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Jesus, "Fact" or "Fiction"; your rosy, peachy life is possible, thanks to Him, this is a "Fact", see: level

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Life is a Rose: Because of Jesus
Rosy_without_the_Thorns Jesus came to show us the meaning of sacrifice, how the whole universe is engaged in the principle of self sacrifice. He is now seating at the right hand of God, letting God finishing the works that He sent Him to do on earth. “Sit to my right until I make of your enemies your foot stool”, the enemies of humanity, those who oppose God’s will, opposing the world from moving forward. Until He came, all we know was the self, defending ourselves, take everything to ourselves, boasting our egos, separating ourselves from the rest. He came to show us what it is meant to be human, what God intended for us to be as human beings. Through parables and short stories He taught us the principles that will make our lives acceptable to God. He showed us how to love one another, avoid butting heads with each other, seek alternatives to resolve conflicts, embrace the very things that make us human, that is to help one another, not looking down on each other, the things that used to make us ashamed as human beings. His prayer to God is that we become one as He is one with God. ”I pray that they will be one as you and I are one”. “Lo! Our God is One”; In God there is no division, God created us as individuals to be a collective; we are pieces of one unit, one humanity; we need each other to be whole. God created us to be interdependent; He wants us to depend on each other. There are spaces between us, spaces between our thoughts, God wants to fill those spaces to make our coexistence possible, but we must first know His ways of doing things, how He operates so that we may not offend Him. Jesus came to make us familiar with His ways of doing things.

God is reconciling the world to Himself through Christ”; this is an ongoing process, it hasn’t end, just because Jesus went back to the father; Jesus said it Himself. “It is expedient that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Comforter will not come to you; but if I depart; I will send Him to you”    ”The Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the father will send in My name, He will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you”; meaning that He will send the Holy Spirit to finish the works. Him been in the physical body was limited to one location, but the Holy Spirit is Omnipresent; He is in all places at all time. ” Me and the Father are One”; First God sent Him, He done the works that He was sent to do and He then went back to the father in order to send the Holy Spirit to finish the works. See: Triune God

The meaning of sacrifice: He is our teacher
Life is a rose, but too many thorns and it will become a cross. Without someone to carry the thorns on their forehead, you cannot enjoy the rosy and peachy life that you are enjoying. Jesus is the One that God placed to carry the thorns of life so that life can always be beautiful, enjoyable; He became the cross for your sake. He said it Himself: “I came so that you may have life and have it more abundantly”. His word is truth, because since He came on earth, the devil has his limits, human possession by foreign entities, evil spirits are not as frequent as they used to be. Unless a person lived a reckless life and open himself to demoniac activities, the devil cannot take possession of him. This was not always so in the past. People failed to take account of what it takes to keep life beautiful, the underbelly, the guts that make the surface so beautiful. Life is a rose made beautiful by a perpetual flux of sacrifices. Jesus came to show us the meaning of sacrifice; since He came the degree of negation for blacks have been decreasing. He came to create the space for people like me to operate in this world. Today blacks have greater latitude to operate in the world; the forces that used to restrain them and keeping them bottled up inside have released them out of their grips. Today they have more freedom to operate in this world. This can only improve overtime as the forces that used to negate them, denied them their possibility to share in the abundance of this world are releasing them, giving them more room to operate. You will see geniuses born of the black race as often as any other race. These are the possibilities that Christ has done for man because Jesus came. Righteousness is the currency in God’s reign of governance.

We all need a savoir: a big brother to protect us
As it is in nature as so it is in man; the earth would not be what it is today without the largest planet Jupiter to absorb the blows that are coming her way so often, like runaway asteroids that could have wiped out life on earth as we know it. The city that is so beautiful has countless number of workers working, removing trash, maintaining the sewer system, burying the dead, etc. This peachy life that you are enjoying, would not exist without the working of its underbelly. Sacrifices have to be made; government has to work in the dark, looking out for evil that is waiting to rob you of your joy. “The joy of the Lord is your strength” If God hasn’t been busy working to give you the life that you have; you would have become expendables, fuel for the devil to use in his system of things that is running the world. Look out for Jesus; seek Him out, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jews and others; He is carrying the thorns that made your life easy. Without Him; you are pawn for the devil to use against God, to boast his ego. His wrath is on you; you are the reason for his demise; his replacement on this earth.

The question of Jesus as the Savior: is forever settled
You cannot deal with filth without been soiled; If you don’t believe that I am He, meaning the Christ Jesus said; you will die in your sin, meaning in your filth. We are dealing with the sin that caused humanity to fall; man giving the devil permission to enter our world, race division; the problems related to the spiritual development of man such as Isis and other groups of people that are lagging behind and causing error in our world, all of which are related to the fall of humanity. Consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil is man giving the spirit of separation entrance to our world; it is man giving the devil entrance into our world. Christ came to fix that; reunite man with God. “God is busy reconciling the world to Himself through Christ”. If you are in Christ; you are a new creation; you are been made a new person, having a new identity with the spirit rather than with the body. Man is a two parts being, a hybrid; he is a spirit being, encased in a physical body. Jesus is the standard of the being that God created that is called human. He is the measure of your being. If righteousness makes God personal to us; Jesus is the measure of the righteousness that God is looking for before become intimate with you. The question of race is forever settled in Christ, because hence Jesus baptized you with the Holy Spirit; you have full access to the creative power of God; to His awesome power; the devil can no longer deny you of your right to partake in the abundance of life. You no longer have the limitations that separated you and set you apart from your fellow human beings. In Christ; we are one; as you can see; division is solely an ideal of the devil. He is the instigator; the father of division. His system of things that is running the world is based on division, pitching one race against another. By assigning the possibility to attain and achieve in this world by affinity to color, he assured us divided. It is not your color that is the cause, but the attributes of your color that he used to define your possibility to attain and achieve in this world. This division ends whence you are made a new creation in Christ.

Why Talk about these Issues?
Talking about these things is like a computer getting stuck in a loop, repeating, going on in circle; we are jumping from one subject to the next, just to find ourselves at the same point where we started from. This is so because everything that we talked about thus far has to do with the fall of humanity, man separation from God, loosing awareness of his spirituality, his connection to God. Talking about these things is necessary, otherwise I would not. People tend to shy away from these things; they feel threaten and for good reason; these things have to do with our identity; the core of who we think we are. They also have to do with the process by which we arrive at our identity, our false identity with the flesh. You will resist me or even hate me for talking about these issues, not because you want to, but because your very existence is threatened, your sense of identity. This have to do with how human beings assert themselves in the world, how we arrived at our identity as human beings, the person that you think you are. These issues that we talk about are problems that only God can solve, simply because they are the results of the fall of humanity, our separation from God, loosing our spiritual identity, identifying more with the flesh, the body rather than the spirit. Our body is in enmity with the spirit, anything that contradicts its course, its alignment with the devil is perceived as a threat to its existence. The body seems to have a will of its own, independently of ours; it is following the will of the devil instead of God. This shift in consciousness is what God wants us to achieve, us coming to our spiritual identity, rather than our identity with the body, with the flesh. God wants us to identity with the spirit rather than the body; God wants us to realign our body with our spirit; this process is happening slowly, changing the human body into higher stuff capable of withstanding the all consuming power of God.

Changing the world:
As much as I want the world to change; it is not going to change overnight. The world is constantly adjusting to itself, meaning that people are constantly trying to adjust to the world, to reality, making it conform to their expectations, what they used to. God is the only One who can change the world and it will take time. “Time is the maker and the destroyer of all things”; in time all things are possible. “ “Time I am; I have come to engage all beings ” I am sure that God will engage us, giving us greater awareness, takes us to higher levels of awareness. God wants us to achieve the highest level of awareness that He created us to achieve. He wants us to reach the level of consciousness that He created us to be. The world is definitely not the same as it was years ago; but it seems familiar. The more things change; the more they seem to remain the same; however I can assure you that nothing remained the same; the world is certainly not what it used to be. It seems to be, but it is not and shall pass away; the only thing that remained constant is the truth of God, what is. What is; is what God created us to be. We are spirit beings created after God’s own image; God is spirit therefore we too are spirit. We are on a journey to discover the reality that God created us to be. Some of us are far ahead and some of us are far behind, stuck in the reality of the past. They need to move forward, take the leap of faith to be where God wants them to be. See:
Change the Tonality of the World

Revealing a Secret:
Since the dawn of time, as it is done in heaven as so it is done on earth, there has always been ranking; however, your position in life is not a license to negate, deny others their possibilities in life. It is an indisputable fact that white people are privileged in this world; the problem hasn’t been the fact they are privileged, but the reason for this privileged. Everything is wonderful, as long as there is no ego involve. Jesus showed us that example in the washing of the feet; His position on earth and in heaven did not separate Him from the twelve disciples; there was no ego involved. People resent separation as a matter of course; it is innate; however if there is no ego involve for your separation, people will tolerate you. Take the Jews for example; they are been called to be a separate people by God. They are to be different, an example for the rest; there is no ego involved; people tolerate them. You may find some resentment here and there because of our inclination to reject separation, but in general, people tolerate them; there is no ego. They are not consuming the fruit of separation, the fruit of better than on themselves. God warned us not to consume the fruit of our knowledge of self, separating ourselves as good and reject everything as evil; this is the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. We are not to consume it on ourselves. Adam did not know that he was naked, until he parked in the fruit of separation, his knowledge of good and evil on himself.

A life Example:
Our knowledge of self, of ego comes from the fruit of separation, the spirit of division. It was Adam partaking in this fruit that gave the devil entrance in his world. I have a friend named Harry; he is white and Jewish; I never remember a time that I saw him as either; he was always Harry to me, so was his wife Rose and his son Michael, one of his two kids. The thought of him been a Whiteman never once entered my mind; the reason is simple; there was never an ego that stands between us. The devil uses race primarily as an instrument to create division. It is a deliberate act, which purpose is to force humanity to perpetually consume the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, the fruit of separation, the knowledge of self, the ego. The one instrument that the devil uses to divide us is negation. Jesus came to reverse that process, teaching us to deny the self, embrace our humanity. “He must first deny himself and take up his cross ”. There is one secret that you need to know; it is that the devil does not create anything, he simply uses everything for his benefit, (manipulate) to boast his ego. He is the instigator, the spirit of division, he came to rob and destroy. “He is a roaring lion, seeking whom to devour”.

Note: It does not matter what Jesus looks like, the fact that he was born and had a body, therefore someone had to model his body for the world to see. Human beings need reference to associate with a historical figure. Jesus had lived on earth and has a history.

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