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Romancing the Stone!:
Romancing_the_StoneNo matter how much you want it or I want it; it will not work, the flesh is in enmity with the spirit. The flesh has to be sacrificed, put to death so that the spirit can flourish. “Except a man denies himself, take up his cross, he cannot follow Me ”; to be in the light of God, you need to put your flesh to death; this is non-negotiable. You can beat around the bush with long prayers, long days of fasting, but at the end, you must know what is flesh and what is spirit. There is a difference, being in the church or in the mosque does not mean that you are converted. God places constraints around you to guide your spirit, the choices that He placed before you are for your spirit. How well you can maintain yourself walking the line between the impulses coming from your flesh and the constraints that God placed around you to oppose them will be the measure of your spirit. “ The just shall live by faith ”. How do you make this infinite God personal to you? How do you measure God and make Him personal to you? God has a measure and He has a standard and that measure is righteousness. He gave us that standard and that measure in the life of His son who walked the earth in the life of a man called Jesus. This life is the standard that God is looking for before making us personal to Him. That standard is the measure of righteousness that you must have before God stamp you with His seal and calls you son.

How do you access that standard and that measure? :
You can only access that standard and that measure of righteousness by faith. Every man that is born of God received a measure of that righteousness. This measure can grow and expand as your faith continues to grow. The more that you live by faith, the greater measure of that righteousness is revealed in you. Tradition, customs and ceremonial laws can stand in the way of your spiritual growth, making you think that you are serving God, when you are not. “ God is spirit and those that worship Him, shall worship him in spirit and in truth ”. The truth is that when God places constraints around you, when He places certain choices before you, you cannot go around them. Your selections don’t count for Him; you must bend yourself to follow His selections, His directions. What seems to be too simple in your eyes could be the very choice that God is waiting for you to make, before promoting you to the next level.

Fallow the Example of Jesus:
Jesus obeyed His father even to the death, even the death of the cross. Thou He did not want to trough the humiliation of the cross, but He did it anyway, because His father wanted him to. Abraham was ready to sacrifice Isaac his only son for God when God asked him to, until God said that he did not have to, He was testing him. Obeisance at all cost, trusting that God loves you and will not tell to do something unless He has a good reason.

How do you follow the life of Jesus?
You accept Him as the pattern that God wants you to become
You accept Him as the plan of God to redeem you from your flesh
You accept the cross as a symbol of obeisance, crucifying the flesh

#1_ The recognition that the flesh is in enmity with God and will not submit to Him and that you must be willing to sacrifice your flesh.
#2_ You are incapable of fighting against the flesh without God’s help
#3_ You must accept the standard of righteousness that God gave for you to fallow in the life of Jesus.

Jesus obeyed God to His death, trusting in the love of God for Him. It is the love of God that gave Him the strength to endure the cross. The purpose of the cross was greater than His death. God wanted to show us that He is life and resurrection. His purpose is greater than the body that we are trying to preserve. If we trust Him and trust in His love for us, we have life. The easy way out does not count, killing yourself to please Him doesn't count; His will is the only thing that counts.

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