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Life: describe it:

Our Tidbit for the Day : Life, your world, the reality that you want to manifest is a description
Muzzle_up You are muzzled up; you cannot explain to people what you want; there is no one listening, no ear to hear. The world, your world, your reality is a description of what you see in your spirit, in your mind eye; if you cannot describe it; you cannot have it. The world is not only a description; but it is also an agreement. If you cannot have people to agree with you that the world you want to create is real; you cannot sustain it. There own presence will disrupt the reality that you want to crate.

Jesus said: "If thy eye be single, He is talking about the spiritual eye, what you see in your mind eye. What you see in your spirit; what you want to bring it to pass, manifested it in the earth; you need to be able to describe it to people before they can help you sustain it. If you are muzzled up, blocked in the spirit, tongue tie, unable to explain people what you see and have them agree with you; you cannot have it. To catch the reality that you see in the spirit and manifest it in the earth, you need other people to agree with you so that you and them can create a net. Just like in the physical world, you need a net to catch fish; you need to create a net with people to catch reality. You need to link to people in a tight net so that the reality that you want to catch does not escape you through the space that exists between you and them. You need them to agree with you so that you can seal the gap through which reality can escape between you and them. I pray father that they are one as you and I are one, Jesus pray to His father; Nothing will be refrained from them which they imagine to do; God said; if they are one. When you can create a net with people around you, you can seal the space and catch any reality that you want to bring to pass or manifest in the earth.

You must be able to describe to people what you see in your mind eye before you can have it. If you are muzzle up and cannot explain yourself to them; you have to stay away from them, seek other people to include in your reality. If you cannot find people to agree with you; you will be alone, living in your mind. There was a time when the forces of Negation were so powerful in the earth; the devil grip on humanity was so strong that black slaves in America were tongue tie when facing the people that were oppressing them. They were bottled up inside as if in an inertic sleep, unable to express their thoughts and feelings, verbalized what they felt.

The magnet effect:

We want the same thing, but like a magnet with the same pole we are not complementing each other for the bond that joins us to take place and seal the gap that exists between us. It is through the gap, the space that exists between people that reality escapes, the reality that we seek. The reality is there for all of us, but to catch it, we must create a net, close the space between us. Each of us must contribute something toward the goal of catching the reality that we desire, not competing with each other. I want to explain in concrete details the reason why we have third class word, their rated world. People are bunched together into country or region because of their communalities. Those that are lagging behind could have been helped if they had the capacity to receive. People are always willing to lend a hand, but they are operating at a level of awareness that does not allow them to hear or understand the type of world that God wants them to have, what other people that are more advance have. If you cannot describe the world that you see and want for them to have; they cannot have it. If there is no ear to hear, you cannot explain it to them; you are muzzled up.

The world is first a description; you must describe to them what you see and want for them. They must also agree with you, otherwise they will not be able to sustain it. The world therefore is first a description, and then it is an agreement. The physical manifestation is such in order to catch the reality that desire or want to bring to pass, you need other people to create a net, literally filling the space between you and them. In order for that to happen, each has to contribute something to complement each other. Otherwise you will have the magnet effect of similar pole repelling each other. This is what happened, the bond that bind people together and makes them one cannot exist. When that happened, the reality that we all desire escapes through the space that exists between us.

Manifestation is a science:

Reality is first a description and then an agreement; that cannot be if there is no ear to hear the description. People are not at the level where they can understand; they are either stuck at the first, second or third level of awareness. I think that fluidity, flexibility does not exist until they reach the fourth level of human awareness, the level of the heart where love operates.

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