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The_New_Thing “God wants to give you a future and a hope”, not to destroy you, but to bless you. He is busy working with you and through you to bless you. The whole of humanity are not yet under His blessing; cursed was the ground for the choice that Adam made. We were separated from Him, until now; Jesus said that “Me and My father are busy working” with you and through you, helping you take back territories that the devil has stolen from you. There are sections of the earth that are still under the influence of the devil; God's light has not yet penetrated. “God is reconciling the world to Himself through Christ”. Christ is God working with you and through you, empowering you to shine in the areas where He put you to work with Him. The gifts and the talents that He gave you and the sphere where He placed you to work with Him, the passion that He put in your heart are the tools that He uses to bless you. God wants you to glorify Him in the earth. He wants to give you back the abilities that you need to do it. He wants to empower you to prosper, to give you the ability to create first class world, Better Living World for you to live. He wants you to be part of the abundance of life. You need the ability to do the work, to create; He wants to give you back the abilities that you have lost, taken from you by the devil.

A Pattern is Given, a Model was Provided:
Jesus is the model for you to follow, the pattern that you must copied and become before God can give you access to His Spirit. “I am the way and the life”, Jesus is literally the model of obeisance, justice and righteousness that you must become before God can give you access to His Spirit., to His creative power. The good news is that you only have to accept Him to become Him, He will do all of the works of transforming you. This is God’s grace presented to you in a choice, giving you the option to become a free being. You choose and He will do; it is that simple.

Are you with me or Against me?

Seal the Space Between us
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“Prevent Reality from Escaping”

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