living. Now I understand that it was God’s intention all along. I wanted to do what we are all called to do, promoting the standard that God set for humanity, the measure of the righteousness that God wants us to have. This is what Christ for Better Living is; it was not my idea, it was God’s idea; humanity applying the standard of being, the measure of the righteousness that God wants us to have. Jesus is the standard of being that God wants to become; He is the measure of righteousness that God wants us to have, before He can gives us access to His creative power. He wants to be sure that we are responsible for that power, before giving us access to it. We need to be familiar with His way of doing thins, so that we don’t provoke Him to anger. God wants to give us access to the blessing He promised to Abraham; the standard to access the blessing is in Jesus. He is the pattern that we must follow and become; He is the Christ. This is Christ for Better Living in a nutshell; it is us promoting Jesus as the standard that God set for humanity. This is the one mission, one vision that is driving us all.

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