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Applying the precepts against this “Bone of Contention” that exists between Haiti and the DR

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Right identity for both: is the solution
Haiti_Dominican_Republic Am I craving attention, seeking recognition or driven by the need to do what God calls me to do? I think that it is the latter; I am trying to do what God called me to do. The question of identity is forever in questioned in the struggle between Haiti and the DR. The fundamental question is what kind of identity that God wants us to have; how do you maintained your cultural identity while moving forward? “What you don’t do willingly; you will do forcefully”; the lessons that we failed to learn willingly, we will forcibly learn on the battlefield”. See Battleground
Haiti a Battleground Haiti is a battleground between the forces that are propelling humanity forward and the forces that are restraining humanity backward. At some point in time they will intersect; at the breaking point is the time when God will intervene to facilitate a change. There is a bone of contention that exists between Haiti and the DR partly because of the forces that restrained the Haitian people from moving forward. This bone of contention has manifested many times in the past at different scale. Haiti is the point of convergence where the struggle between the two forces that shaped humanity meet. This bone of contention between Haiti and the DR will have global implications. I hope that the leaders of the world will go to my website and read as much as they can about these two forces; how they interact with each other to shape humanity to what it is today. The question of identity, right identity; the identity that God intended for human beings to have regardless of nationality and how this identity takes precedence over our cultural identity. I think that there is a lot that we can learn about God’s intention for humanity, how we can avoid what seems to be inevitable; a clash between the two forces that shaped human existence.

To be or not to be: right identity is the solution
Was Jesus the Nazarene, the Son of man, the Son of God and the Christ? The answer is that He was all of them, but above all, He was the Christ; His reason for coming on earth. To be black, red, yellow or white or just a man.; I think been a man takes precedence over every other identity. God wants us to follow Jesus, to pattern our lives after Him, take on His identity; this is what He intended for humanity; what He intended for us to become as human beings. As we emulate Jesus, pattern our lives after Him, we inevitably become Him. “As if in a mirror we are beholding His image; we are been transformed into His likeness”. We are what we eat; we are called to consume Him daily. His life is the spiritual food that we need to sustain us. “I am the bread of life coming down from heaven, except you eat my flesh and drink my blood; you have no life in you”. “The father has life in Him, apart from Him, there is no life”. “Who seen me as seen the father, who received me, receives the father, me and the father are one”. “No one has seen God at any time, but the Son who is in the bosom of the father; He who revealed Him”. All in all, we are all to become like Jesus, take on His identity; He is the pattern for humanity. Dispensation in the age to come will not be by affinity to color, but by righteousness. The possibility to attain and achieve in this world will no longer be by affinity to your skin color; Jesus came to change that. The Dominican rejected their African identity; this has allowed them the possibility to prosper and excel in this world. The Haitians took on their African identity, embraced their blackness and this has restrained them and keeping them behind. This is the dispensation system, the system of things that is running the world; it is designed to be that way. It is the work of the devil, contrary to what God intended for humanity. See
Right Identity

Seek alternatives to resolve conflicts: “Turning the other cheek”
Alternatives_Schooling What are the lessons that we failed to learn? The precepts in the teachings of Jesus are the lessons that some of us failed to learn. Turning the other cheek is one of them; it can help us resolve our conflicts, avoid going to war, alleviate human sufferings and help us be part of the abundance of life if we apply it in our time of need, in our moment of conflict. The conflict between Haiti and the Dominican Republic can be resolved first by applying the precept of turning the other cheek. This precept teaches us to seek alternatives to resolve our conflicts, avoid butting heads with each other. These alternatives that we seek can be in the form of schooling, literally equip the next generation of Haitian children in a way that will even up the playing field, helping them close the gap of achievements that separates them and their neighbors, helping them overcome the disparities that set them apart. These precepts are His way of life; they can become their lifestyle, a lifestyle that guarantees them an increase in their cognitive ability; an increase in their intuitive capacity, making them fluid and flexible, able to perceive the subtle changes that are happening around them.


The Benefits of the teachings
The concept of moral responsibility, social competency and state of convergence, all of which we can be achieved if we can live the lifestyle prescribed by Jesus in His teachings. The Haitian Government must make a deliberate effort to instill in their children the precepts that will help them achieve what had made other countries the leaders of the world. Alternative schooling has been in use in Europe for decades and now it is trending in popularity in the US. The idea or concept behind this trend is that you must educate your child academically and spiritually in order for your child to function at pick performance. This is convergence by any other name. Leading this charge in the US are pioneers like Andre Agassi schools, Geoffrey Canada, Michelle Rhee. These people believe that in order to close the gap in these children achievements; you need to equip them with more than academic schooling. Side by side with the academic schooling, other principles must be taught that will equip them in moral responsibility, social competency, helping them enter into a state of convergence, so that they can maximize their potentials, helping them operate at pick performance at all time. This alternative schooling can help them close the gap in achievements that has separated them with their neighbors. It has been proven that these gaps in achievements are the sources of discriminations and prejudices, the real reason for the conflict. As long as there are disparities that separate people, there will be a need to resort differences; this we inherit since the fall of man. Jesus came to remedy this condition; He is the way; the precepts in His teachings guarantee us access to the abundance of this world, the abundance of life; they must become our lifestyle. We must instill them in our children until they become part of them.
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