Providing Awareness in a Nutshell

Driving the truth, one bite at a time, tidbit by tidbit, providing you awareness in a nutshell

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The Longest Word: all is in all, tout est dans tout, tout pour tout
This world is too complex, too intricate; you cannot grasp it all at once. You can only understand in bits and pieces, one tidbit at a time. All is in all, everything is interconnected, the world is one, the separation that we see is not of God; it is of the devil. God is constantly trying to reconcile the world to Himself, making it whole as He originally intended. Like a hammer driving a nail; you need many hits to drive the nail to secure whatever it is that you are trying to secure. This is what God is doing; driving the truth that will secure us from the tricks and lies of the devil. God wants to keep us fixated on Him.

To: Muslims, Arabs, People of South Asia, the Middle East, etc.
God wants to expand you, gives you greater awareness of the world around you. He wants to help you see where you are stuck so that you can move forward. The world is a whole, a unit; it is not His will that you are left behind, cut off out of His blessing. God wants to bless humanity as a whole. The past is the hindrance; some of you won’t let go of the past. He cannot take you to the new, unless you are willing to let go of the old. The past is the problem; it no longer fits you. God knows that letting go of the past is not easy, partly because of fear, the uncertainty of tomorrow. God wants you to know that the future is always greater than the past, He makes sure of it; you just have to trust Him.

The past is the problem; when you are not in sync with everyone else, there will be friction. This is the source of the problem; the friction that you see and experience is because of a world that is not in sync with you. The world is ten pace ahead and you are ten pace behind; God wants the world to move forward as a whole..

A Mirror: a reflection in these utterances
There are many utterances in the Bible pronounced against the earth, against individuals, groups of people, nations, etc.; they reflect the consciousness, the reality that was true at the time and still is for many people today. God wants to free you, whatever consciousness or reality that is true to you. God is busy working with people and through people to free them and bless them. This is what Christ is. Christ is God working with people, reconciling the world to Himself, making humanity whole as He originally intended.

Reality Check: utterance that reflects the consciousness, the reality of the present
This utterance is true to the lives of many people in the Middle East, South Asia at this present
time. God wants to work with you and through you to free you. “A man of war; his hands will be against all hands and all hands will be against him” If this utterance is true to you at this present time; God wants to free you. This utterance is only a reflection of your life at this present time; it is not what God wants you to be. Radical Islamists are waging war against the world; they want to establish this new world, their own brand of Islam. Jihad is a state of war, war against anything contrary to what you believe is truth. I am telling you that this caliphate, this Jihad against the West is contrary to what God wants. This brand of Islam will not stand; it has to be defeated. But reassured that in Christ there is no defeat; God is working to give you something better.

Who is best to defeat what is false, what is not truth about Islam, except Islamists; people of the same faith. God wants to work with you; there are people in Islam who can still hear the truth; God wants to work with you, expand you, give you greater awareness, help you see the reality of the world as it is.

What time it is: Time to move forward?
TimeTime is the maker and the destroyer of all things ”. “Time I am; I have come to engage all beings ”. God in His aspect of time will engage you. Only sixty years ago, the Europeans were engaged in conquests, killing each other; today they are more peaceful, seeking peace and trade, collaborating with each other in search of prosperity. In time God will engage people in different parts of the world. I think that it is time for Arabs and Muslims, because there is anger, a vexation of spirit that is driving many of them; I am sure that God wants them to move forward. This engaging time must have began with the Arab spring; they must take advantage of the truth that God is revealing to them; it is time for them now to move forward.

Life is: a journey of discovery
What we know now as truth had to be discovered; things had to be played out in real life, before we could accept them as truth. It cost humanity nearly seventy millions souls for what we now taken for granded and know to be truth. Before that, we could not accept what we now take for granted as the truth. God has given some of us who can still hear the truth the opportunity to face ourselves, let the truth exposes what is false about us. This is the nature of truth; it will cleanse anything that is false about you and remake you anew; if you let it.

I am calling on Arabs and Muslims to hear the truth; there is an anger, a vexation of spirit that is driving many of them to violence; they must be willing to face the truth. This is the only way for them to pass beyond their anger and move forward. Right now, they are at a dead end, some of them have reached a plateau in their stage of development. Many of them are left behind for one reason or another; there is a bruised ego, a displaced ego that is driving them. We need to know the real cause, the real reason; it is many things, but it is only one thing. God wants to shine a light on them, to help them see what is driving them to anger.

A case for the truth:
Truth When you cannot pin down the cause, the one reason that is driving you to behave the way you do or don’t want to, inspite of yourself; you are dealing with the darkness of this world. It is a subconscious thing, unless God shines a light on it, exposes it; reveals the reason, you will not know. You will be a puppet of your anger, your frustration, your hatred; you will not know what is moving you, what is driving you to behave the way you do.

Dead end: a plateau in their stage of development
There is no way for this anger to subside, this
vexation of spirit that is driving many of us to violence without a willingness to face the truth. Many times, we have to discover the truth the hard way when we don’t have the ears to hear it. When we reach a dead end, when we reached a plateau and cannot go any further, the only way that we can move forward is to be willing to face ourselves, see what is wrong. This means that we have to face the truth. Thanks to God, He is busy working, making a way out of the darkness of this world for us. Sixty years ago Europe was at a dead end; they had to learn the truth the hard way. Today we don’t have to go the rout they took, repeat the same mistakes they did; we can let the truth does its job, that is to cleanse us of any falseness that has clouted our judgment, driving us to anger. God is willing to shine a light on the darkness of our lives, helping us understand the cause, the reason for this anger. He is doing it in tidbits of understanding, bite size of revelations.

Seeing We have one enemy; it is the darkness of this world; those that are under the spell of darkness. The new normal is to understand that we are at war, a war against the forces of darkness; against those that are far behind and under the spell of darkness. We need to go after the sources responsible for keeping them behind, staring with the leaders who have over stayed their positions, strong arm their way into power, used trickery and other means to stay in power. We need to understand that their presence become a hindrance and stand in the way of people moving forward. If people are not moving forward; they become the enemy by default ; they will spew terror in our lives inevitably. It does not matter how well received those leaders are who have overstayed their positions; they are responsible for many that are lagging behind. Their mere presence become a hindrance to certain people and caused them to lag behind and consequently the seed for future terror.

This war is a war against darkness, ignorance; people who don’t know what is driving them to behave the way they do. Take those who are waging Jihad against the West, claiming to do these acts of terror for God and to promote Islam; they are really in darkness. They don’t really know what is driving them. The religion of Islam itself, the very application of its law, how it is enforced makes it the source of terror, but they don’t know it. Their followers are in denial, because they don’t know that the very act of imposing on the freedom of the spirit is the cause that is driving people to commit acts of terror. They cannot see the truth, because they are promoting the law, not promoting the spirit. Imposing the letter of the law is not conducive to spiritual growth. It is very simple; promoting and imposing the law at the expense of the freedom of the human spirit is what fueling the terror. People don’t know that; this is the reason they are defending Islam. They cannot see that the imposition of the law restricts the spirit. Without the spirit, we see each other as lumps of clay, and rightly so that they are willing to destroy these lumps of clay to make their points.

What are you afraid of?
You have to expose yourself to the truth and let it cleanse you. You cannot hide from the truth, shield yourself from the truth, you have to let it affect you. Muslims are shielding themselves, protecting Islam from the world. You will never grow spiritually until you let the world affects you. Open your mosques; open your temples to those who want to judge you, let them see for themselves the truth that you possess. The world, people will become a mirror for you to see. “A man discovers himself, in the midst of his fellow human beings”; I think that this statement is true; Jesus wants us to be in the world, in the middle of chaos so that we can affect the world, become the salt of the earth; “I send you as sheep among wolves” Jesus said. I don’t see why Muslims are shielding themselves from non-Muslims. You can never know your strength or your weakness until you are tested. Whatever is false the world can say about Jews, Christians, Blacks, Whites , Asians, Arabs and Muslims; all can be justified by the truth. We now know that it is a lie of the devil, a falsehood that blacks are of an inferior race and that whites are of a superior race. We now know that there is only one race, it is the human race. The disparity that we see in achievement between the races that made up the spectrum of the human race is because of the dispensation system. This system of things is coming to an end and will be replaced by another. The possibility to attain, achieve will be appropriated, not in progression of a wavelength of light but by righteousness, the true light of God coming from within, not from without. It will not be by affinity to color, but by the measure of the righteousness that God wants us to have in Jesus Christ. Souls will come down with gifts and blessing from God in any race that made up the spectrum of the human race. Geniuses will be born in any race as room for expression is given to all the races that made up the human race. The same will be true for Islam, whatever is false will fall away and what is truth will remained. The light of God will shine on the darkness of this world, all that is not truth will fall away and the truth shall remained.

Think of it, those who opposed God are wrong, today we have a better America, a better Germany, more inclusive for Jews and blacks. The world is less angry in some parts, because the possibility to attain, to achieve is given. The more the abundance of God is reaching people that are left behind, left out, cut off and cut out the possibility of this world, the more appeasing the human spirit is, the more peace for the earth. This is the good news of the gospel, Jesus bringing humanity to the fullness that God created it to be. God will engage them in their slumber, fulfilling His dream to bless the whole of humanity, all the family of the earth. We have to work with God, let Him, guide us, differ our ego to Him and let Him lead us out of the darkness of this world.

What the world is coming to?
Unity of command is what the world is coming to, a united front against the forces of darkness. Whoever is not on the side of life is not part of this union. Even in killing we must seek life; this is the new era, where life takes precedence over everything else. Righteousness is all around; it is not only responsible for our prosperity, but also giving us access to the future; it is our passport to peace. People will not be able to hide from the truth any longer, the days of hiding, sweeping under the rug injustice are over. It is coming, rest assured of the day when evil can no longer hide.

If you are not in the spirit, you cannot see what God is doing; you cannot see the reality of the world. Anyone who cannot see the reality of the world, see what God is doing is potentially an ally of those who are committing acts of terror. While they may not directly involved in what is happening; they may have a sympathetic ear to their cause. They see themselves as part of their plight. How do you change that? You have to give them an understanding of what is going on; they must know why they feel an affinity to them and even compel to support them. it is not surprising that people are giving high five when an act of terror is committed, some of them see themselves as part of them; they don’t understand the real reason that is driving people to commit acts of terror. I have proven the default nature, why people take the opposition, even subconsciously. Hence people understand what is driving; they may be more incline to make deliberate choices, not moving by impulse, driven by emotion.

Separating the extremists from Islam: the source of terror
Imposing the letter of the law is a function in Islam, a tenant, a requirement of the Islamic faith; here is your seed of terror. The letter of the law restricts the human spirit, denies people the one thing that makes us all human, the one thing that connects us all one to another. They can easily dismiss their humanity, because they are not connected to them in the spirit as human beings.

The ideology of extremism is not distinct from Islam is not truth, because the seed of extremism is in the imposition of the letter of the law at the expense of the freedom of the spirit. The imposition of the law restricts the freedom of the spirit. It is the spirit that unites us all as human beings and makes us one. Why do you think those that are waging Jihad can so easily dismiss their humanity, killing human beings who have no direct connection to their problems. The only way that they can do it, killing people in cold blood, without feeling any connection to them is because they are disconnected from them spiritually. You see similar behavior in criminals who are committing crimes; killing to make a living. They become predators, because they no longer see the human beings that they are killing as one of them. They see other human beings as prey, objects for subsistence; killing other human beings as means of subsistence.

Another reason
It is unnatural for a human being to be in constant state of alert. It is not normal for human beings to live in a war footing constantly, sitting all day, planning how to kill, unless they see their actions as justified, a way to survive. They cannot breath; they need to survive; the problem with them is that they want a world that cannot be. God will not allow it. They want a world that belongs to the past and no longer fits the present. How do they sustain this war footing for so long; it is because they have nothing to live for; they are not looking toward the future? They see a future in which they cannot exist in. They know that it is a useless proposition trying to make a world for themselves; they will not be able to sustain what they want. God will not allow it; it is counter productive to what God intended. It is easier to play the spoiler, doing as much damage as they can. I think that sometimes God uses a hammer, someone who does not reason to justify his actions to take them out.

Who is responsible for them to lag behind?
You have to look at their leaders, their religious teachings, all of those things that are responsible for them to lag behind. Now that they want to live, they cannot find expression in the present reality. Their ideology belongs to a world that is of the past; they want expression and we are in their way. We are in a war footing right now, an unnatural disposition for man. We cannot maintain that posture indefinitely; it is not human nature. They are a threat to our way of life. Who is right; them or us; their way of life or our way of life? Anyone who is not current with reality, moving forward, is in contravention with God. Their ideology is certainly of the past; they will not find expression in the present. We have to help them move forward, help them see the light.

Trust me, Mohamed did his job to bring the Arab people to that point where they recognized that there is only one God. Now they must understand the will of God for them, for humanity. Humanity will move forward; they need to know what is at stake; what is it that is moving forward. They need the truth; they need the word of God to grow spiritually before they can move on forward and stop been a source of terror for humanity. They will not grow spiritually, because the letter of the law they are imposing restricts the human spirit from growing. This is the fundamental problem with Islam, with the Arab world. They are lagging behind and they don’t know the real reason. You cannot see what God is doing, nor hear Him, until you grow and develop the spirit in you. The only way for the human spirit to grow and develop is to feed on the word of God. They need a Ramah word for the day, a word from God, from someone who can hear from God. Abraham was current in his days because he could hear God at any time. He was led by the spirit. “As many are led by the spirit are the sons of God”. “The earth is groaning for the coming of the sons of God ”. Those who stand in their way, keeping them behind will have to answer to God.

Goat nations:
Goat nations are rigid people, one track minded people, stiff-necked people, people who are not easily bent, make the shift when God required of them. There are certain things that are left only for God; this is why we need to call on Him, call on His name to save us. Those who cannot hear Him; are bound to do the works of darkness, stay under the spell of the forces of darkness; this is a fact. Where do they get their faith from; faith in killing to get rewarded? “Faith comes by hearing, hearing the word of God ”. “The entrance of thy word gives light”; there is the written word and there is the Ramah word. The Ramah word is the word that you get from your spiritual leader, preacher, cleric, etc. I am sure that Mohamed did not tell them in the Koran to kill people to please God. They are killing people who have no direct connection to them physically in order to advance the cause of Islam; this they get from the clerics, their spiritual leaders. They are not getting the word of God; their hearts become harden. They become spiritual retards, disconnected from the spirit of God that make us all one. They are cut off from humanity, not current with the reality of the world.

If your heart is harden by the word that you received, your thoughts and feelings are not inline with the word of God; you cannot see the world as it is. You become spiritually retarded. You are delusional, confused, bewildered. “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God”, but if the word that they are feeding on is not from God; they cannot grow spiritually. They are the caricatures that you see, spewing terror. You have to contradict this ideology of hatred. Islam have to give access to anyone to attend their mosques so that the word that they give, feeding their flocks can be judged. Why hiding, denying access to anyone if the word that you preached is universal, appealing to all. Jesus preached forgiveness, turn the other cheek, that is to seek alternatives to resolve conflict, avoid butting heads, love one another, treat others as you would like them to treat you. These principles are universal; He changed the old way of applying the letter of the law. The idea of an eye for an eye is no longer applied.

What is it that Jesus is doing?
Humanity_Whole He is trying to reconcile us with God, getting us acquainted with His laws so that we don’t violate them. It is intimacy with God that will get us acquainted with His way of doing things so that we don’t violate His laws, His statues and commandments and enter in contravention with Him. The law is there; we simply become the law. It is no longer imposed from without; it is now within. I am sure that is what God wants; this is what Jesus came to demonstrate. Rather they are Jews or Arabs, Blacks and Whites; wherever there is opposition, we all can agree that God is. The teachings of Jesus are consistent with Him, with any religion that preaches the truth. If you cannot hear the truth in the teachings of Jesus; you are in darkness

God is not static, He is dynamic; He is still speaking to us today, giving us greater capacity to the degree that we can understand. He speaks to us through many voices; they are all in agreement because those who speak for God know His voice. The Ramah word is a word of God given for the day, for what is needed. It does not contradict what is written, but in line with the reality of the world, what God is doing at this present time. As we grow and develop, as so God dispense awareness to us. we are closer today to the reality that He created us to be than we were yesterday. See: Christian Manifesto

God is perfect; we are the seed of God destined for perfection. Jesus urged us to be perfect as God is perfect, strive toward that perfection. God is constantly trying to make straight the crooked, clean imperfections out of our lives; this is an on going process.

Education: a must
What we don’t do willingly, we will do forcibly; the millions of dollars that we spent on security could have been used in educating people, go after those who are responsible for keeping people behind. Leaders, clerics, anyone who is a stumbling block to progress, keeping people from moving forward. There is no escape, except through God; it is best to let Him works with you and through you take you from under the grips of the devil. The utterances that are pronounced against you; are not God’s intention; but they will continue to be true in your life until you are in Christ. Until you let God works with you, empowers you; you will continue to be under the spell of the forces of darkness. They will bend your will, forcing you to behave despites of yourself. you will have little say in the matter without the help of God. What are those utterances; there are many; you can find them all over the bible and they fit people in different parts of the world, different regions, cultures, etc. Parts of the earth are still under these utterances; God is busy working, freeing us from them, but we are not all there yet. “Curse is the ground for your sake”; there are parts of the earth that are still under this curse; the earth cannot yield anything. “A man of war, he will be against all hands and all hands will against him”, we see that is true in certain parts of South Asia, Middle East and lately with Isis in Syria, there are many more. They will continue to be true until we are a new creation in Christ. Until God takes over and develop the gifts and talents that He put inside of us; we will be under the spell of these curses.

What is at stake: the human consciousness
What at stake is the human consciousness, the ego, the identity that God wants us to have. It is all about human development. What matter is that they know who is in charge, what the game is, what the rules are. You cannot score points outside the field and think that they will count; God will not allow it. It does not matter if you are at a dead end, dissatisfied with your life somewhere and want to join Isis to establish a caliphate by creating a world for yourself or join some underworld society that gives you the option to exercise power over other human beings; you are scoring points outside the field; they will not count. End day scenario; they don’t know who they are working for, trying to establish a caliphate. Take for analogy a person living in Mexico or Haiti where it is customary to join secret societies, people who are dissatisfied with society, cannot cope or find expression. They join these groups for the promise of power over other human beings. The only problem with that is that they can only function in the dark, not overtly. They existence is only limited to work in the dark of the night where they can play any role, governor, king and queen, etc. Like prisoners, they can only operate within the confine of the prison wall. They are not allowed outside. God does not change for anyone. Isis is trying to change the rules, create a world for themselves where they can operate in broad day light. This will not be; the whole world will go against them. They are certainly not working for God; I think that God wants as many as possible to move forward. At the end; He will separate the just from the wicked; the wicked are those who don’t follow His rules, His way of doing things. The end day scenario that they are working for is proof that they are mislead by the darkness of this world.

Understand the human identity: the ego
Human_Consciousness Man is essentially a consciousness in God, ascending or descending from God. We are a particular frequency in God as so it is for every other created being, we are distinct. How close we are to that frequency, to the particular consciousness that God created us to be is determined by the level of awareness that we are. Jesus is the ladder of that awareness, the measure, the point of attainment that God wants us to reach. We can ride the ladder of awareness that God set on the earth up and down, from God and to God, because Jesus is that ladder. Jesus can reach to our level of awareness, whatever the level we are. He is teaching us the way, the path to God, to attain the level of awareness that God set for humanity. Rather you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu or any other religion; if you are lagging behind, and not be where God wants you to be; God wants to work with you and through to move you forward. God does not live in the past; He lives in the now, the present. He wants to work with you and through you to take you to your future, the future that He created for you. God has a standard for humanity; He has a degree of righteousness that He set for humanity; Jesus is that standard, that measure. Regardless whether we are talking about Isis or someone in Mexico or Haiti who is dissatisfied with life and decided to join a secret organization that promised to give that person power over other human beings, the ability to express what society had denied that person; it is the same thing. It all come down to the development of the human ego, the consciousness that God intended for us to achieve, the identity that He wants us to have. When the human ego is not where it supposed to be; it automatically enter into a state of opposition. It is in a state of fixation; it is a bruised ego that is in need to be liberated. A human being will seek expression one way or the other either joining the under world, going under or moving backward. It is the nature of the human spirit to seek freedom. Only God can free such a person, help him or her go over the hump to where He wants that person to be. “To set at liberty them that are bruised ”; this is the job of Jesus. He came to set free those that are stuck, fixated on their conditions. He came to shine a light on the darkness that surrounded them and show them the reason for why they are lagging behind. He came to show them the way that can help them move forward. The fundamental question is how to stop those who are responsible for keeping them behind, feeding them words that are poison to their souls, give them false hope?

The crux: it is a displaced ego
We are dealing with the darkness of this world; we don’t know for sure what is driving them. We cannot pin down the one reason, the one cause; it is many things, but it is also one thing. The only thing that we know for sure is that it has to do with the human ego, the identity that we take. It is a displaced ego, a bruised ego, someone who is not where he is supposed to be. This is also true for the collective, meaning countries and regions, people that are joined by affinity. This is why the potential for terror is everywhere. People are lagging behind, subconsciously see themselves in one aspect or another as part of the same struggle. They may not overtly identify with acts of terror, but they see part of themselves in the same struggle. People are driven by impulses; they don’t know for sure what is driving them. It is a subconscious phenomenon. We see this phenomenon before in the early struggle between blacks and whites around the world. Whites were driven to negate blacks because of the disparities that separate them. It was a subconscious act; they don’t know for sure why they do what they do, negate blacks, they behave despite of themselves, driven to treat blacks as lesser human beings. The same goes in the opposite, every black man in the world had a chip on his shoulders because of that. The stain of slavery and vilification by whites drove blacks to hatred and a need for retribution; they wanted to be justified by the truth. The only thing that can appease the human spirit is the truth. God has revealed the truth to the world, now they know the real reason for the disparities, why they are lagging behind, why they are cut off and cut out of the possibilities of this world. They now know it is the system of things, the darkness of this world that is responsible. I believe that Arabs and Muslims are in the same predicament; they are behind in many ways; they are bruised. They don’t know for sure what is driving them. I believe that they need a Ramah word from God, revealing to them that their true identity, and that in Christ, they are a new creation. God is Christ working with them and through them to give them a future and a hope.

Duality of life: continue…
The core of this struggle hasn’t changed; it is still a matter of identity, the human ego taken a false identity, dealing with people that are far behind; people that are bruised and in need for retribution. It is about the two extremes of life, the struggle between the forces responsible for advancing humanity forward and the forces responsible for restraining humanity backward and keeping people behind. It is about the duality of life that has been played out since the beginning of time and now extended from the struggle between race to culture and religion. First it was between the two races, the two extremes of life, blacks and whites, dark and light and is still is. Then it was between cultures, East and West and still is. And now it is about the human spirit rather it lives on or dies. It is about the struggle between life and death. It is about religion, which religion represents the continuation of the ego, the human identity, the human spirit. Which religion represents this struggle of opposites? Is Islam represents life or death or Christianity. Which religion represents the one choice that God urges us to make.

Know the truth: what is it really about?
Only the truth that you know will set you free. One thing that we know for sure it that it is an ego problem. Whatever the reason, it is the ego, the identity; it is the person that is not where he is supposed to be. It is a vexation of spirit; a need for exacting a price. This has always been true in Christianity; a price had to be paid, for sins, for us that are lagging behind, for making things right. There is a sacrifice that has to be made to make the world right when it has been wrongly affected. This is the nature of the spirit. We see the same in every culture, the human spirit will not rest, until a price is paid. While in Western culture vengeance is differed to God; it is not the same in other culture. People take vengeance into their own hands, trying to justify their world by force. They many now see the futility in taken the justification of the world into their own hands; it will not work. There are certain things that only God can do; things pertain to the spirit, the human ego, the human identity. Only because they are not familiar to the concept of Christ, God working with us to fix the world that they are reject Him, that they are stuck in their ego. If they were exposed to the doctrine of Jesus; they will not be driven to take vengeance into their own hands, trying to make the world right. They cannot play God; only God can fix the world and pay the price required to redeem us, our identity.. I only wish that this truth can get to them. I hope they know that self will amplify seven times when facing with self, this is why Jesus urged us to seek alternatives to resolve conflict, meaning turn the other cheek; don’t try to but heads with each other.

Asking the question?
The fundamental question is; how do we protect ourselves from them, knowing that the potential is there and any given time they may take their adversarial stance to the next level and do us harm? It is the truth that you know that will set you free, God’s truth is illuminating the darkness of their lives. We need to hold responsible the imams, the cleric, the spiritual leader that is feeding these people words that are in contradiction with the word of God, depositing seeds of terror in their hearts. Their hearts are so ready to receive, that any seed will easily take root and germinate.

There is a contradiction: it is in the imposition
The law of God is perfect, converting the soul”; “I did not come to destroy the law, but to fulfill it ”; “Not one iota of the law will be removed ”. “The letter of the law brings death ” Why this contradiction? It is a matter of choice, a matter of conforming to the letter of the law or letting the spirit of the law guides you. One is physical and the other is spiritual; it is that simple. There is a difference and I don’t think that Muslims understand the difference. The letter of the law restricts the spirit that gives life; without the spirit, there is no life. They can easily kill, because there is no connection to the spirit that unites people, guide people, help people see the light.

Islam has to go through a radical change just like Christianity did. There has to be a split between those who seek to impose the letter of the law and those who seek the spirit of the law. Today there is more unity in Christianity because every Christian understands that imposing the letter of the law is contrary to what God wants. “Here I put life and death before you, choose life ”, God wants us to choose, not imposing. We don’t worth anything to Him, unless we can choose. He wants us to know who we are in Him. The devil is competing with Him for your soul; He wants you to know why you choose Him instead of the devil. The law is to bring us to His spirit so that He can guide us from within. Imposing the law, takes us in the opposite direction toward the flesh, toward conformity, not transformation.

This ministry of death is real; it is everywhere. People no longer has the spirit to guide them inside, knowing right from wrong. Death is all you see; they kill to please God; this is Islam. Promoting death as a way to heaven while Christianity promotes heaven as a gift from God. Until there is a split; this ministry of death will continue. This split should start from the top, starting with the leaders of Islam. A public declaration, by first admitting that there is something wrong and secondly, rejecting what is wrong, this ministry of death. This is the baptism by water that comes first, then God will baptize them with the spirit.

Man by nature is spirit; it is the spirit that gives life. To separate from the spirit is to know death. There was no death, until man partake in the knowledge of separation. It was an act of will, by choice man chose to know separation. God therefore said “Here I put before you life and death, choose life ”. To choose life is to choose the spirit that gives life. Jesus came to baptize you with the spirit, to show you how to live right so that you can get access to the spirit of God Read more: To be Christian is not an imposition; it is what we are all becoming. Continue...

Christianity and Islam: duality in life
The emphasis in Christianity is life, Islam is the opposite; this duality of life is now been played on a spiritual level between the spirit that brings life and the absence of it that brings death. God said that there is a choice between life and death. Islam chooses death, promoting getting to heaven by killing, while Christianity promotes getting to heaven as a gift of the spirit from God, two opposites. This duality in life is expressed differently in different cultures. God’s intention is to take us beyond duality, where death is no more. Duality in life begins with a choice and it will end with a choice. It is all about the human spirit, making a choice between life and death. This duality in life is expressed in many different forms, played in life differently in different parts of the world.

Male and female as in man and woman, energy as in yin and yang, culture as in East and West, temperament as in North and South, quality as in good and evil, etc. day and night, life and death. This duality between life and death is now played spiritually in the two religions, Christianity and Islam. Christianity embraces life and Islam restricts the spirit that gives life. One promotes eternal life as a gift from God and the other death as a mean to please God. What matter between the two religions is for us to choose life? These are the two choices that God places before us and urges us to choose life. He does not impose, this is the difference. Imposition ministers death, because it restricts the spirit. that gives life; God values our choices.

On to Putin: On to Putin III, a test of leadership
Putin is caught between two worlds; he is where he no longer fits to lead; he becomes responsible for the people that are lagging behind because of him; they can no longer move forward because of him. He is now their leader. The world is making him into what he is not. God is a God of a second chance, but he must walk the lines, deliberately seeking God for direction. He is constantly at risk of a world that is making him. The world is constantly adjusting to maintain itself. Click below to continue....

Hence you are in contravention with God, with His law, His way of doing things; you are not where He wants you to be; you give the forces of darkness the rights to use you as fuel to maintain the world as it is, the system that is running it, the status quo, regressing humanity backward. You become part of the opposition by default. Your only choice to escape is through God. You are expandable with the forces of darkness; you will stumble in time. God is the only one who can rescue you. You must be aware that by default you become the opposition and by choice, you must deliberately choose God. This it what the world is coming to, a clear line of separation between those who are moving forward with Christ. Meaning God working with you and through you to take you from under the forces of darkness. Or moving backward, regressing into the past with the devil. The moment that you are not fulfilling God’s will; you become the opposition by default, working for the devil. Christ is the future, the devil is the past; it is that simple. See: Clear choice

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Walking the Lines

Leader by Default
"Putin, a Test of Leadership"

Who is making who

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