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Marked for Extinction!: Self destruct
Saber_Tiger Sometimes God have to absorb them into Himself, those that crossed the boundary of their humanity, what He originally intended for them to be as human beings. He consumed them, when there is nothing left in them to salvage; ďThe chaff He will consume with an unquenchable fireĒ. This is what marked for destruction means, if they donít stop destroying their own humanity and start facing the real enemy of humanity; He will destroy them just like He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. It is easy to kill, rather than to make the choices that God placed before us. There is one enemy of humanity; it is the flesh that the devil is using to influence human beings. When we donít make the choices that God placed before us; we are left behind at the mercy of the devil. The disparities that separate you and those that are far ahead are the real reasons for your struggle. You see them as enemies and they see you as enemies simply because you are living in two separate worlds where one world is far ahead and the other one is far behind; where one world is moving forward and the other one wants to stay put, moving backward. Neither side wants to give up to the other; there is one enemy in the middle and he is exploiting your situation to continue his control over humanity. One thing for certain is that God is pressing forward with humanity; those that are far behind have to catch up. If you are not making ht choices that God is placing before you; you will be left behind at the mercy of the devil. You are far behind and those that are far ahead will not let you take them backward in your world. The devil relishes in keeping you behind, keeping you in the reality of the past. He wants a humanity backward, where people are not making the choices that God placed before them, he wants you separated from God. You tried to use maximum casualties to bring attention to your plight. You do that at the expense of your own humanity, sacrificing your own humanity; God does not want you to do that. He wants you to face the enemy; the enemy is in you; it is also in them; it is the devil keeping you behind when you are not where God wants you to be. Their ferocity was their own undoing; the Saber Tooth Tigers ferocity is what makes them marked for extinction, just like the extremists of today. Any group that is engaged in exploiting the fragility of life, sacrificing their own humanity just to bring attention to their plight will be marked for destruction. They are sowing the seed for their own extinction. The Saber Tiger was too ferocious for its own good, it ended up self destruct. When people realized that they have one common enemy; it is the enemy of humanity, the devil, the enemy of your soul, those who engaged in destroying their own humanity to achieve their aim, become the enemy. The enemy is the one who uses against his fellow human beings the very thing that makes us all human, the frailty of life. They donít take in account how fragile and precious life is and how easy it is for them to take it away. They donít see life as a gift and that every human life is precious and should not be squandered, wasted just to make a point. They donít embrace the very thing that makes them human, the frailty of life. It is the fragility of life that makes us all human, how easy it is to take life away. Who is the enemy of humanity? They are those that are still living in the darkness of this world; those that cannot see the reality of this world, where God is currently doing with humanity. They are not where God wants them to be, therefore they are under the influence of the devil; they become the enemy of God by default. For now, it is necessary to keep them in check, but ultimately it is the inner light of Christ that will light up their path out of the darkness they are in. God will make a way; He is busy working to take them from under the grips of the devil.

There is still hope: in Godís plan
God has a plan, but only those that accept it will have a chance. If they accept His plan; He will teach them how to know right from wrong, write the law into their own hearts so that they don't have to kill to keep it, Christ will show them what is possible to achieve as human beings. If they donít, they are enemy of us all; you just have to give them a deterrence, some reason not to take the path of destruction they are taken. If there is a way out, they will take it; this is human nature. They need to have an opposition; they need to have something to keep them looking over their shoulders, remove the certainty that they have about themselves; about their objectives. They are too sure of themselves to take in account the value of life. They need to have the same threat of death that they are imposing on the rest of humanity. They cannot be allowed to operate with impunity; they need to have a pause in their actions, in their planning to inflict terror on the rest of us. They need some type of deterrence. If you give them an exit; they will take it; there has to be a no escape plan for them in place to keep them in check. I can speak that way, because God will not change for us; we must change to meet Him where He is taken us. Every now and again, God engages the human consciousness, trying to bring humanity to a higher level of awareness. If you miss what He is doing; you are left behind and you become a problem for the rest of humanity. By default, you are the enemy because where God is not; the devil takes over. If you are not with God; you are with the devil; it is that simple. God will try to bring you into His fold; but your flesh will not want to. The human flesh is in alignment with the devil; it is not dispose to follow the guidance of the spirit. The flesh would rather chooses death than to do what requires of it, meaning that people rather choose death than to do what God ask them to do. Facing your enemy head on, face to face in dialogue is harder to do than open fire with a machine gun to kill people. Beating around the bush is not going to advance you forward; only by making the choices that God places before you will take you forward. Let God tells you first what you have to do to challenge those that stand in your way; moving backward is not an option. ďGod is not God for the death, but for the livingĒ; He only moves forward toward the future; not backward toward the past; He is not to be found in the past; He is in the now, the present.

Instantaneous Combustion
I think that the idea of instantaneous combustion is coming; it will soon be a reality of life when people will not be able to hide from their crimes. The moment that they engage in destruction; they will be destroyed, revealed, exposed or put to light. With Instantaneous Combustion, those who engaged in taken human lives will have no place to hide; their days are numbered. The Jihadist, the religious extremist, the Muslim extremist or any other religious extremist fate is sealed for extinction simply because they donít have any reverence for life. They donít have the inner light of Christ to guide them, to show them what is right and what is wrong, what is essential and what is not. It is their rigidity, their unbending nature is the cause of their demise. Their ferocity to destroy life makes them mark for extinction. They make no distinction in life, what is to preserve and what is fair game; they take away life recklessly. They will cease to exist simply because they are too ferocious, too rigid; they are not fluid and flexible enough to adapt, to make the changes that are necessary to move on, to fit with the reality of the present. They donít know the unbending nature of God and that He changes for no one. They must change to meet Him where He is; where He is taken humanity. Humanity is moving forward; those that stand in the way or opposing God will fail; it is that simple. Play ball, get in the game, find out what is the reality of the world; where God currently is with humanity. Donít waste your time in vain pursuit, useless objectives. There is a genuine pursuit against those that stand in the way of progress; find out where God is going so that you can align yourself with Him and win. If you are not with him, you will not win, all of your efforts are futile.

Why they are the enemy?
They are the enemy because they are blind to the reality of life, to what makes us all humans. They cannot see the reality of this world and know that it is life itself that makes them human. The ease they are willing to take life away makes them the enemy. The only way that is left for them is extinction, just like the Saber Tooth Tiger. This beast was known for its ferocity, its specialized ability to kill, yet today it is no longer among us for this very reason. It was too ferocious and too rigid for its own good, it chocked itself to death. The more ferocious it became, the bigger its Saber Tooth grew; eventually their saber tooth grew too big and they choked this beast to death. They cut their own lives short, just like the Jihadist today, the Muslim extremist who specialized in killing human beings at the expense of their own humanity. Take no prisoner is their motto, they have no restraint, death is their ultimate weapon. They take no account for the fragility of life; the gift of living that has been given to them, they take pride in their fierceness rather than embracing life itself; they are domed for extinction. Since they cannot fight God, why not trust Him; He wants to give them a better future, not to destroy them. Sure the future is uncertain, but if they trust God; they have nothing to be afraid of. The Universe moves only in one direction, forward toward the future; if it was to contract, moving backward; it will collapse. Since they cannot oppose the direction of the universe; I suggest that they flow with it. Opposing the will of God is futile; only those that are in the will of God will be able to access His creative power. Only those that are in His will and guided by Him, are heir of the future and the promise that He has for humanity.

Life is a choice: There is a way out
They are not a beast, unlike the Saber Tooth tiger, they have a savior, and God has made available a plan to save them. If they accept Godís plan; they will be saved from extinction; they will adapt and conform to the will of God. Jesus is the model that they must become; He is the standard that they must follow so that they can be preserved and not destroyed. Man is the apex predator, not because of his ferocity, but because of his ability to adapt. He is more fluid, more flexible than any other animal on the planet. The more ferocious a predator is, the more specializing it becomes in its ability to kill, the more rigid it also becomes. The more powerful it gets, the less likely it is able to make the necessary adjustments to adapt to the changes of the environment. The world is changing rapidly, what was possible then is no longer possible now. As a result, they are left stuck to the past, in the reality of the past. The world moves on and they are left behind, domed for extinction. Today they are the Jihadist, the Muslim extremists, those that have been radicalized, they become too fierce that they will not take any consideration for life, the fragility of life and the frailty life. They are domed to extinction simply because they cannot adapt to the changes that are taken place around them. They focus too much in their ability to kill rather than their ability to sustain life. They are too rigid, too specialized in their killing ability to see the changes that are happening around them. The only way left out for them outside the plan of God is their extinction, just like the Saber Tooth Tiger. The only choice they have thanks to God is a practical one and it has nothing to do with religion, Christianity or Islam; it has to do with the standard of being set by God for humanity and the measure of the righteousness that He wants humanity to have. This measure is to be found in the pattern that He gave us in the life of Jesus. He is the model of obeisance, of justice and righteousness that we must become. He left us certain precepts to follow in His teachings; they are the guidelines for the lifestyle that we must live. This lifestyle guarantees us an increase in our capacity to think, our cognitive ability, our intuitive capacity, it will quickens us, make us fluid and flexible enough to adapt to the changes that are happening around us.

The Face of the Enemy

the darkness of this world
" Who is the enemy? "

ďHow they become the enemy?Ē

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