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Oozing Destruction:
That [whatever it is that is responsible] got to go; if it wasn’t for the fact they were suffering, destroying their own selves, you would say that they are conspiring with some greater entity to destroy you. When I looked at them, they are as much a victim, an unconscious participant of a life, a way of life, a belief system that they are holding on to, that is no longer fits to carry them forward. They cannot accept the fact that what they are holding on to was suppose to be simply a stop gap measure to help them, until they can handle the real thing. They could not handle the real thing; God allowed them, gave them the space; these intermediaries were there simply to help them deal with what they could not handle; this reality they are holding to is no longer necessary.

How can you help them see the real thing; the one thing that they should be reaching out for and hold on to; how can you help them make the transition? The challenge is them, how can a nation be born in one day is the question; or make the transition collectively? All it is; is a shift, a change in perception. They were holding to the shadow of something; now they must face the real thing; this is that simple. I am sure that something is coming; it is better for them to do the shift willingly than to be pushed to do it. Life is not kind; the forces that demand change are not kind, nor personal toward you; if you don’t change, they will rollover you. The Indians have suffered this fate; they were holding on to a reality that was no longer fitting to carry them forward. God wants to change the Tonality of this world; you are in the way.

What has to Go!
The air of suspicion and mistrust that exists among the people has to go and be replaced by an atmosphere of love. There is definitely something that exists in the air that is not conducive to growth and prosperity; it needs to be replaced by love. Love is the level of awareness where God wants us to operate. The prescription that Jesus left us is the remedy to help us create the atmosphere where abundance can take place. "I am the way and the life”; His way of life is the way to the abundance of life. “I come so that you may have life and have it more abundantly”; this will happen if we live the lifestyle that He prescribed for us to live. It is all in the life; trust me, the way of life that you live; your belief system is what determined the quality of your life. Jesus has the remedy; love is the way; He wants to take us to the level where love operates.

Do they know the resaon for their condition?
You see their pain; they are in it, yet they cannot see that what they are holding is the cause. The challenge is on them to drop their belief system; but that does not work out in real life. God gives us the space to be, to discover ourselves, what we really made of. We are battling it out and in the process, the real thing will emerge. You can no longer holding on to what has failed you; you have to stand on the unmovable rock, the word of God, the promises of God to give you a future and a hope. The past is no more, what used to work for you in the past is no longer serving you. These intermediary spirits did not help the Indians stop the Whiteman from destroying their way of life then, simply because their time was gone; their purpose was served. They were no longer capable of carrying them forward. Today is the same, these spirits that the Haitian people are holding on to, have outlived their usefulness as far as moving the Haitian people forward; now it is time for them to reach out for the real One. All that you have however is His word, the promises that He made to you. You must hold on to them, or He is not God. God is Spirit and those that served Him, shall serve Him in spirit and in truth. The more that you hold on to His promises, the greater the measure of your spirit; “I will never leave you nor forsake you” is a promise from God. In the midst of your circumstances, while the world is crumbling around you; if you make this promise part of your life, your belief system; you will have Him, for He already got you. You haven’t got Him, simply because you are not holding on to Him. The sad thing about this is that while they were kissing dead chicken, or bathed in pungent water, doing their incantations, He was there and never leave them; they only needed a shift of awareness. Many of you, God has saved you in many life and death situations, but instead of thinking Him; you gave the glory to third party intermediaries that have nothing to do with saving your life, except that you are holding on to them. You have to give God the room to operate in your life; faith is you giving God the space to operate in your life as He is given you the space to discover yourself; what He made you to be.

The question is: how can you separate a man from his religion; the answer is that you cannot. He must discover the change for himself, he must work it out in real life. Circumstances will force you to change and if you are not holding on to the real thing, you may loose yourself in the circumstances. Everything else that is not real will crumble and you may crumble with them if you are not holding on to the real thing. Oozing destruction simply means that everything that is coming out of their mouth is self destruct; there is no life in them. They are not building up people, looking for solution, everything is antagonistic, opposing; there is never agreement. The idea of repelling constantly, never approaching, joining together is destructive to themselves and to the good that they are searching.

What they are searching for
Sure and certain that it is the good that they are searching, but there is an air of suspicion in their midst that is not conducive to building up or producing result. The Haitian Creed, “L’Union fait la force” is a reflection of the word of God. “Where the unity is, there the Lord commanded the blessing”. How can they achieve unity, for without unity, there is no way for them to gather enough energy or resources to do what they want to achieve. Those who want to separate or act as if they don’t belong or part of it are kidding themselves; they will feel the effect of their betrayal bitterly if they are not joining up to do their parts. They were not born in the land for nothing; God only knows them by where He placed them to work with Him. If they decide to forsake their assignments to please the world; their works will count for nothing. God gave you a gift and talent and placed you in a particular area so that He can work with you to take back spaces and territories that the devil has taken from humanity. Your sins are forgiven and God remembers them no more hence you are in Christ; but your gifts and the works that He assigned you to do; you will require to give account. Only those works that He assigned you to do that He will record in the book of remembrance for eternity; the rest is counted for nothing, to be forgotten with time.

Unity an essential ingredient
Unity is essential to achieve great things; this is a necessity of life. Without unity to seal the space that exists between people, the reality that they want to achieve will escape them. So the bonding between people is essential to seal the space between them, for without oneness; we can achieve little. Jesus prayer to His father is that His disciples remained as one as He and God are one. “I pray Father that they remained one as you and I are one”. There is no way around oneness, unity of purpose, agreement between people to seal the space that exist between them. Jesus main teaching is that we love one another as so that there may be no space between people. Lo! Our God is one”; in God there is no division, no separation. The crux of the devil system of things is separation. Without separation, he does not exist in our lives. The spirit of separation came into our lives and separated us from God. Separation is a virus, a disease that our ancestors caught the day they partake in the fruit of self, better than, the knowledge of good and evil. This is the disease that humanity is suffering from.

What God wants
God wants us to be one again, but in Him, “Lo! Our God is one”, “Lo the people are one, nothing will be refrained from them which they imagine to do”. God said it Himself, we can do anything when we are one. The only reason we were scattered around so that we did not come together as one was because we were too proud, too much into our egos, wanting to do things on our own effort without the awareness of God behind us, the creative power of God. Without the spirit of God, there is no creative power; this is final. It is our awareness of things that is keeping us out of the creative power of God. Without the spirit of God, there is no creative power, so our perception must change before our capacity to create is increase.

Note: Worthy of noting:

Seal_SpaceWhy unity is important; why it is important to achieve oneness and why without us living the way of life prescribed by Jesus to us, it is not possible to achieve the oneness that we desire. Here are the precepts of the lifestyle that Jesus prescribed for us to live.
1_ Love one another
2_ Treat others as you would like for them to treat you
3_ Be the Good Samaritan; that is to give to those in need
4_ Do unto others what you would like them to do unto you
5_ Forgive as many times as necessary
6_ Turn the other cheek, which is to look for alternatives to resolve conflict, avoid head on collisions with each other
7_ Deny the self, that is not boasting your ego by stepping on others to elevate yourself
8_ Take up your cross, which is to embrace the pain and suffering of your fellow human, the frailty of life
Live this lifestyle and you are guaranteed an increase in your cognitive ability; you will be quicken, make you fluid, flexible, easy to perceive the subtle changes that are happening in the world around you. If you are intelligent enough to see what remained hidden to other people; you are in the light of Christ. The way of life that Jesus prescribed for you to follow is the path to be in the light of God.

The Flip Side
Reflection This I am certain; if there is no bond between them, no oneness, no unity of purpose; the reality that they want to create will escape them trough the space that exists between them. “ Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.”; Jesus said these words, but it was making reference to Himself; that there was no one to contain Him, even agree with Him; He was from above and they were beneath. It was expedient that I go to the father He said so that He can send the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit of God that makes us one. This is why He wants us to love one another so that the spirit of God can come in and live inside of us, help us fill the space between us. As long as there is space between people who are trying to capture a reality, create something together; that reality will most likely escape through that space. This I lived and I tweeted about that below; people need each other to contain the reality that they want to create; there are spaces between our thoughts and people; we need to seal those spaces and the only way to do it is to bond with each other and the avenue that Jesus wants us to use is love.

To catch a reality with one, two or more people; you need to seal the space between you and them. “[ A man looks up; which means that he looks through his mind eye to see who he can pair with to catch the reality that he desires. If he picks the wrong person, the reality that he wants most likely will escape him. The reason is because there is a space between them and if it is not sealed, the realty that he wishes to catch will pass through it. There is always the spirit of bewilderment and confusion that followed when there is no agreement, no bonding between two people who are trying to join together to catch a reality. If there is love between him and the people that he wants to pair with; that bond will seal the space and the reality that he wants to create will happen. ”]

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