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“Here I put before you life and death; choose life”

Religious war: a shift of consciousness
Seeing The so called war of religion is matter of consciousness, a shift in human consciousness. It had happened before within religion; it has happened in Christianity, between Christians. It has also happened between religions; Christianity and Islam and it is happening now again within the religion in Islam, between Muslims who want to assert their versions of Islam.
Degree; Nuances:
Asking the question; is there a shift of consciousness?
Is there a role reversal?
If Islam at one time was the progressive religion during the period when Christianity was in the dark, moving backward, persecuting people for their faith; when did the shift occur? I believe that there was a shift in consciousness, a moment of enlightenment in Christianity when religion was no longer measure in rituals, outer display of pageantry, ceremonial grandeur as the Christian Church used to do, but promoting the freedom of the human spirit to choose. There was a split in Christianity; I believe that there is a nuance, a small variance, a shade of distinction after the split. I believe that this split is a shift in consciousness. This shift of consciousness is what makes them incompatible, irreversibly different. Even today, you will not find a Protestant (Seventh Day Adventist) inside a Catholic Church. For the onlooker, the non-Christian they are the same, but internally, they are two different consciousnesses. One has a greater clarity of what God intended for us to be as human beings. One believes in keeping the teachings of Jesus and the bible to the letter. The other seems to humanize the teachings of Jesus, making Marie, Jesus’ mother an intercessor or mediator for them. This is view of is sacrilege for them, a total departure from the teachings of the Bible. On the greater scale of things, there is a variance between those who follow the Christian faith and those who follow Islam. I think that it is a matter of consciousness as well; a shift in the human consciousness and this shift have to do with the freedom to choose, the power to choose, the freedom of the human spirit to be free to choose. I think that this is the fundamental difference between the two consciousnesses that are struggling to represent humanity

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Simplifying what I see: in a nutshell
The so called war of religion is a struggle for the consciousness of humanity, it is us coming to the realization of the consciousness that God intended for us as human beings. It is us understanding that we are free agents, capable of making the choice between the consciousness that God created us to be and the opposition, what the devil wants. God wants us to know who we are in Him, not what the devil wants us to be. Without that choice, we are nothing to God. We would not know who we are in Him, who He created us to be. The only way we will know who we are is that we know who He is, getting familiar with His ways, His character. We fought that war before, many times, many instances, the struggle between Christianity and the different versions of Islam that are trying to emerge to assert themselves is the same struggle that we will continue to fight, a necessary struggle if we are going to maintain God’s original intention for humanity. If we can understand the reason for this present struggle, since we have gone through different facets of it before, we may be able to ally ourselves with what God wants. Trust me; the only One who is going to win and prevail in this struggle is God, the challenge is for us to know who He is and what He wants from us. The more we know who He is, the more that we can adjust ourselves to what He wants; our peace is in discovering who God is. No one knows God except that He is revealed, Jesus said. Jesus came to show us who the father is and what He wants from us. He never done anything to grieve Him, He always pleased the father, because He knows who He is. He wants us to be the same. “The father has never left Me; I always do the things that please Him”. “No one knows the father, except the Son who is in the bosom of the father; He who made Him known”.

What the so called religious war is all about?
This conflict, this struggle between Christians and Muslims is a matter of consciousness, where one religion puts restrictions on the human freedom to choose and the other does not. It is a consciousness where one religion imposes the letter of the law forcefully and the other strives to become the law from within. It is a matter where one believes that salvation comes by following the letter of the law and the other believe that salvation comes by grace. In one, God is more personal and the other God is more universal, more compassionate. This conflict, this struggle between Christians and Muslims comes from the fact their teachings are diametrically opposed to each other, Islam teachings forbid followers from leaving Islam at their own free will, while Christianity does not. Christians believe that God has always given us a choice, even if we want to choose death over life or make asses of ourselves. God values our freedom to choose above all else so much that He even asks us permission to enter into our lives. “Lo I am at the door if anyone open, I will come in and supper with him”.
This consciousness of allowing people to choose, making their own decision was not always Christian; humanity is forever progressing, moving forward. There is a role reversal; those that are living closer to God’s intention will continue to move forward, the others will play the opposition, resisting this march forward. So, this saga continues, this struggle will end only when God puts an end to the opposition. As long as there is a devil who opposes God; this struggle will continue in one form or another. God will continue to snatch us from the opposition, translate us into His kingdom, under His rules. Jesus is the way, the pattern, the standard that God wants us to become.
There increase of His government shall have no end

This shift in consciousness: is not limited to the major religions
As long as man is evolving spiritual, growing, developing the spiritual seed that God placed inside of him; there will be struggles. The so called war of religion is a matter of consciousness; I can prove it to you. Right now there is a war going on; it has been waged on the scale that is not so visible to the world at large as in the struggle between Christianity and Islam, nevertheless; it is the same war of consciousness of the past versus the future. Because this struggle is localized in one country in particular, too small to be significant; it does not seem relevant to the world at large; but inevitably; it will become. It will become simply because it is the same struggle of the journey of the human consciousness. The world is full of people whose consciousness is still tided up to the past; living the reality of a consciousness that belongs to the past. Although Voodoo is primarily seen as the religion of Haiti; it is practiced world wide. Religion is an expression of man spiritual development, because as he is developing spiritually also his religion. Christianity is a way of life, a lifestyle, the religious aspect is man made. Those who follow the way of life prescribed by Jesus, follow the precepts in His teachings are called Christians. They are called Christians because Jesus is the Christ, the savior of humanity, the pattern, the standard that God set for humanity. If you life that lifestyle, regardless of your religion; you too is a Christian. There has always been a rift between those who followed the true teachings of Jesus and those who bend the teachings to fit their agenda. This rift when become too wide, irreversibly necessitate a split; this is why we have Protestant and Catholic. Both called themselves Christians, followers of Christ, but you will not find a Protestant within a Catholic Church; they see that the brand of the teaching of the Catholic Church was limited and not true to the teaching of Christ. Today this rift is less because the Catholic Church has given up some of their teachings that don’t conform to the teachings of Christ. This rift still remained; but from an outsider point of view; they are the same. I am sure that Islam will go through the same shift; it is a matter of consciousness; the human consciousness aligning with the will of God; what God intended it to achieve. Today there are various factions of Islamic teachings asserting themselves, using the Koran to legitimize brand of teaching, to give them legitimacy. Protestants are claiming to be true to the teachings of Jesus Christ, while the opposite can be said to the Muslim extremists that are claiming to be true to the teachings of Islam.

Definition of War: This is not a war between religions; it is a war within a religion
The so called religious war is not a war between Christians and Muslims; it is a war within Islam, between those who want to assert their version of Islam and impose it on the rest of the world. Christians have fought this war before among themselves to clarify the version of Christianity that is closer to the teachings of Christ. Protestants and Catholics have fought this war before to determine which version of Christianity that is best to represent their religion. I believe that there was a shift in consciousness, some clarity of mind that the old practice was not up to par with what Jesus was teaching. I think that Muslims must determine if their religion represents the ideal of what God wants us to be as human beings.

Note: Both Christians and Muslims may be offended by the truth, but it is the nature of the truth to cleanse you and removes anything that is false about you and remakes you anew.

The likelihood that an act of terror, killing people indiscriminately, committing mass murder by Muslims for ideoligical reason is greater than that of Christians, because of the transformation of Christianity over the years. The Christians have gone through the stage of development, leaving the religious practices of the past behind that the Muslims are still struggling with. The letter of the law is no longer the prime motivation behind the Christian faith. Love, compassion, embracing humanity is more important than the zeal of the law; the letter of the law is no longer the sole motivator behind the Christian faith. I think that Islam needs to go through the same transformation as Christianity; if that does not happen, radicalism will continue to be a problem as it was for Christians during the dark ages.
[See life imitating art, hence people are radicalized, they lose their connection to humanity, what it means to be human; they can no longer be trusted for people to live care free among them. the fear of them turning against you is a serious threat to modern day society.]
Boko Haram or Isis, which is worst in sowing terror, killing people, Boko Haram seeks to kill people more indiscriminately than Isis, but both have the same component that makes them the same; it is Islam. They both need Islam permission to carry out their acts of terror, justification to kill people. I don’t see any remedy, except Islam itself goes through the same transformation as Christianity did. Reformation took extremism out of Christianity, the letter of the law; I think because of this shift in consciousness today we have a more mellow brand of Christianity. I met some very peaceful Muslims; but you won’t know when they will be radicalized, bitten by this bug called radical Islam that will cause them to loose touch with their humanity, turn against you. Jesus taught us to love one another, contrary to the radical zealots of His days. He said that “ the law was made for man and not man for the law ”, to love and forgive as many times as necessary. Of all the commandments, love God and love your fellow human beings can make up for all the other commandments. I don’t see love in killing people indiscriminately like the people of Boko Haram are doing in the name of Islam. I think that their behaviors are childish, simplistic and downrightly retarded, backward and have no room to operate in this present day humanity.

There is one fundamental cause behind these extreme acts of terror
I think that it is all about human spiritual development, spiritual maturity, the people in the region itself, collectively have to mature spiritually, make the shift to the consciousness of the present, leave the past behind. See: Islam the last frontier

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