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The_New_ThingIf you are not with Me, you are against Me”, Jesus said; literally this means that those that are not contributing to your betterment are not for you. If they are not for you, they are contributing to your bewilderment, confusion and forgetfulness. They are letting the reality that you want to create escapes you. They cannot bond with you to seal the space that exists between you and them; the things that you need to create, the reality that you want simply escapes through the space that exists between you and them. If they can turn around and be one with you and in one accord with you, nothing that you imagine to do will escape you. They cannot join with you and seal the space between you and them because they are fixated too much on their immediate needs. You and them need to learn to cast all of your cares upon God. God said to cast all of your cares upon Him. “Come out from among them”, He said; those that are separated from you, that cannot contribute to your betterment. They will drain you; it is not their fault; it is natural law; if they are not for you, they are pulling against you. God wants you to glorify Him in the earth; He wants to give you back the abilities that you need to do the works that He called you to do. He wants to empower you to prosper, to give you the ability to create first class world, Better Living World to live; He wants you to be part of the abundance of life. You need the ability to do the works, to create; He wants to give you back the abilities that you have lost, taken from you by the devil.

Littéral Jésus, Scientific Jesus
Everything that He said, has a purpose and a scientific reason behind it; so this why God says, whatever He say to you, just do it. Obeisance is better than anything that you can offer to God, Jesus said it plainly; “ “If you are not with Me, you are against Me ”. If they are not with you, they are contributing to your bewilderment and confusion. When the house is empty, it is when the strong man can take possession of it. “Where God is not, much evil spirits; where there is bewilderment and confusion, much evil spirits”. There is no empty space, no unoccupied space; if there is a void, something is going to occupy it; if it is not God, it is the devil. Where God is not; there is darkness, there is no light. The devil is called the prince of darkness; he lives in the dark, the darkness of your mind, where you have not allowed the light of Christ to penetrate. A house without a cat, mice can takeover; this saying is also true, squatters will take possession of your home, if you abandon it, leave it empty.

The One Remedy
The remedy that Jesus gave us against this problem is that He taught us how to love one another, this way there is no space between us. Every teaching of Jesus has a scientific principle behind it; while you cannot see it; it will affect you. Your job is to obey Him and do what He says.

God wants to Bless you

Seal the Space Between us
" Seal_the_Space

To Give you a Future and a Hope

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