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The_New_Thing The only reason I dont screw up, it is because God wont let me. The hardest thing to do is to get ourselves out of the way and let God. Sometimes we are not getting ourselves out of the way fast enough. We are too in love with what was, what used to work; God is always doing a new thing. Jesus is inviting us to learn from Him. If you are tired of wasting time, fighting battles that are already fought, taken steps that will lead you to no where; learn from Him. "Come to Me, all of you who are weary and heavy burdens and I will give you rest. He knows the futility of getting our own way; trying to do things our way. Whatever we want; if it is not in line with the will of God; it is a waste of time. If it is possible, take this cup away from, nevertheless, not my will, but thy will ; Jesus asked His father. If it was possible for Him to avoid the cross; God would have let Him. Things are all good for the time they are given; the greatest challenge is to let go of what used to work for the time it was given.

You cannot pin down those that are born of the spirit. God is continually renewing us every morning. He is not static. I dont remove what was on my website, because the time it was given was right. Now that God is doing a new thing; unless it is relevant to the present; I dont go back to it. God does not want us to fight battles that are already won. Let the dead burry their dead , Jesus said, God is not God for the dead, but for the living ; let the past go. The only reason that you dont go on or insist; it is because whatever that you is not working or no longer working. If you are tired trying of getting no where; Jesus asked you to try His way, learn from Him, let go and let God. This was the only way for His success. My yoke is easy and My burden is light; Come to Me, all of you who are weary and heavy burdens and I will give you rest We are to loose ourselves, deny ourselves, becoming less, not more. God wants us to be selfless like Jesus so that He can mold us into the image that He wants.
Facing the opposition:
The scariest thing for me is that I become one of them, either by joining them, fighting with them to help them or fighting against them, destroying them. I am not fulfilling my human potential, unless God is in it; I dont feel comfortable taken side.

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