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Life Imitating Art: Art imitating life, Radicalized, Vampirised, Dehumanized, all the same

Our Tidbit for the Day : Vampires, Living Dead, Zombies, hence you are bitten by one, literally dehumanized you
Stages_of_Disconnection_Or_Degree_of_Dehumanization Degrees of disconnection, people who are disconnected from humanity; this is what these movies are trying to express to us; degrees of disconnection. Vampires, living dead, Zombies are people who are either dead or disconnected from the living, each expressing a different degree of disconnection. Isis, Daesh; they all expressed different degree of disconnection from humanity. They are people who are willing to attack and kill the most vulnerable section of the human population without remorse. They can kill women and children without any remorse, any sense of connection to them; this is art imitating life at the movies. Once your are bitten, smitten, radicalized by this philosophy of death, something in you has changed. You can no longer trusted to be among the free spirited, care free and unsuspected human beings; you can turn against them at anytime. This is real life imitating art at the movies. The Vampire Saga, The Night of the Living dead, Zombie Apocalypse, all of these films or movies depicted transformation in the human beings that make them disconnected to their humanity. “As a man think, so he is, so he becomes”. There are degrees of disconnection; but some of them have crossed the boundaries of the things that connected them to other human beings. As they think of ways to get revenge on Westerners, destroy those that they perceived as a threat to their way of life, etc.; they get disconnected to the humanity that joined them.

As radical Islamists make death part of their spiritual belief; they become instruments of death, bringing death and destruction to their fellow human beings. Instead of making their religion a life giving religion, they take life. I don’t see a remedy, except God deals with them. This radical side of life is intertwined with the Islamic belief that in death there is a reward; unless they accept the revelation that will refute the old way of thinking; I don’t see any change. The Jews in their zeal to keep the letter of the law were no different in the past than them until Jesus came to show them a new revelation of God. Human beings before Jesus came were as ruthless and barbaric as those that are radicalized by this philosophy of death. Unless they accept this new revelation that will refute the old; they will continue to be instruments of death and destruction. “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth’, But I tell” you otherwise, seek alternatives to resolve conflict; etc. Jesus showed us a new way that was not part of the religious belief system of His time. I believe that Islam can do the same. Until Jesus came to reveal to us that God requires of us to love and have compassion for one another and that the law was written for man and not man for the law, man did not know any better; he was putting his religion above his humanity. Man could not see nor hear God talking to him, telling him that life is fragile, precious and needs to be protected and cherished. Jesus had to reveal the loving side of God to man, showing him who God is and what He wants from man. Today the earth is a better place to live because human beings are more compassionate, more tolerant, less barbaric, and more apt to seek life rather than death.

Those who practice Hinduism, Shintoism, Buddhism and Judaism are more likely to factor in the human condition in their religious practices; they value life more. They may not claim to be Christians or followers of the teachings of Jesus, but had they not taken in account the human condition; they could have become as radical as those radical Islamists who intent on following the letter of the law, ignoring what makes us all human. There is no Christianity without the human factor. See Christian Manifesto, are you a human being? “The law of God is perfect converting the soul”, not destroying it; Jesus did not stone the woman, not because He was ignoring the law, but because He was convicting the woman of her sin so that she could become aware of her sin and sin no more. The human factor was more important than stoning the woman, the law at this point was changed, death was not necessary, people can change.

For more see The Bible Sequel coming 03.16.16

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For more see The Bible Sequel coming 03.16.16

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