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"God wants us to relect Jesus "

Wondrous tales:
Shouting There was a contest, a calendar of some sort that has been promoted; every race that made up the human race is represented in that calendar. I was looking for my race in it, someone who reflects me. I was ashamed, devastated. I made a public spectacle of myself shouting, not because I wasnít right, but because everyone was looking at me. I was looking for a reflection of myself, my race; there was no one like me, represented on the calendar. The half white person that they gave as my race representation was not me; I could not see myself in him. I embarrassed the guy they gave to represent me; I was shouting too loud. I was ashamed for making such a spectacle in public. I did not know what to say; I got up, still ashamed and embarrassed for shouting so loud. To calm myself down and take away my shame; I remember Jesusí word that God will not leave you orphan; He will send you the Holy Spirit. Jesus was my solace.

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What God is looking for:
God is looking for a reflection of Himself, someone to represent Him on the earth. Jesus is that reflection; He can make you reflect Godís nature, Godís character. He will baptize you with spirit and fire, causing you to become what God is looking for, spirit, the nature of God. God and matter does not mix; that which is flesh is matter. His nature is to transmute matter into higher stuff, spiritual stuff, incorruptible stuff. You are measured by how much your life reflects the spirit; how much you can live by the spirit while in the flesh. Now the question still remained, why donít I see someone like me, some one who reflects me in the calendar. I say that
Negation is the cause; the devil has suppressed my race, because he wanted to promote the physical white as light, the attributes of whiteness as light. Jesus came to show us otherwise. God is looking in the earth for who to represent Him, to see a reflection of Himself. He gave us the pattern, the character, the image of who He wants us to be; who is going to be like Jesus. The physical us that He wants is Jesus. Jesus is the image, not our race, not our color, but the nature, the character of Jesus.

ď After me shall come One; He will baptize you with spirit and fire Ē John said; this is what God wants us to be; this is what He is looking for in us; fire and spirit. I am not angry at white people; I am angry at the devil for feeding us a lie, because he wanted to promote himself as light. Jesus is what God wants us to become; He is the true light of the world.

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A matter of consciousness

God had an intention in mind when He created man
" Who is going to reach that consciousness "

ďGod gave the pattern for humanityĒ

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For more see The Bible Sequel coming 03.16.16

See Averting the crisis   Who will be part of this new reality, click to find out?

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