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Our common Humanity: is not enough; we need a divine identity
Joined_for_Life Faith in Humanity
They are mutually exclusive; I donít think that their common humanity is enough to keep them from destroying each other. They are living together, because God intended that way. ďHe shall live in front of his brotherĒ ďAnd when he becomes restless, he shall break his yoke of his backĒ. This yoke is a cycle, the pressure of living under occupation and the ease of restrictions will continue as long as their way of life are so far apart. As long as the disparities that separate them continue; they will be enemies. I donít see a departure, except in their communality. The identities that separated them have to be removed in order for them be joined under one. I donít see it happen unless they become a new creation. Christ is where all that is human in us end and our divine nature begins; all of those irreconcilable differences end and the humanity that God intended for us begins. Those utterances are like curses pronounced over us; they will stand and continue to be true until we become one under the new creation.


Maintaining the Status Quo

The Jew will continue to be true to his roots as Jew; the past will continue for both Arabs and Jews; each going his own way, which makes it mutually exclusive for them to live together. They have no choice but to live together, because these utterances are like curses and will continue to be true. Their only remedy is in Christ, the hope of Glory. ďThe Lord shall be magnified in the earthĒ Christ will glorify God in the earth, meaning that everything that opposes God and His way of doing things will not stand. I personally think that the remedy for the Arabs is in changing their way of life. God prescribed us a way of life that guarantees us an increase in our cognitive ability, an increase our intuitive capacity, quickens us and makes us able to function at our maximum capacity. This is the only way to close the gap and help them overcome the disparities that separate them. Somehow their way of life is responsible for keeping them behind and I donít see a departure from that way of life without it been played out in real life, interacting with each other. The only solace they have is that they must know that there is no defeat for those who are in Christ. In Christ the illusion of defeat is removed, we have a new identity in Christ; we are all victorious.

Moving Forward

Who is allowed to move forward, depends on who is closer to the life that God intended for humanity to live. I am sure that Ariel Sharon had a change of heart in his struggle to balance his humanity and maintaining the integrity of the Jewish Sate. His exit from the scene was timely or he would have been torn apart trying to save his humanity and maintain his duty to his Jewish identity. I think that only God can do this, reconciling the world to Himself and at the same time gives us a new identity. Balancing the two, balancing our humanity and our national identity is not possible without first accepting Godís plan. Yitzhak Robin, Ariel Sharon and others were all men who were steadfast defenders of Israel; they all tried to embrace their humanity at the end of their duties to their country, but all of them were rejected and treated as traitors by the people they sacrifice so much for. I personally see no remedy, except in Godís plan. Resolving the conflict in real life, let events unfold, let things played out, let time decide will be destructive, always costly and futile. I think that they must be deliberate, acting with intention; that is they must know what is at stake and accept the fact that on their own; they have no capacity to resolve this conflict.

The Challenge

The challenge is the ego, each side is holding on to his identity; the only challenge is who is allowed to move forward. If you are already ahead; you donít have to worry about catching up. Those that are far behind need to catch up; but if their way of life stands in their way of moving forward; they must accept Godís plan. Certain things have to be discovered; this is why I believe that things must be played out in real life. The only question that remains is that when will there be a departure, a point where the cycle stops and something new begins. This is the fundamental question; when or where is the departure from the old to the new. Someone has to give, but it will take an awareness of what is at stake first, a deliberate act must take place; it will no happen by accident. More...

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For more see The Bible Sequel coming 03.16.16

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