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"Jesus came to restor order "

Crime and Punishment: restoring order
God_Jesus_You It is not just about imposing fines and punishments, but when you disrupt the order of things, [violating the law of God]; there are actual consequences. Someone has to fix your disruption, restoring order; the spirit will not rest, until order is restored. This is the nature of God, He seeks order; our spirit is from Him. We seek order, justice and restoration. Things have to be put back in place, in their proper order; the way they should be. This is what sin is, a violation of the law of God, a disruption in the order of things; the law that regulates order in the universe. A price has to be paid to put things back in place, to restore order. It takes effort, self sacrifice to fix your disruptions; this is the price that it takes to fix things. Jesus paid the price to fix things, restored order in the spirit. It is the spirit that gives life; if it is not at peace, there is chaos.

God wants to restore order; He wants to help those whose lives have been disrupted, left behind, lagging behind, cut off and cut out of the possibilities of this world. He wants to set things right again in their right course. This is what Christ is; Jesus is the price that has been paid to fix things, restored order. This is what it takes; it takes God through Jesus, to restore order in the spirit. God cannot stand disorder, imperfection. It is His nature to fix things. He is constantly working, busy fixing things, restoring order in the universe. Until now, Me and My father are busy working Jesus said; No one has seen God at any time, except the Son who is in the bosom of the Father, He who made Him known . God is always working through you and with you, restoring order in the universe.


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A Propitiation for Sin:
Jesus by all accounts is the propitiation for our sins, because, it takes Him to restore order and He paid the price dearly for it. It costs to restore order. This is the nature of the universe, self sacrifice. The whole universe is engaged in the principle of
self sacrifice. There is no order, no beauty in the universe without sacrifice. It takes love to sustain the beauty and the order that we come to appreciate. Jesus willingly agreed to go to the cross to restore order. This was the punishment then for opposing the law of man. This was what it takes to restore order. There is no shame, no weakness in this act. Even though He would preferred not to go to the cross, but was willing to do it to please God and satisfy man. God demands order and perfection; it is His nature. He let Jesus takes charge of restoring order, because He wants to protect us from Himself. He knows that His nature is all consuming; He cannot stand imperfection or chaos. His presence would consume all imperfections in us; thereby consuming us in the process. Who can stand in the presence of God, but he who has a clean heart ; not all of us meet that criteria. Jesus is the buffer zone, between us and God; without Jesus, we all would be consumed. This is a stiff-necked people God said to Moses; I will not go in their midst, less I consumed them on the way To protect us from His awesome nature; God hides us in Christ Jesus. He let Him takes charge of our lives, making Him Lord over our lives.

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For more see The Bible Sequel coming 03.16.16

See Averting the crisis   Who will be part of this new reality, click to find out?

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