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Hierachical Structure of Human Needs, also levels of awareness

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Human Development: the spiritual development of man
Human_Needs Needs are the driving forces of life; they are also our levels of awareness. God exchanges our needs for awareness; He fulfils our needs and in return He wants us to focus our awareness on Him. He wants us to attain the highest level of awareness; the consciousness that He created us to be. He said for us to cast all of our cares upon Him so that we can free our attention to focus on Him. The more that we focus our attention on Him, the closer that we are to the consciousness He created us to be. God has a need; it is the need to be divine; He wants us to be divine as He is. The highest level of human need is the need to be divine; this is also God's need. God has only one need; it is the need to be divine, the need to be perfect. He seeks perfection in all things. The only way to make Him personal to you is to seek that perfection and make it your own. God fulfils His need to be perfect, His need to be divine in striving to make us perfect as He is.
God has one need
God has one need; it is the need to be divine; human being highest level of need is the need to be divine. Since the dawn of humanity God has been trying to exchange His divinity for our needs. He made covenant pact with us many times, promising that He will supply all of our needs in exchange for us to keep His commandments, His law and His statutes. There is a covenant relationship between God and man. The final covenant is the transfer of divinity from God to man. Jesus came to show us the possibilities that God has made available for us. He demonstrated in action that we can have power over death. We can have power over the forces of nature. Whatever He accomplished, we too can accomplish. Jesus is the final level of human awareness; God wants to make sure that we know who we are in Him, what consciousness He created us to be, before He can give us access to His power. Jesus is the standard that we must meet. Those that are lagging behind can take the leap of faith to be where God wants us to be. Those people in the Middle East, East Asia, Africa; anywhere there are people that are lagging behind; you still have a chance in Jesus. You just have to accept Him as the plan of God to take you forward. The reason is not difficult to understand. Man is primarily a spiritual being; he needs religion to give him the spiritual permission that he needs to justify his actions. That part of the world; this region of the world has a great concentration of people that are lagging behind. They are not where they supposed to be; therefore they are under the influence of the opposition, the enemy of humanity, the enemy of our soul, the devil. Since Islam is the primary religion for the people living in that region, that part of the world, they are using Islam to justify their actions. The fundamental reason is that their spiritual development has been stunted, somehow instead of growing, developing and moving forward; they are regressing backward, aligning themselves with the devil. They have become wicked, seeds of wickedness.

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How to achieve perfection?
How to make that perfection part of your own? It is all in the life that you live. Jesus said that I am the way and the life; I am the life and the light; if you live the lifestyle that He prescribed for you to live; if you apply the precepts in His teachings in your daily life; you cannot live in darkness, but have the light of day. You will always be in the light of God. In fact if you live the way of life that He prescribed for you; God will come inside of you and makes your body His home. Jesus said that Me and My father will come in and dwell with you. This life will so transform you that eventually your body will be transformed, transmuted to higher stuff, capable of withstanding the awesome, all consuming power of God. You can be in His presence and not be consumed. Just like the burning bush, the fire that could not consume. It is all in the life that you life; I am the way and he life; His life is the pattern that you need to live. His way of life guarantees you an increase in your cognitive ability; your intuitive capacity; giving you the power to get wealth; the ability to solve problems, make the world a Better Living World for you to live. See
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