B E T T E R   L I V I N G   W O R L D  


It is all a lie, devil’s lie
You are holding on for dear life, not wanting defeat, the fear of annihilation; all are lies of the devil.
#1_ A) God holds the key of life
#2 _ B) We all get defeated at one time so that God's system of government can increase.

There is no word to explain it, one can say that defeat is inevitable, unavoidable, at one point or another we will be defeated by time. There is no way around it, but if we hold on to Him, we get the victory. He holds the key of life; He is victorious over self, over the darkness of this world. You must be willing to loose yourself in order to gain yourself; you must expand. God wants to enlarge you, takes you to the next level. In the past, He is not there; He is now in the present. The devil owns the past, because God is no longer there; what was and no longer is.

If you are in Him, you cannot be defeated. To feel defeated and hold on so tight that you will not let go is an illusion. Think of it, Egypt could have a better tomorrow, just like Japan did. The Samurai way of life had to give way for the new so that Japan can go on to become a great nation; the Wild West had to give way for the new. He, Morsi is the man to do it. He can lead his people, help them see the light. Wasting lives unnecessarily, destroying Egypt when there is a way out is self defeating. The way out is the way of the truth, facing the reality of the present, not romancing the past?

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