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ďReduce the percentage of people that are living in the reality of the past, reduce Negation"

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The future is yours: if you can accept the hard truth
Future_Symbol If you want a fundamental change that can make a difference; you have to decrease the percentage of the population that are lagging behind, people who are stuck in the reality of the past. It has to be a government initiative in order to make a difference. The challenge is that the government is of the people. The leader that you need has to be someone who comes from outside the government, meaning someone who is above and outside, not part of. If not; he or she cannot oppose the system, change the government. It has to be an outsider; Jesus was an outsider. This is why He is the savior of the world. He was not part of the system. He said; ďI am from above; and you are from beneath Ē. He was man, but He was not conceived by man. I think that whoever is going to change the percentage of the population in Haiti, the number of people that are stuck in the reality of the past, has to be an outsider, not affected by their belief system. I donít see any other way.
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Change the description: change the world
The only way that you can measure change is to see it in the description. If you can change the lines and the colors that depict your world or your condition; you can say that the description has changed. If the lines and colors are different than they used to be; you can say that the description has changed. If the description is changing, the attitude toward the description will also changed, so will the tone. You can say that the Tonality
of your world has changed. You can then say with certainty that your world has changed. I donít see any fundamental change that can make a difference, without changing the percentage of the population of Haiti that is lagging behind. If you can reduce the percentage of people that are lagging behind; you can say that your world will change. I donít see this happen in Haiti without a governmental initiative, something deliberately put fort by the government to reduce the number of people that are lagging behind, living in the reality of the past. You need a leader who understands what is at stake, why people cannot excel and prosper. Unless a leader can rise out of the population, someone who God has raised for such a task; I don't see that happening. God has always someone hidden to help the people move forward when they are ready. I am sure that person is around somewhere ready to come out when the people are ready to receive him.

Negation: is a tool of the devil
The devil will deny you access to the possibilities of this world; if you are not where God wants you to be. He will instigate ways to keep you behind; but if you are in God; he cannot do that, uses you as fuel to sustain his system of things. The best way for you to move forward is be under God, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God. Negation
is the devil's tool; he sets the world system on Negation. He sets gates of hell on earth to keep people from accessing the blessing of God. The fact that you are black or the majority of your population is black makes you a target for Negation. There is no adversarial system without Negation. Hence your leader understands the mechanism that is running the world; he can corporate with God to take you and your people forward, out of the grip of the Negation. The devil and Negation are one. Jesus said that the world, the devil are one. The world system is based on Negation. Negation is from the spirit of separation. The devil brought separation into our world by teaching people how to step on each other to boast their ego, elevate themselves. Separation is the way we assert our identity in the world; we get that from the devil. Jesus came to show us another way, the way of the cross, embracing our humanity.

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Facing the Truth: it is all about percentage
The truth has no boundaries; you cannot change until you accept the truth. It is all about percentage; take terror around the world for example, the image of Islam will not change until the percentage of the practitioners of Islam accepts the fact that there is a reason why people use Islam to give them permission to kill. Somewhere there has to be an adjustment, if they want people to stop using their religion to give them the excuse they need to kill. Christians had to do the same five hundred years ago. They had to stop killing people who did not agree with their belief. The image of Christianity has changed, because you will not find Christians killing people who donít agree with Christianity.
Haiti is no difference, the percentage of the Haitian population must change, but they must see the need. They must know that there is a problem that is causing them to lag behind. This problem lies in their belief system. The people rely too much on the past, what used to work when humanity was still an infant. Today what used to work becomes a hindrance; God is no longer in it. Helping them accept this truth is a challenge. The change they desire will never come until they first accept the truth. What is truth; they must know what is truth before they can accept it. They must know about the system in place to keep them down. Government has to take it upon themselves to educate the people. It has to be a deliberate act. What is the system; the system is Negation. To be negated, the devil has to have a legal right to do it. The moment that you are behind, you are not fulfilling Godís will. This is all the legal right the needs to negate you, cut you out of the possibilities of this world. He creates gates of hell on earth to restrain people, keeping them from fulfilling Godís will. This gives the him permission to negate you and uses you as fuel to maintain his system of things, his grip on humanity. He creates conditions to justify his actions against you.

How to keep people from lagging behind?
The only way that the devil can use negation against you is for you to be behind and not be where you suppose to be. What we need to do is make sure that leaders are not extended their position in power, keeping people behind. Haiti is a casualty of leaders who donít understand the spiritual reality of life. They want power at all costs without measuring the consequences for their actions. If the seed of greatness God that placed inside of us is not developing, by default it will enter in enmity with God, giving right for the devil to use negation to restrain it. In addition of government engaged in reducing the percentage of the population that is lagging behind; they must make sure that they are not extended their time in power.
No leader is irreplaceable; God always have someone in line to carry out His will. Their insistence on staying their post often interferes with Godís plan. Wickedness begins when people are not fulfilling Godís will for their lives. They are automatically opposing God and therefore ally with the devil. This is what gives the devil the right to negate people and use them as fuel.


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Infected and denied the cure

Negation an instrument of the devil

ďJesus is the cure for NegationĒ

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For more see The Bible Sequel coming 03.16.16

See Averting the crisis   Who will be part of this new reality, click to find out?

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