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Careless zoo intern mauled by lion

Our Tidbit for the Day : Fear, Reverence, Respect makes you wise, literally
Intern_MauledFear as in reverence, respect or love means the same thing; it is the beginning of wisdom, they make us wise and cautious to the awesome power of God so that we donít take His laws, His statutes and commandments for granted. You cannot ignore the nature of the beast as much as you cannot ignore the nature of God which cannot tolerate certain indulgence from us. Yeah, He is our father and He loves us, but He will not change His nature for us; this is why He hides us in Christ Jesus. You cannot separate the calmness of a lion from its true nature. You cannot take it for granted and ignore the nature of the lion, just because it is nice to you, or cute. It is its nature to be fierce or it will not be a lion. It has to be true to itself or it will not be what it was created to be. God calls us to worship Him in spirit and in truth; He does not want us to take Him for what He is not. ďThe fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdomĒ literally, it will keep you from getting consumed. Godís power is all consuming; He will clean and make perfect anything that is crooked, not upright; if you ignore His nature; you may find yourself consumed; killed. When you loose your fear of the awesome power of God, His unyielding and unbending nature, you run the risk of destroying yourself. It is His nature to be awesome; this is why He gave us Jesus to prepare us, getting us acquainted not only with His love but also of with His power. He loved us so much that He hides us in Christ Jesus, shielded us from His power until we can become sons, which is to know Him intimately so that we donít violate His laws and provoke Him to anger. The intern violated the law of the wild; she offered herself as prey and in the process gets killed. Her carelessness got her killed. The priests of the Old Testament learned that the hard way, paying with their lives. God cannot tolerate sin; He and sin donít mix; they are mutually exclusive; where one is the other cannot. This intern forgot the awesome nature of the lion and she paid dearly with her life. Godís presence will destroy sin and whosoever committed the sin. God knows our indulging nature; this is why we cannot go to Him until Jesus has prepared us. The Israelites of the past had to deal directly with God without a savior to prepare them and as a result, they only saw the awesome side of God rather than a loving father. It takes a Jesus to reveal the love of God and hides us from the awesome power of God. I believe that if we are to walk in the power of the spirit of God, we need to become true sons, intimate with Him, familiar with His ways or He will continue to hide from us and keep us away from His Awesome Power.
For more see The Bible Sequel coming 03.16.16

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For more see The Bible Sequel coming 03.16.16

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